Friday, August 31, 2007


Oh Joy! The Phillies Come To Town

They've won five in a row, and just swept the Mets. CRAPPY-STATS: Florida "has lost 13 of its last 15 games - and eight of nine at home." HAPPY-STATS: "Florida is 6-6 against Philadelphia this season and has won four of its past five against the Phillies at home." Kendrick against Mitre tonight.


CRAP: Fish lose to Phils 9-2. Mets beat Atlanta, Nats lose.


Olivo's Not Feeling The Love Anymore

"The only thing I can say is if I did something wrong, nobody in this world is perfect....When the team is losing they have to blame somebody, and I think they blame me. That's how it looks. I can't say if they're losing because of me or if the pitchers aren't throwing well because of me. We're losing games and I'm the catcher. Maybe it's my fault. I don't know what they think." (SunSentinel)


Hot Hermida

"Since the All-Star break, only three National League players have hit for higher averages than Hermida's .348. Only two everyday right fielders in the NL, Colorado's Brad Hawpe and Cincinnati's Ken Griffey Jr., have a higher combined on-base and slugging percentage (OPS) this season than Hermida's .859." (MiamiHerald)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thursday Off

In Philly, the Phils will try to sweep the Mets.


RECAP: Mets swept.


Henry Goes Under the Knife Today

ALSO: the slump of De Aza...Kim to start Saturday...the Jones boys lead everyone in homers off the Marlins...and Hanley on Edgar. (MLB)


Scott May Avoid Felony Rap

"Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen agreed to a program Wednesday that will give him a chance to avoid a trial on felony charges of fleeing and eluding police and resisting arrest without violence stemming from his July 21 arrest in Aventura.

"Olsen, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges, will participate in a six-month Pretrial Diversion Program....

"If Olsen completes the program and avoids being arrested in the next six months, he will go before a judge and seek a dismissal of the felony charges. (Aventura police Capt. Skip) Washa said the charges almost always are dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

"The program allows Olsen to remain with the Marlins without the interruption of a trial. Until the agreement was reached, he had been scheduled to go to trial Sept. 10." (PalmBeachPost)


Joe Capozzi Expresses Stadium Optimism

"After watching Selig in action for the past seven years that I have covered baseball, I have learned one thing: Bud Selig is very aware of his public image.

"My read on Tuesday¹s press conference is this: Bud wouldn¹t have attached his face to the subject in front of cameras if he didn¹t have reason to believe that a deal will get done." (PalmBeachPost)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Carlyle Against Willis Tonight


HEY-MOON-WHAT-HAPPENED?: Braves beat Marlins 7-4. Philly beats the Mets, Nats lose.


Notes on Selig Visit

- Bud did not talk deadlines, but patience. '"I don't have any deadlines," Selig said on how quickly the Marlins' talks can be resolved. "There is a practical problem that needs to be settled"'...'"We have built 23 new stadiums, so I understand sometimes patience is required even when it's not enjoyed."'

- Bud said 'we' built those stadiums, but 'we' did it without MLB money, and that's what he still wants. 'Selig, whose visit marked the first time he has met with local politicians in South Florida, said MLB would not contribute to stadium financing because "we've never done that. Everyone has their own problems."'

- Bud said he believes in the market - "If I didn't feel South Florida was a market you could compete in with the right stadium, I frankly wouldn't be here today,"

- But Bud didn't promise the Marlins would stay - "I feel that things were so constructive I want to leave it at that."

- Bud didn't promise an All-Star game in a new stadium - "I have so many cities wanting [one], I don't want to make my life more difficult."

- The big news of the visit? County Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro saying that MLB is "fine with the Orange Bowl site", and that Loria said the OB site was "acceptable."

- And it's still the moon's doing.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Selig Sees Moon Disappear, Rushes Immediately to Miami

"I thought now was the appropriate time." (



Me see moon disappear from morning sky. Must be sign Marlins fortunes will change. Marlins play better now.


MOON-SPEAKS-TRUTH: De Aza hits high fly towards the full moon over right field and brings home winning run. Marlins win in 11, 4-3. Mets lose, Phillies win.

MORE: Fish strike out 19 Braves. And Washington loses.


Kim Returning to Rotation

Good: One of the last times the Marlins won was when Kim started - Bad: (he started) for the other team....ALSO: Henry and Aaron have the scalpel hovering over them. And Renyel's feeling better for the moment. (MiamiHerald)

Monday, August 27, 2007


Down the Stretch They Come

The Marlins play 10 more series to finish up the season - 8 of those series against NL East rivals. Tonight it's back home to face the Braves. Atlanta's depressed too, trying to stay in the race but losing 5 of seven on this road trip. Scott Olsen goes up against 0-4 Lance Cormier.


