Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday's Games


SADDER-DAY: Fish lose 4-3. But the Phillies are still eliminated from the playoffs.

Champagne Makes Olsen Angry

"I hate the Phillies, and I don't want to see them celebrating" (PalmBeachPost)

ALSO IN THE ARTICLE: Olivo's broken but not out, the Nats may want Girardi if he's out, and Jacobs is out with his ailing brother.

MORE: Former Fish Alex Gonzales is also out for the rest of the year, and his position's uncertain. (

Friday, September 29, 2006

TGIF's Games


GRACIOUSNESS-CAP: Fish allow sleepy Phillies to build overconfidence, allowing them to win 14-2.

Phillies Half-Asleep With Their Backs to the Wall

They lose in the wee hours of last night, coming to Florida 2 games back in the Wild Card with 3 to go. (

BUT: The Phils are fully aware that the Marlins have (thrown down the gauntlet.

In The Papers

Dave Hyde explains what the young Marlins had learned this year. Kevin Baxter recounts the anonymous magic of pitching coach Rick Kranitz. Mike Berardino tells how the Reds GM ruined the Marlins' chances this year. Joe Capozzi reveals why the Marlins won't campaign for their ROY canidates.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday's Games


THUD: Marlins lose 5-1, and are insured to end up under .500 for the year.

More History

'The Marlins are the first team in major league history to have four rookie pitchers with 10 wins - Sanchez (10-3), Scott Olsen (12-9), Josh Johnson (12-7) and Ricky Nolasco (11-10). Dontrelle Willis (12-12) gives the Marlins five 10-game winners for the first time in franchise history...

'Ramirez hit his seventh leadoff homer of the season, tying him for the major league record for a rookie with Nomar Garciaparra , who hit seven with Boston in 1997.' (ProTrade)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday's Games


CONGRAT_A_CAP: Fish break their losing streak, beating the Reds 7-2.

Willis A 'Hometown Hero'

'In the initial announcement of "DHL presents Major League Baseball's Hometown Heroes" on ESPN Tuesday night, Dontrelle Willis was named as the Marlins representative in the first group of 10 who most embody the game's legacy and the franchise's history.

'Hall of Famers Babe Ruth (Yankees); Hank Aaron (Braves); Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles); Reggie Jackson (Athletics); Mike Schmidt (Phillies); Gary Carter (Nationals); and Wade Boggs (Devil Rays) were named in addition to Joe Carter (Blue Jays) and Frank Thomas (White Sox).'

ALSO IN THIS ARTICLE: Uggla's battles...start times are changing but starters may not...and the meeting with MLB and Hialeah is postponed again. (SunSentinel)

"Don't Forget Marlins' Amazing Ride"


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cincinatti Reds Come to Miami


CONQUERED-CAP: Fish lose to Reds 5-3, and with 5 games left in the season are finally mathematically waiting till next year.

Some Girarticles

'Girardi is very prepared, works hard and takes pride in "teaching" the game. What's hurting him is dealing with others in the organization. Obviously, there have been huge differences in opinions on how to work together. I will say this, it's amazing that whatever tensions have been in place for a while didn't impact the players themselves. They've stayed focused on playing. Perhaps somehow, upper management and manager can patch up their differences in this final week of the season. It may be too late.' (MLB)

'It's hard to know whether all the leaked negative reports are true, or if any are. The Marlins' Steinbrenner wannabe, owner Jeffrey Loria, won't discuss the situation. It's hard to know, but I can say that the very first and supposedly key incident leaked doesn't ring true at all -- at least not all of it.

'The initial hint Girardi might be fired in a year in which?he is a prime candidate for Manager of the Year came when reports surfaced that Loria nearly fired Girardi for supposedly telling Loria to "shut the ---- up''?after Loria was continually yelling at home plate umpire Larry Vanover during a game this summer. While Girardi may well have told Loria to shut up (possibly after Vanover warned Girardi to curtail the chatter), the story seems just a little shakier when it is claimed that Girardi swore at Loria. In one report, Girardi's admonishment to Loria was said to be "profanity laced.'' No shot of that being true.

