Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Season Climax

This is it for the Mets - losing this game would be tantamount to kissing the playoffs good-bye, which is something the Marlins would love to have happen.

The Powers That Be at FOX TV decided that Yankees-Red Sox would be a better draw than this game, so Mets-Marlins will be regional at 1:10 PM instead of national at 4 PM.

But then again, the nor'easter in New York and Tropical Storm Kyle heading towards Boston may make any scheduled start time more a possibility than a certainty. Check the radar here.

In games on September 27th the Marlins have won their last two and six of their last eight, while the Mets have won four of their last eight and have lost their last two. They played each other only once before on September 27, which was a Mets win in 2003.

Florida this year is 5-7 in Saturday road games and have lost their last three, including a game at Shea on August 8. The Mets this year are 6-6 in Saturday home games and have lost two of their last three.

The Marlins' best pitcher in his normal spot in the rotation starts against the Mets' best pitcher working on short rest. (BaseballMusings)

And if you're in New York, be sure to catch the Marlins rookies' hazing parade starting after the game on the subway from Shea to Manhattan and ending at the team's hotel 10 long blocks from Times Square. DVDs should be made available.

EDIT: Fixed Marlins' Sat. road record.


DAMN: Ricky only gave up 2 runs and struck out 10, but Santana did the the complete-game-shutout thing. The Mets are now tied with the losing Brewers for the Wild Card with one more game in the regular season left.

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