Thursday, June 30, 2005

If Harry Wins Two, Then What'll They Do?

QUICK-CAP: Atlanta, Philadelphia drop a game in the NL East.

Great Win Last Night!!

University of Central Oklahoma 'Journalist' Wants to Take our Devil Rays Games Away

Using loaded words like "fairness" and "it just isn't right", he wants to tear down the stately traditions that have been the backbone of this Grand Old Game ever since the year 2002. (TheVistaOnline)

More Unsubstantiated Trade Rumors

"Mike Stanton and Paul Quantrill could be traded or released during the Bombers' off day in Detroit, as both veteran relievers appeared to be saying goodbye to teammates late last night." (NYDailyNews)

"Orioles outfielder Larry Bigbie('s) has been mentioned in trade talks with the Florida Marlins for pitcher A.J. Burnett." (BaltimoreSun)

"There's industry talk of the Bombers considering Juan Encarnacion, Preston Wilson and even Alfonso Soriano, but Kotsay appears to be the Bombers' first choice....Sheffield did his best to scare off the Mets (and every other potential suitor) when he said he would demand his deferred money ($9 million) up front upon being dealt." (

411 on Chris Resop


Let's Take A Break...

...and see how Matt Treanor's wife Misty is doing. (

MEANWHILE: In other news, an 'ex-dancer' is suing a Spanish TV show over jokes about her and some Marlins players. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

And a 12-year-old shooting victim tried calming her mother by saying, "I am going to be OK, Mom. We're still going to the Marlins game." (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Will The Al of Old, or The Al of Recent, or The Al of Lately, Show Up Tonight?

RECAP: Well, Al showed up, but Fish still Win! Atlanta, Mets drop a game in standings.

Some Interesting Dontrelle Stats

"Seven of the 28 runs Willis (12-3) has allowed this season have come in the first inning, during which opponents are batting .322 (19 for 59) against him...

"Willis, who had thrown 19 consecutive scoreless innings over his past three starts, traditionally has struggled in the second of back-to-back outings against the same team. Including Tuesday, he has a 4.17 ERA in those games. That's almost a run higher than his career ERA (3.30). Exclude those nine outings and his career mark is 3.18." (SunSentinel)

"It's Still Too Early to Judge the Season a Failure"

How many more minutes do we wait? (GoogleMiamiHerald)

McKeon Leaving Town


Thank God For the Devil Rays

"Leave out last weekend's sweep of the hapless Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and you have to go back more than two weeks to find the last time the Marlins won consecutive games -- and it has been more than a month since they've won three in a row." (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Hey, maybe they'll let us borrow their stadium for a while. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

More Trade Rumors

Encarnacion to the Yankees for Quantrill? (SunSentinel)
Or how about the Mets trading Cameron for Sheffield? (
Burnett receptive but no talks with Orioles yet - Red Sox inquiring. (WashingtonPost)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Only One Game Matters, But Here's All Of Them Anyway


QUICK-CRAP: Braves win - now 2.5 games in back of Nats. Fish lose - 5 games back, half-game ahead of Philly.

Heading Into the All-Star Break...

The Fish have the advantage in the NL East home-game wise, with 4 with Atlanta, 4 with Milwaukee and 3 with the Cubs, split up by the infamous 3-game series in Shea on 4th of July weekend.

The Braves play 3 at Philly after the Marlins series, then they go home for 4 with Chicago and 3 with the Brewers.

The Mets play 3 at home agaainst Philly before the Marlins series, then it's 4 at Washington and 3 at Pittsburgh.

The Nats have to go back-and-forth; 3 at home verses Pittsburgh, 3 at Chicago, 4 at RFK against the Mets, and 3 away at Philly

Same with the Phillies - 3 away at New York, 3 home against Atlanta; the difference being one extra game (4 altogether) away at Pittsburgh, then 3 at home verses the Nats

The Marlins and Braves and Nats play NL East rivals twice; the Mets and Phillies 3 times (although playing the Cubs is almost the same situation because of the Wild Card, so it can be said that they all will be playing 3 pennant-contending series).