MAKE-THAT-1-4: Fish didn't show up; Atlanta wins 13-2. Nats and Mets lose, Philly wins.


This Year Against Last Year

Mike Phillips has it like this: This year - no established closer, hitting and run production just as good, surprisingly only a little more errors, three starters down with injuries. Conclusion: Fredi's doing OK. (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Sunday's Games


MORE-OF-SAME: Marlins lose, but the rest of the NL East loses too (except the Phillies).

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Kim Hitches Ride to Cincinatti, Rejoins Marlins



Game 2 in Cincinatti

Sergio against the recently-recalled Matt Belisle tonight.


MONOTONY: Marlins lose 10 of their last 11 - Reds win 11-8. Mets win, the rest of the NL East loses.

Friday, August 24, 2007


There He Goes Again!

Just as we were convincing ourselves on how good it would be that our civic leaders will be able to shift some Orange Bowl money towards finally building a new Marlins stadium, along comes John Brattain to insistently remind us just how much the people of South Florida are being royally screwed in this whole process by Loria, Samson and Selig. (HardballTimes)


Willis Vs. Harang in Cincinatti

The Reds are going for 4 straight wins, while the Marlins want to make it 4 straight wins against Cincinatti.


DARN: Marlins lose 5-3 - former Marlin David Weathers closes out the game for the Reds. Mets, Braves win - Phillies, Nats lose.



Olivo makes too much money, playing time to be gradually reduced to zero...Patient Jeremy is creeping up the order. (MLB)

Great Fredi quote on the Marlins' tendency to get men on base but not getting them home to score: "We've left small villages out there." ....Fish are the first MLB team this year with 4 20-homer guys....Scott's trial set for Sept. 10... Cousins, Abercrombie and Borchard are smacking the ball around in the minors, while Dominguez gets his first hit....Number 13 will be retired on Saturday. (SunSentinel)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


VandenHurk vs. Anthony Reyes Tonight


YES: The loss streak is over. The Marlins win 11-3. Fredi told the players, under threat of fines, to take a break and not to get to the ballpark until an hour or two before gametime. Seemed to work. Hammer has 2 homers, including a GS. Washington won, so we're still in last place. But we gained a game on the rest of the NL East.


Home of 'The David Samson Show' May be Home to the Fish Soon

Marlins closer to switching its radio base to 790 the Ticket instead of 940. (MiamiHerald)


The History, Significance, and Agony...

...that is the Gulf Coast League. (PalmBeachPost)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


More Former Fish

Olsen against Looper tonight.


OH-OH-OCHO: Marlins lose their eighth straight game, losing to St. Louis 6-4. Another M.O., as all NL East teams lose.


Does UM's Decision Finally Put Roof Over Marlins' Head?

"While UM's decision (to move to Dolphin Stadium) doesn't mean that a new Marlins stadium is a done deal -- the club released only a noncommittal statement Tuesday -- it does free up as much as $88 million that the city and Miami-Dade County had identified as money for renovating the Orange Bowl to keep the Hurricanes there.

"Now that money could go toward closing a $30 million gap in a $490 million plan to build a retractable-roof ballpark for the Marlins in place of the storied football stadium." (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Flinging the Factoids

"The six straight home losses is a first since April 28-May 5 of 1999 when the Marlins lost eight straight. The losing streak is the longest of the season, and the longest streak since May 15-21 of 2006 when the Marlins lost seven in a row." The Fish are again tied with Washington for last place in the NL East. Then again, four of those six losses were just by one run. And even though "Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez combined for 41 starts last season, and this year managed only ten," the Marlins are only 3 games behind where they were at this time last year.

Today the Marlins play in St. Louis. The Cards "have won eight of their last 12 games". Wainwright against Barone tonight.


WELCOME-TO-THE-BASEMENT: Fish obtain sole possesion of last place in the NL East, as Hanley lets Armando have a little too much playing time, and the Marlins lose 5-2. Nats, Mets, Phillies win; Atlanta loses.

Monday, August 20, 2007


"This Is Like The Marlins North"

So says Mr. Marlin Jeff Conine, who is traded over to the Dark Side as the Mets continue their mad scheme to create the FrankenMarlins. Conine replaces former Marlin Damion Easley, who joins former Marlin Raul Castro and former Marlin Paul Lo Duca on the spare-parts list, and Jeff will now hang out in the clubhouse with former Marlin Carlos Delgado, former Marlin Moises Alou, former Marlin Luis Castillo, former Marlin Guillermo Mota, stepbrother of a former Marlin El Duque Hernandez, and non-former Marlin Marlon Anderson. (


Not Pretty

Yesterday's 7th inning was frustrating or hilarious depending on your point of view. The Fish try to avoid the 4-game sweep today. Mitre against Ortiz - Barry may be back in the lineup.