'"I have never, ever in my life heard Joe Girardi saying anything off-color or use a curse word," said Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay, who's known Girardi for a decade and worked with him in the YES Network booth for two years. "Sometimes it gets off-color in the breaks, but never with Joe. Never, ever. I can't even imagine him saying the 'F' word. This is a real legitimate, religious guy."

'What else has been skewed to make Girardi look bad? Did, for instance, Girardi really argue for Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco to start in the bullpen rather the rotation, as has been reported? And did he favor?slugger Josh Willingham to catch over Miguel Olivo?

'Did he really "refuse" to attend some unspecified team function this spring? And if so, who cares?

'One real yet never recounted factor in the disintegrating relationship between Girardi and his bosses came right in the beginning. When they were courting Girardi, they didn't disclose the fact that they were about to embark on a pervasive fire sale; sure, Girardi understood that A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett would be gone, but he didn't know that Juan Pierre, Carlos Delgado, Paul Lo Duca and others would be, too. If the relationship between Girardi and his bosses started to fray early, as has been written, perhaps it was over the false picture Girardi's bosses painted during the interview process.

'I do believe what unnamed sources are saying about Girardi being headstrong, even prickly, at times. He is a drill-sergeant-type, and this style has worked splendidly for the young Marlins, as they hoped it would. He offers strong opinions and upsets some folks. But he is bright and talented, and a personality clash is no reason to get rid of him.' (

'Of 73 e-mails, 62 were supportive of Girardi. This tells of the publicity crisis Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and General Manager Larry Beinfest face. They deserve that part of this mess, too.

'Loria, who hired Girardi, didn't broker peace or stay quiet but became embroiled in a silly and public spat with his manager. Beinfest, the main figure on the Marlins' baseball side, has hid from view for most of the year, giving fans few answers to even the most harmless questions.

'But it also says something that many talking points around Girardi seem all wrong. For instance, in another common thread, Joseph of Tamarac wrote: "While I often disagree with Girardi's pitching moves ..." And "Marilyn the Marlins fan" wrote: "I like him, but you [reporters] could make him own up to the way he works the bullpen."

'Girardi may have faults as a manager, like an annoying infatuation with bunting. But the bullpen's downfall isn't on him. Who could he trust besides Joe Borowski and Taylor Tankersley as the dream season faded in September?

'Yet, night after night, when one of the league-leading 33 games were blown after the seventh inning, people increasingly questioned Girardi. The questions should have been directed at Beinfest for not making a trade. Or maybe Loria for now allowing it.

'Beinfest and his scouts did a remarkable job in trading for talent last offseason. That's been gone over, many times, and proves they're the engine that drives this franchise. Still, once in the playoff hunt, nothing was done to improve an overachieving team with a $15 million payroll.

'This franchise is printing money this year, too. Look at the ledger sheet. It got $30 million in revenue sharing last year and will get around that this year. It conservatively will make $10 million for local TV (ratings remain strong), according to a source. It can expect around another $18 million from national TV.

'Then there's licensing deals, a $10 million payout from the Washington Nationals sale coming at some point and -- oh, yeah, tickets, concessions plus whatever slice of the stadium lease that we constantly hear is the worst in sports. It surely is, too. John Henry had the same complaint. (Quick aside: H. Wayne Huizenga did offer the Marlins free rent forever in Dolphin Stadium if they just would get rid of the infield dirt. They said there was no way around the dirt).

'Couldn't they have found a reliever to keep this team in the hunt? Everybody else tried to fill holes. The Phillies got Jamie Moyer and Jeff Conine. The Dodgers got Greg Maddux. The Reds reloaded their bullpen. On and on. And Girardi got blamed when he had no arm to help in the seventh inning of games?' (SunSentinel)

'Think about it. This could be the ideal present from the Marlins organization to Chicago. A bit of payback for the Cubs falling apart like wet bread in the �03 National League Championship Series and basically handing the Marlins a spot in the World Series (which they went on to win).