"I'm Not 100 Percent, But It Doesn't Affect My Pitches."

Horacio Ramirez says he's ready. (

But the weather may not be - it's looking nasty today, getting slowly better as the week rolls along. (NOAA)

Bye, Bye Burnett?

Trade rumors from the Sporting News. (FOXSports)

Damn, and he just learned how to pitch, too. (PalmBeachPost)

MORE: Former Fish Mark Kotsay to Yankees? (

Marlins Win a 1-0 Game For 1st Time in Over 2 Years

A.J. complete game, Pierre 2-for-3 with a walk, Alex continues hit streak, Fish 7-5 on road trip. (Sportsline)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today's Matchups, which should morph into Today's Scores

QUICKIE: Atlanta and Florida gain a game on Washington, Fish now alone in 3rd place.

Maverick Doesn't Just Report the News...

...he Makes the news! (MaverickBall)

MORE: And FishStripes gets mentioned in Time magazine! (FishStripes)

McClung vs. Marlins: 0-0, 108.00 ERA

Hopefully he can remain consistent. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

With All the Computers and Sabrematricians and Students of the Game Out There, How Could Everyone Have Missed...

...Mike Lowell's record-breaking defensive performance last year? (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Profile of Dan Jennings

"(T)he Florida Marlins' vice president/player personnel director...wears that World Series ring with pride. He'd love to win another ring or two, though Jennings would love to one day add to his jewelry collection as a general manager." (MobileRegister)

Carlos' Birthday Saturday, Jeff's on Sunday

Also, Todd closing in on 200....Valdez and Beckett throwing....and an EXTRACT-A-STAT: "The Marlins scored four runs in the first inning Saturday. They began the night with a 34-6 record in games in which they scored at least that many. Florida has won only two of 30 games in which it produced fewer than four runs" (MLB)

Pierre 3-for-6, Gonzo's Streak Continues, Lowell Brings in a Run, AND....

"Olsen (1-0) allowed two runs -- one earned -- and four hits in 5 2/3 innings to help the Marlins defeat their intrastate rivals for the sixth straight time." (Sportsline)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Today's Matchups and/or Scores

QUICK-CAP: Phils drop back another game, now tied with Fish for third (Phils ahead by .001 percentage point).

Many Articles on Scott Olsen and Sleep Deprivation Today

This one covers both. (MLB)

Dave George Rags on the Rays

With a great finishing line. (PalmBeachPost)

Dave Joseph: "Let's Panic. Let's Run Around Screaming While We Pull Hair Out Of Our Head..."

"...Let's immediately give up on Lowell and get rid of McKeon. Let's do this with 92 games remaining in the season and the Marlins only two games out of the wild card despite their lack of consistency and run production."

"Now, seriously ... could some of us maybe, just maybe, be getting a little carried away?" (SunSentinel)

State House Stadium Supporters Create and Head Committee on How to "Use Eminent Domain Proceedings To Take Private Property"

"(A spokesman) said he did not think Rubio's support of the Marlins' stadium and his appointment to head the eminent domain committee represent a conflict of interest."(PalmBeachPost)

Old Fish News

Ozzie Guillen thanks God for Pablo Ozuna: "This kid has been doing an outstanding job since he got here. I put him everywhere I want. Pablo plays the game we like to play; he runs, he moves the guys over, he does so many good, different things. Thank God we have him on the club." (DailyHerald)

Kevin Orie has been batting .344 for Nashville; now he's with the Zephers, hoping for a shot with the Nats. (

Pudge is now a Hall of Famer. (

Friday, June 24, 2005

Marlins Win 7-4

Recap begins with three soul-satisfying words: "Juan Pierre tripled..." (Sportsline)
QUICK-CAP: Phils drop back a game in standings.