PRETTY-UGLY: You know, I'm somehow getting the feeling that the Marlins are not going to make the playoffs this year. Marlins lose their third-straight game by one run, this time by the score of 8-7 (after leading 4-0). Another lousy ump call makes sure that the Fish fail.

MORE-UGLY: The Braves and Nats both win.


UM Itching to Leaving OB

"(S)everal key UM officials strongly support leaving the Orange Bowl and are optimistic Board of Trustees members will approve it Tuesday."...

ALSO: De Aza the new Marlins catcher? "If center fielder Alejandro De Aza impresses in the final six weeks, the Marlins' No. 1 nonpitching priority will become catcher. Miguel Olivo, who is earning $2 million and appears unlikely to be offered arbitration, is worst among starting catchers in on-base percentage (.254) and passed balls (14), and among the leaders in errors (eight)." (MiamiHerald)



VandenHurk tries to encourage the Netherlands LLWS team....Olivo may be available today (but maybe not for long - see next post). (SunSentinel)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here Were Today's Scores...


INSTA-RECRAP: Fish lose another game by one run. Mets and Atlanta win, Nats lose. Philly loses.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Cain Against VandenHurk Tonight,...

...Blues Traveler performs afterwards. A guesstimate of 40,000 paying customers has been made.


DEEPER-IN-THE-HOLE: Marlins lose 4-3, Mets beat Nats. Atlanta and Philly lose.


"Why Does UM Take Complete Priority Over The Marlins?"

Fish@Bat ponders that question, and also the misconception that the Orange Bowl site is in an 'urban' setting. (Fish@Bat)

Friday, August 17, 2007


The Marlins Battle the Giants...

...but first, can Scott Olsen fight off the Iron-Midget? Zito comes to play; Olivo is day-to-day.


OOF: Zito shuts out the Marlins. New York, Philly wins - Atlanta, Washington loses.


Crunch Time

"My nose is crushed [against the glass]," says Samson (somebody push a little harder). With the clock ticking, the UM taking their sweet time, Huizenga saying that he will not extend the lease, and both the State Legislature and MLB refusing to pay for a stadium roof, the Marlins may soon be just as homeless as about half the people in Downtown Miami are already. (MarlinsBall-parkNews)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Rubber Game Tonight

The news shows will make notice of this August 16th being the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. But August 16 is also the anniversary of when Babe Ruth left this world. And personally, it's the date when my father passed away. So everyone, be careful out there today, and keep breathing.

Livan pitches for the Diamondbacks tonight. He's given a whole new meaning to "I love you, Miami", going 11-7 and a 3.32 ERA against the Marlins in his career. Daniel Barone make his first start at 'home'. Avoid thinking about the 'fact' that the Snakes have won their last 8 series.


NUMBER-NINE: Marlins lose 5-4. Mets lose too. In the NL East only the Phillies won.


Stadium Update, Sort Of

Everyone's still waiting on UM; Miami negotiators still believe MLB would be happy with the Orange Bowl site; MLB or the Marlins still aren't talking. (MiamiToday)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Kim Cut

Having fulfilled the Marlins' master plan of being sent to the D-Backs just so he can let us win a game back here in Miami, Kim takes it on the chin and was last seen hitchhiking down 27th Avenue. (AzCentral)


Matt Dominguez Signs

All it took was $1.8 mil. (MiamiHerald)



Since the All-Star break Arizona has been undefeated in games in which Doug Davis starts. The Marlins have won 3 straight at home and 4 of their last 5. Mitre "is 1-0 with a 5.30 ERA in his last three starts" but is 0-3 with a 13.17 ERA lifetime against the Snakes.


ONCE-AGAIN-AAAAGH!: Marlins lose 9-6, Mets win, Atlanta wins, Nats beat Phillies.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Back Home With 44 Games to Go

The Diamondbacks have flown into town (heh, heh, snakes on a plane). Kim returns to his former home park, now freshly trampled by exhibition football players, to face Dontrelle, who would like to add a number to the win column for a change.


CHALK-UP-A-NUMBER: Kim was freshly trampled by the Marlins hitters. Dontrelle strikes out 11, walks none, and Willis and the Fish beat the Snakes 14-5. The D-Backs, who have lost their last 2 games but have only lost 5 of their last 22, "are 3-11 in their past five visits to Miami." Washington loses, the rest of the NL East wins.