'What Girardi must do now is go to great lengths to ensure his release. Call Loria at home in the middle of the night disguising your voice as Jack McKeon. Maybe slip a Whoopee Cushion beneath him during a team banquet. Something. Anything.

'Then come to Chicago and turn around a franchise in need of a swift 180.

'Cubs manager Joe Girardi. Kind of has a nice ring to it, the emphasis on ring.' (

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Time for the Impossible Miracles

As Clark Spencer says, 'At this point, the Marlins have about as much chance of capturing the wild card as Doug Flutie would have of punctuating a Hail Mary touchdown pass with a drop-kick extra point.


'Actually, at this point, the odds might favor Flutie's chances over the Marlins'.'

And also, the Marlins have to do that blindfold drop-kick pass for 7 more games. Here's today's scores...


DOUBLE-SWEEP: Marlins are swept by the Phillies and swept out of the Wild Card race.

Elias Returns to Willis

'Perhaps you've noticed how much we enjoy notes about pitchers who hit. Well, our friends at Elias have come up with a few beauties about Dontrelle Willis' two-homer night for the Marlins on Wednesday at Shea Stadium:

'-- In the 43-year history of the old barn, only one other pitcher has had a two-homer game at Shea: the Phillies' Larry Christenson on Sept. 5, 1976.

'-- Willis has three home runs this season, all of them at Shea (he also had a grand slam on July 7). He's the first pitcher with three homers against one club in one season since 1971, when the Phillies' Rick Wise hit three against the Giants and the Red Sox's Sonny Siebert hit four against the Orioles.

'-- Willis is the first pitcher to hit at least three in one opponent's ballpark since 1958 when Lew Burdette of the Milwaukee Braves hit three HRs at the L.A. Coliseum against the Dodgers.' (

Does Hendry Want Girardi?

'If Joe Girardi doesn't return to manage the Marlins next year, there is wide speculation that his next stop could be with the Chicago Cubs.

'"Joe Girardi works for the Marlins," Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry said Friday, refusing to comment further....

'(W)hether Hendry is interested in Girardi is not known.' (PalmBeachPost)

BUT: 'Adding fuel to the Joe Girardi-to-the-Cubs rumors, Gary Hughes, the top assistant to general manager Jim Hendry, was in Philadelphia on Saturday, scouting the Marlins-Phillies game.' (

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Fish in Philly


PHUKET: Marlins lose 5-2. Fish 5 games back with 8 to go.

Bye Bye Joe?

"I don't think there is any chance" Girardi's staying, says source...Bringing back Josh Johnson to pitch after rain delay said to be last straw...Joe and 'Larry Beinfest "barely speak" and have "no relationship at all.' (SunSentinel)

'For instance, in the infamous August squabble that began with Loria shouting from his field-side seat about the umpiring, it wasn't Girardi's reaction that made Loria erupt, a Marlins witness said.

'Yes, Loria was upset when Girardi asked him from the dugout not to yell at the umpires. But it was Girardi's bench lieutenant, Gary Tuck, that sent the situation into orbit and caused all the clubhouse commotion afterward.

'"If you don't f------ like it, get someone else," Tuck shouted from the dugout to Loria.

'Who talks to their boss like that, much less their boss's boss?

'That snippet tells plenty about how this marriage has never been the Lucy and Ricky of baseball. Girardi backed up Tuck in the yelling afterward. And Loria probably sided once and for all with Beinfest that day.' (SunSentinel)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Orlando Marlins??

'An Orange County commissioner is calling for an exploratory committee to look into luring the Florida Marlins to Orlando. There has even been talk that a new baseball stadium would be a better idea than renovating the Citrus Bowl...