A Short History of The Tampa Bay Giants

"It will help bring clarity to the discussion if we all keep in mind that whatever city is offered as baseball's next Xanadu (to the A's, Florida Marlins, maybe even the Minnesota Twins), it won't be any more viable than Tampa-St. Pete. Most likely it will be even less appealing." (GoogleMercuryNews)

Today's Matchups and/or Scores


"Piniella Said McClung Will Start Sunday" - Oh No, No Nomo!

Also a rough time for Baez and his family....and no Dewayne Staats tonight! (StPeteTimes)

'Feast or Famine' Fish Fly to Florida to Face Faintly Fish-like Foes

"Leiter beat the Devil Rays last month at Dolphins Stadium....and has held opponents to a .195 average (23 for 118) in six away starts...Opponents are hitting .316 off (of Waechter) at home, where he has a 6.86 ERA." (SunSentinel)

"The Rays are 3-11...(and) are hitting .278 in Interleague play...Rays pitchers have posted a 6.68 ERA vs. the National League this season." (MLB)

"The Marlins lead (the series) 3-0 and 25-15 overall, but are 8-9 at Tropicana Field".....EXTRA: And one more Juan Pierre Stat - "Leadoff hitter Juan Pierre is batting .317 (44-for-139) in victories and .173 (23-for-133) in losses." (StPeteTimes)

Many Interesting Items in This Clark Spencer Article

Including Statistical Proof of the Tight Game Letdowns....Reliever Resistance....'Larry and David's' by the Bay (discussing 'strategy', uh, huh, yeah)....and Hello's to Josh and Scott, and maybe Welcome Back Mikey. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Do We Dare Check Out Today's Games?

UPDATE: I took a peek.... the Smart Money was Wrong!

Thoughts on the Achievement of Mediocrity

For probably no reason other than timing, 8-0 losses seem to Multiply the concerns about this team a few times over. It was an 8-0 loss to Seattle at home June 9 that brought the head honchos into the clubhouse to declare that we're "starting the season over."

Since that declaration the Marlins have gone 5-6, and last night's 8-0 bewilderment at Atlanta has brought out the cries for change, both local and national.

Who knows? Maybe something will be announced before game time tonight.

All I know is that this has been a hell of a road trip, from the insane games in Chicago to the squeakers in Anaheim, and now the dumps in Atlanta. And it won't get any easier. Next series the Marlins will be the only NL East team on the road (well, at least the Mets will get to sleep at home), facing the pumped-up Devil Rays in the only place except Yankee Stadium that they have managed to play well.

And yet,... they Still have a chance to come out with a tie, or even Ahead, on this road trip.

There's at least one source that has said that Florida has, for the rest of the year, the toughest schedule of any NL East team. That's something a new coach or manager can't undo, no matter how inspirational.

Remember spring, when the Fish went something like 12-20-1 and the freakouts started early? A good start to the season put those concerns to rest. We're at the freakout part of the wave again. Will there be another crest? Don't know - that's why they play the games.

At the moment all I know is that Delgado Enjoys facing Jorge Sosa, and Dontrelle, the last time I checked, was still Dontrelle, and no forfeit has been announced, and they're still are going to play a a game tonight, weather permitting.

Tip: The smart money's on Atlanta.

There, I achieved it.

Even the Braves Are (a Bit) Upset

'"We've already lost three; we can't afford to lose any more, that's for sure," said (Bobby) Cox...' (

The Minor-League Team in Las Vegas is For Sale

...and Capefish thinks this is bad news for Vegas' chances to get a Major-League team.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UGH!: Nats Win, Marlins Drop Back A Game - Even The Devil Rays Win

Fish shutout 6 times this year, 4 times in 12 games, 24 straight scoreless innings (4 short of '93 record), Delgado's hit streak ends. (Sportsline)

Games For Today


"Phillies Release Thome"


"Who Was The Braves' Starting 3B During Smoltz's Last Shutout?"