Is Dominguez Signed or Not?

Mike Berardino says not yet, but this MLB article says that Dominguez "received a $1.7 million signing bonus on Monday from the Marlins."

MORE: Here's the scoop on the Marlins' just-signed second- and third-round picks. (FutureFish)

Monday, August 13, 2007


Time For a Break

The NL East takes a breather today. Same here. Whatever NL games there are involve teams even farther back in the Wild Card race than the Fish.


Sunday, August 12, 2007


Can Vandy Turn it Around?

The Hurk will be facing Oliver's Army today.


DANG: Tank and Wolf couldn't keep it close as the Mets won 10-4. Nats win too. Philly beats Atlanta.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Should Marlins Listen to Beinfest?

Of course not. We got young, recently healed-up Scott Olsen going up against old, creaky, non-nervous Tom Glavine tonight.

REMINDER: The game will be on Miami radio at 940 AM, not 560 as is usual. 940 may be the Fish' new radio home after this year, so check it out, and express on Capefish's survey your opinion on how well it did. (Personally, while WQAM comes into my house with distant Spanish stations playing in the background, WINZ's signal is so strong it bleeds in when I use my land-line telephone. I could probably get it in my teeth fillings if I turn the right way.)


ALRIGHT: Glavine did okay for an old man with a hot wife, but the Fish did the damage to the Mets' bullpen as the Marlins win 7-5. Atlanta beats Philly. Washington loses.


It's Official - Beinfest Declares Season Over

"Are we in the race? No. We're trying to win games but at the same time, this is an opportunity for some of these kids ... as we start to look ahead to next year." (PalmBeachPost)


Small-Towner Ross Reacts to Manhattan Prices

"Dang". (MiamiHerald)


'Fish@Bat' Asks the Question...

..."Is it Time to Ax Kranitz?" (Fish@Bat)


The Rest Of The Way

Andy Lavin reviews what the rest of the season has in store for the Fish. (MarlinsToday)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Marlins and the Mets This Weekend

Fish bringing up Daniel Barone from AAA to make his debut in Shea. He'll face Brian Lawrence.


COOL: Hanley knocks in 2 in the ninth, Gregg closes them out - Marlins win 4-3 on a chilly night in Flushing. Philly wins over the Braves. Nats lose, and the Marlins step out of the cellar.



A quick bit about small-town boy Ross Wolf (well, the town was at least big enough to hold Burl Ives)....ALSO: Mauro's sent back down, and Fredi's new lineup moves. (MiamiHerald)


Profile of D-Train

The Alameda Sun's Charley Thompson profiles Dontrelle, his school days at Encinal High, his relationship with Barry Bonds, the 'Black Aces' and more. Fredi gives a glowing testimonial of Willis, and Dave Roberts pipes in with his views. And the paper's headline writer came up with a doozy. (AlamedaSun)

Thursday, August 09, 2007



The UM Hurricanes will move to Dolphin Stadium. This is based solely on the alumni protests online and in the streets saying Save Our Orange Bowl! When people feel the need to take such stands, they're sensing the winds of change a'blowin'. Besides, the Trustees won't be allowing a vociferous group of alumni to get the impression that they can lead the Trustees around by the nose. Probably the only thing that will stop the move is if some nefarious and potentially embarrassing deal-making done behind the scenes is uncovered before the decision is actually made (afterwards it wouldn't matter, as then the Trustees would attempt to show steadfastness and probably trudge on with their decision come hell or high water).

BY-THE-WAY: This is Fish Chunks Post No. 2000. Oy vey! Another milestone in sports history.


What? No Calls From Selig?

After last night's record-breaking performances by Willis and Jacobs, I'm wondering what we have left to break for tonight (not any more players, I hope).

Sergio goes up against Kyle Kendrick.


GOOD-RECAP: Jacobs breaks his hitless streak with the hit that starts the winning rally. Marlins beat the Phils 4-2; Mets lose; Braves and Nats win.


De Aza is Back!

But Carlos is sent back down, and Ross Wolf is brought up from AAA...ALSO: Watching Joe go... and either Daniel or Gaby will be brought up to pitch on Friday. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Willis Against Lohse Tonight

Can Dontrelle break both the Phillies' home winning streak and his own personal losing streak?


NO: Marlins lose 6-4. And Mets beat Atlanta. Waiting for Washington to try to climb out of our cellar.

ALSO-NO: Nats lose. too.


De Aza Brought Back, Borchard Sent Away



Nu Rumor

"For what it's worth, the Marlins will apparently listen to offers for catcher Miguel Olivo." (MLBTradeRumors)


MLB Declares the Greatest Home Run In Marlins History To Be....