'"This is something we can explore," said Mildred Fernandez, an Orange County Commissioner....

'The county is already set to vote on the renovations, but Fernandez said it's not too late to think about a new stadium for the Marlins.

'"We should not lose the vision of having a baseball team," Fernandez added.

'Mayor Crotty has said that he doesn't have plans to form an exploratory committee to lure the Marlins here just yet because he is focused on the future of the arena and the downtown arts center.

'As for the Marlins, they said they had no comment on a move to Orlando.' (

Can D-Train do the Turnaround Thing?


HE CAN: Not only does Willis pitch 8+ innings, he hits 2 home runs and racks up 3 RBI - and even though the Fish won 6-3, it was still by the skin of their teeth. Marlins are now 4 games behind WC leaders with 10 games left.

Fish in Kansas City Next Year

They're scheduled for the weekend of June 15-17. (MLB)

Marlins Have Blown 33 7th-Inning Leads This Year

'Their relief corps was depleted because closer Joe Borowski injured his right shoulder when he slipped and fell from his bullpen perch Monday night during the game's final out.

'That's right. As the Mets were celebrating, Borowski was wincing in pain after landing on his right elbow and jarring his shoulder.' (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bounce-Back Game Today


BOUNCED: Marlins score 4 runs in the 10th inning, but the Braves score 5 and beat the Fish 8-7. L.A. now top of Wild Card race, 4 games ahead of Marlins.

Johnson's Skipping a Start

Big Mo given the go. (RotoWorld)

Roadside Trivia

Story: A fellow moved to South Florida from St. Louis to work at my old company, and after about a month here he came up to me and asked "How do you know where you're going in this town?"

I asked him what he meant and he said "Every road down here changes its name after a few blocks."

And you know, when you're living with it your whole life you don't recognize it, but he made me realize it's true.

A large quanity of roads in South Florida change their names, or even numbers, after a length of time driving on them.

For example: one road here is either 167th Street, 163rd Street, Interama Blvd. or Sunny Isles Blvd., depending on where you are on it - and it's also S.R. 826 the whole way, though few locals refer to it as such.

The road that crosses in front of the stadium is called Honey Hill Rd, Dan Marino Blvd, 199th Street and farther down, (EDIT) Ives Dairy Rd.

This is not even counting the different street numbering systems that make driving between counties, and even between Miami and Hialeah, such a refreshing experience.

And it's also not counting all the 'honorary' names politicians give to roads for some reason or another - names that are signified by a brown sign at the beginning of the roadway, or a segment of it, and that nobody uses as a real name for the road. Florida's Turnpike has been given the honorary name 'Ronald Reagan Turnpike' though I know of no one who calls it that in normal usage.

What am I getting at? Just something that I finally somehow stumbled onto in my travels. Two of the major highways in South Florida are commonly referred to as the Dolphin Expressway and the Don Shula Expressway. You may ask, Why isn't there an expressway in South Florida recognizing the most successful franchise of the past decade, namely the fabulous Fish? Well, what I just recently stumbled onto is that there IS a Marlins Expressway. Only it's one of those honorary titles with the brown signs, given in 1998 to a road that is universally known to South Floridians by some other name.

If you don't know already, try and guess which road it is. The answer can be found in this link.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday in the Parks


NO!: Marlins lose to Braves 2-1. Marlins back to 3.5 games behind with 14 to go.

More Record Smashing

"Dan Uggla belted a two-run home run to lead the Florida Marlins past the Atlanta Braves, 6-4, at Turner Field.

"Uggla's home run was his 25th of the season, setting the major league record for most home runs by a rookie second baseman in a season." (

"Dan Uggla's 25th home run of the season made Florida just the second team in big-league history to have a pair of rookies hit that many homers; Josh Willingham has also connected 25 times. The other team that did it: Al Rosen (37) and Luke Easter (28) for the Indians in 1950." (ESPN)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday at the Ballparks


YES!: Marlins beat Braves 6-4. Fish are now 2.5 games from WC lead.