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Marlins at Philadelphia Tonight

Mr. VandenHurk will apply his skills against Mr. Moyer, and most assuredly a genteel time will be had by all.

Oh, well, at least the food's good.


NUTS: Fish lose to the Phillies 11-1, but the Mets lose to the Braves, so we're the same distance from first. But the Marlins are now tied for last in the division, as the Nationals didn't let a little thing like Bonds' 756th homer keep them from winning.


Miggy Has a Chance for the Triple Crown

(PalmBeachPost) both Cabrera and Ramirez vie for the batting title.(SunSentinel)

MEANWHILE: Danny's piling on the homers. (MLB)

Monday, August 06, 2007


Travel Day

Only NL East game will be late tonight as Washington plays in Barry Bonds land.


RECAP: Nats lose.


Profile of Mauro Zarate



Willingham Stoned

He left for the hospital in the 10th inning on Saturday, and passed three kidney stones. (PalmBeachPost)

Fredi has passed some stones in his past. "When it hits you, it's the worst thing. If I really don't like someone, I will wish kidney stones on them." (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


"This Just Might Be The Turning Point"

So said Fredi after last night's Elias-searching walk-off wild-pitch win, thereby jinxing the rest of the season. Hopefully the rest of the team can fight off the jinx and actually prove him right. Albers against Olsen today.


WE'RE-ALL-WINNERS: Everyone in the NL East wins, including Mr. Olsen and Mr.'300' Tom Glavine.


John and Peggy Henry Divorcing

The former Marlins' owner's wife wants to return to her friends in Florida and, most likely, to attend Super Saturdays. (SoxAndDawgs)


Hanley in Center Field?

No, but it's been 'casually discussed inside the Marlins organization'. (Truth&Rumors)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Saturday's Games


ASTROS-LOSE: Houston manager Phil Garner intentionally walks Miggy with 2 outs and no one on in the 12th - and after two wild pitches by Randolph, the Marlins win 6-5, gaining a game on the Mets. Philly loses; Braves and Nats win.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Bye Bye Byung-Hyun

A surprising bit of sports deal-making lets the Marlins' most recent (and the way things are going, probably last) game-winning pitcher slip off to the Diamondbacks in exchange for, well, possibly nobody.

"The Marlins also can negotiate with Arizona for a player in return, although the Diamondbacks are not required to send someone to Florida."

That link also reports that Reynel was placed on the 15-day list and Carlos Martinez has been called up. Also, it says Benitez's future is up in the air.

Fish@Bat says the Marlins could've pulled Kim back but chose not to.

Maverick discovers that Kim's replacement will be the AAA standout Mauro Zarate.



Fish start a 3-gamer with the Astros, a team with a worse win-loss record than the Marlins, and a terrible away record. Of course, with the way fortunes have fallen upon the Fish, the Astros may feel somewhat inspired. Oswalt against Willis tonight. Philly's the only NL East team on the road this go-around.

(Ooops, sorry, Mets are playing away games this weekend too.)


KNOCKING-ON-THE-BASEMENT-DOOR: Dontrelle pitches another great game - Marlins lose 8-2. Marlins now 12.5 games behind the Mets, and a half-game ahead of the Nationals, in the NL East. Atlanta and Philly lose.


Arms Flying Off Right and Left

Here comes the knife - Johnson's probably out till 2009. (MiamiHerald)

And now Renyal's hurt, too. (HeraldTribune)

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Another Rubber Game

Hirsh against the recently-degapped VandenHurk tonight.


PLOP: Armando gives up the game-winning runs as Colorado wins 4-3. Mets, Phillies, Nats win; Atlanta loses. Marlins now 11.5 games back and are geting closer to last place in the division, as the Nats have won 3-in-a-row. Marlins still 8.5 games back in the Wild Card.


Fredi Goes to Mound, Doesn't Take Kim Out


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Fogg and Kim Battle Tonight



WHEW!: Kim gets his revenge, with the help of Torrealba. Philly is the only NL East loser, and drop to 3rd in the standings. (NOTE: I finally noticed how the Mets are becoming, almost incessantly, the Marlins North. Most of their starting players are former Marlins, the last player they traded for is a former Marlin, and when they can't find a former Marlin then they go get a guy named Marlon.)


No Movement in Standings = No Moves at Trade Deadline

'"You have to be true to yourself," Beinfest said. "Are we really in it? Are we really there? Has this team over the last four months shown that we're going to start clicking enough to do this thing?"' (Uh, guess not.) (SunSentinel)

PRONOUNCEMENT: The Herald declares the Marlins' season over. (MiamiHerald)

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