Some Rest-Of-The-Season Looks


Short Takes

I went to Wednesday's game, thinking a Fish win in a series finale was a sure thing. Oh, well...

Great game, lousy result. The contrast from the no-hitter last week to this 11-inning affair that literally was lost off the ends of the fingertips was poignant.

The crowd seemed really into it, and chants from Mets fans were routinely shouted down, at least until the final out.

I spied Loria, sitting next to the Fish dugout. At one moment I saw him chatting with Girardi, whatever that means. Loria was sitting next to this lithe young thing, which I'm guessing is the latest piece of his collection. She disappeared after 9 innings, and so did he after the Mets took the lead in the 11th.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday's Games


BLECH-CAP: Marlins lose to the Mets 7-4, and now are 3 games behind the Wild-Card-leading Padres with 16 games to go.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'Florida Rays'?

'The Devil Rays are preparing a whole new look for the 2008 season - new colors, uniforms, logo, and perhaps even a new name. And although the team says it likely will keep the name "Tampa Bay," officials are at least considering changing to "Florida."

'"In my opinion it's 90-plus percent we'll stay [Tampa Bay]," Rays president Matt Silverman said, but he acknowledged the team hasn't ruled out changing to a statewide name.

'Mayor Rick Baker of St. Petersburg has suggested using that city's name for the franchise, since the Rays play in Tropicana Field there, but Silverman said that won't happen.

'"If [Tampa Bay] went away, it would be to get bigger, not smaller," he said.

'The name "Florida" is already used by the Marlins but politicians there have said they'd want the team to change to "Miami" as a caveat for building a new stadium. All of that is under negotiation.' (

Prepping For Postseason (!)

If you can believe it, tickets are being sold. (FishStripes)

And coins have been tossed for Wild Card tiebreaks (rather badly tossed...Marlins seem to only have home field against the Astros). (

Tuesday's Games


LATE-CAP: Marlins lose to Mets 6-4, but still 2 games back in Wild Card race. Fish now 5-13 since All-Star break in second games of series.

MLB has Contracts to Buy Land For Roof-less Downtown Stadium

But the Marlins front office seem to be balking, and continue to look towards Hialeah. (SunSentinel)(MarlinsBallparkNews)

More Record Tying

Cody Ross "tied Mike Lowell's club mark for home runs in a game while also equaling the team record for most RBI in a game with seven, a mark shared by Gary Sheffield and Greg Colbrunn....

"Uggla had five hits to tie a team record that has been accomplished eight other times. Uggla also hit his 24th home run, tying the major-league mark for a rookie second baseman. Joe Gordon of the New York Yankees had 24 as a second baseman for the 1938 New York Yankees.....

"The Marlins totaled five home runs, another franchise single-game record." (MiamiHerald)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday's Games


THREE-IN-A-ROW: The Marlins defeat the Mets 16-5. Mets fans are disturbed. Fish now (FIX:) 2 games from WC lead.

Anibal Not Worrying About Repeating

"I'm not thinking too much about it....This is a new game. This is a new team, a different day. I'm just preparing to throw my game and win it for my team." (SportingNews)

BUT: Scott Spreitzer is betting he won't even do that. (Free-Picks.Org)

9/11 and Josh Johnson's Father

"On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Johnson's father was supposed to be at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, in a meeting with the firm Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the north tower...." (PalmBeachPost)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday's Games


YEAH-CAP: Dontrelle puts down the Phillies 3-0. Fish 2.5 games back in WC.

LeBatard: "The Single Most Important Game Of This Hypnotizing Florida Season"

"The Florida Marlins didn't win a wonderfully tense baseball game Saturday night as much as they slalomed on one ski in a panic through a treacherous field of land mines, bear traps and bottomless wells. The only way this night could have been more difficult for Florida is if a fire had raged out of control in the first-base dugout throughout and closer Joe Borowski had to get the last out by wrestling an alligator and a bear...

"But the Marlins still have a reasonable playoff chance with 20 games to play in this astounding season.

"And that's just about the most unbelievable thing in the history of South Florida sports." (MiamiHerald)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Moyer vs. Olsen Tonight


RE-CRAP: Howard ends the Fish's chances for this game. Marlins still 3.5 games from the Wild Card lead, but are now in fourth place, tied with Cincy.

Manuel Using Mr. Marlin Against Marlins

'"I played Conine because he's played here and he's hit well against us here, so I figured maybe he could hit the Marlins," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "He's home here."

'"Is that the reason for me being in the lineup today?" Conine said. "It worked. He's a genius. He's right. It gives you a little charge to come back where you've played so many games for so long, especially in the heat of a pennant race. It gets the blood boiling more than on another night."' (

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Phillies Arrive

We are tied for 2nd in the Wild Card. 10 of our last 23 regular-season games are with these guys. It's odd to be hoping for Conine to have a slump.


SLUMPIFIED: Conine dumps one over the fence, along with Howard, Coste and Utley - Cabrera, Willingham and Jacobs homer also, but the Fish still lose by two field goals 14-8. Marlins now 3.5 games back from the Wild Card lead, tied with the Giants for third place. Keeping with tradition, attendance was 12,712.

"What's With the Fans Down Here?" Discussion

Read the thoughts of Marlins fans dealing with the perception that the Marlins have no loyal fans. (SeasonTicket)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


No-Hitter!!!!!(!!!!!!!!!!!!(Baseball Musings)!!!!!!!!!(FishStripes)!!!!!!!!
(More Fishstripes)!!!!!!!!!!!!(ArizonaRepublic)!!!!!!!!!!!

Bouce-Back Game Tonight


WHAT-A-BOUCE-BACK (Bouce?): Anibal No Hits the Diamondbacks!!!!!!!!

DAMN: Padres win again. Fish and Phils both 3 games back in Wild Card race.

Phillies Also Are Wondering Where the Fans Are

'"I don't think they really care about baseball," (Jimmy) Rollins said. "It's football season."'...

New Philly Jeff Conine tries to comfort: "(I)n Florida they never cared about the whole wild-card thing and didn't show up there." (

Tuesday's 'Two Over-The-Top Weird Plays:'

'- Damian Easley hit a shot to the wall in right, where Joe Borchard went back, reached up and had the ball bounce off the web of his glove and into the first row.

'Easley gladly took his eighth homer of the season.

'"They all count the same," Easley said.

'- With the Marlins" Matt Trainor at second, Snyder missed catching strike three down the middle to Hanley Ramirez. The ball bounced away from him, so Trainor took third, with Snyder throwing late. Meanwhile, Ramirez, not realizing he"d taken strike three, didn"t run toward first.

'Vargas got the ball back from third baseman Andy Green before Ramirez broke for first. So Vargas threw him out.

'If you"re scoring, that"s a strikeout, 2-5-1-3.

'"One of the craziest plays I"ve ever seen," Green said.

'And somehow, Snyder wasn"t charged with a passed ball.' (

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vargas vs. Willis Tonight


DRAT-CAP: Fish and D-Train shut out by Arizona 4-0 (aggh, not another Game 2?) Old Fish Damian Easley hits a homer and gets hit by a cramping Dontrelle, who broke a Marlins record with his 17th hit batsman. Fish now 3 games back in Wild Card race.

Whatever Happened to Todd Dunwoody?

How about "first-year hitting coach for the South Bend Silver Hawks"? (

Greg Cote Berates Fans For Not Showing Up

'Local TV ratings verify people do care, but coming out to the park might be nice. The hot Marlins commence a 10-game homestand with a legitimate playoff shot and 12K show up? The last men in uniform who got a welcome-home like this were Vietnam veterans.

'When players mention the crowds, sadly, it is often with dark humor.

'"It's Labor Day. Hey, we got 25, 30 extra people!" Borowski noted kiddingly.

'In 2003, it was late season before playoff fever began to boost crowds, but here's a bulletin: It is late season, fellow citizens. The next homestand after this one is the last one. Your chances are dwindling to experience the Marlins' miracle comeback season not from your couch, but where the players might actually see you, and hear you, and know you care.

'This team deserves that. We've had few that deserved it more.' (MiamiHerald)

BUT: 'Rick in Miami Shores' berates back in Greg's blog:

'So Greg will YOU be sitting in the stands for today's game?

'I didn't say in the press box. In the stands. Supposed to rain today (I'm going anyways because after all that's what fans do) but why don't you gather up a half dozen friends and join me at the ballpark. My treat.

'Personally Greg, I've had it up to here with media types damning the team out of one side of their mouths for ten months and belittling the fan base out of the other. It's Labor Day weekend and you have to know lots of people are out of town, and then there's a football game tonight I suspect is pretty much sold out. It might not help that the Fish got their usual 15 seconds on each of the tv stations last night, one station running the Marlins incredible story sixth in sports after football recaps and another fifth after two Dolphins stories, Keenan, Agassi and a two minute roundup of college football.

'So, while I'm thrilled beyond belief that the Fish are doing great and I'll be there today, what isn't lost on me is the fact you probably won't be.'

Monday, September 04, 2006

Snakes in the Rain

The dried-out Diamondbacks show up in super-swampy South Florida. Here's today's games....


HISTORICAL-CAP: The Marlins get their biggest comeback win of the year, becoming the first team in major-league history to climb above .500 after being 20 games under earlier in the same season. Uggla also achieves the Marlins record for RBIs by a rookie.

Brattain: Is Larry Too Good?

"(I)f the Fish do reach the postseason it just opens up several cans of worms that make me wonder if Bud Selig, Jeffrey Loria and David Samson might just consider attempting to do to Beinfest what they did to the Montreal Expos.


"Well, as you all know the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at the end of the year. Further, as has been discussed here more times than most care to recall, Selig and the Marlins have been (whining lying) asserting that the only way the Marlins can be competitive is for somebody to build them a Taj Majal mallpark on the public dime.

"So thanks to the hard work of Larry Beinfest and his staff, the Florida Marlins, with an opening day payroll of less than 50% of their revenue-sharing subsidies and an admittedly crummy ballpark lease, might end up in the postseason.

"Let¹s assume the Marlins win the Wild Card. How can David Samson with a straight face go to any South Florida politician, look him straight in the kneecap, and say that the two-time World Champion and 2006 Wild Card-winning Florida Marlins need a new stadium to compete and if they don¹t, they¹ll

"Um have another fire sale and cut payroll?

"I guess they could trade Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis (might I suggest Toronto?); they¹d have to fire Beinfest first, however, lest he get even more good young cheap players and win the NL East.

"And that just wouldn¹t do." (HardballTimes)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Today's Games


WIN-CAP: Fish beat the Brewers in 10 innings. Borowski blows the save but gets the win. Marlins still 2 games back in Wild Card.

"King Fish"

"Back in Winter, my friend and I couldn't stop laughing at the Marlins' team website. On the top of the page, where there had previously been a bevy of All Stars, now stood a barren collection of Palm Trees, blowing aimlessly in the figurative wind of cyberspace. Hilarious.

"Well, who's laughing now?"

Be sure to check out the "20 points of reference you absolutely have to know about the Florida Marlins." (

Friday, September 01, 2006

Time For The Sausage Races!

Place your bets here. (I'd put my money on the Chorizo but I'll have to wait until 2007? Hey, if baseball teams can expand their rosters now, why can't running pork products do the same?)

Oh, yeah,'s the games...


VICTORY-CAP: Marlins win, and are now 2 games back in the Wild Card.

The Girls Have Arrived

Check out their Go Fish! blog.