Desparately Looking For Good News in Today's Recaps

"No team has produced more innings of five or more runs this season than the Marlins...Jeff Conine...accounted for 40 percent of the hitting attack..." (GoogleMiamiHerald)

"Delgado added a single in the eighth inning, giving him a 15-game hitting streak. And with two outs in the ninth inning, Alex Gonzalez singled, extending his hitting streak to 11 games....Despite the loss, the Marlins remain five games behind the Nationals in the National League East." (

"X-rays were negative and Lo Duca was listed as day to day." (PalmBeachPost)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Smoltz Starts, Closes

Braves beat Marlins 5-0. (Sportsline)

MORE: Mets beat Philly. (Sportsline)

STILL MORE: Washington loses. (Sportsline)

Pierre Bye-Bye?

"The (New York) Times' Tyler Kepner reports that the Marlins may be willing to swap outfielder Juan Pierre for Yankees reliever Tom Gordon." (FOXSports)

Today's Servings of Baseball


This Is Not an Ad, But If Any One Is Interested....

I just noticed from last weekend's paper that tonight, starting at 7:30 PM, Billy the Marlin and the Mermaids are scheduled to be at the Park Sports Club in the Seminole Paradise area, just outside of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, for a 'Marlins Watch Party'. Entrance is just north of the corner of 441 and Stirling Road in Hollywood. (There should a few motorcycles there also as Tuesdays is usually Bike Night).
UPDATE:...And another 'Watch Party' tomorrow at the Hollywood Ale House.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Today's Matchups and/or Scores


Is Juan Pierre The Linchpin of The Team?

Because of stories such as this one concerning Pierre's slump and how he's considered the "key in the ignition" of the Marlins' offense, I took a look in David Pinto's Day by Day Database and compared Pierre's at bats this year with this year's Marlins wins and losses.

First thing I noticed just by scanning his hits' list was the drop-off in hits since about the first month of the season. In fact, from Opening Day to April 29th, Pierre was hittng .307, with .354 OBA, a Slugging Precentage of .420, and a OPS of .775. Since then it's been .225 BA, .270 OBA, .281 Slug%, and .551 OPS.

Then I tried to compare his daily hit totals to whether the Marlins won or lost that day (by eyeballing two different charts side-by-side, so hopefully I didn't screw up too badly). What I found was this: in the 21 games Pierre started when he didn't get a hit, the Marlins won 8, for about a .391 win percentage. In the 24 games he started in which he only got one hit, the Marlins won 10, for a .417 win percentage. But here's the fun (or at least interesting) part - in the 16 games where he has 2 hits or better, the Marlins have won 14 of them (.875!). And just in his 2-hit games, the Fish have won 11-out-of-12.

Some other interesting tidbits: On games in which he hasn't started, he has gone 3-for-5....He's only walked 13 times this year, but in those 11 games (in 2 games he walked twice) the Marlins have won 7....And in the 5 games in which he was hit by a pitch, the Marlins won 4....Oddly, in the game when he got his highest hit total - 5 hits - the Marlins lost to the Rockies at home 8-3 on May 8.

MORE: Maverick wonders how long the front office is going to put up with Pierre' slump. (MaverickBall)

Only One Game With an NL East Team Tonight

Washington, who's scheduled to start former Marlin Livan Hernandez, goes against Pittsburgh, who's starting former Marlin Mark Redman. (Sportsline)

RECAP: Pesky Nats win again.

Leiter the Fighter Returns, Conine the Barbarian Triumphs

The McKeon neutralizes Vlad the Impailer. (Sportsline)
Conine's dad in crowd, feeling "fantastic". (SunSentinel)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today's Matchups and/or Scores

OBSERVATION: Last night was the second night in the past few weeks that there was a noticible delay in the score updates of a number of services. Yahoo, for instance, yesterday had a just-completed game still in the 4th inning. So far, Sportsline's scores have been keeping up when other services falter. For now.
QUICK-CAP: Nats win (damn!) but Braves, Mets, Phils lose

Natural World Continues to Mess With Marlins

What next? Asteroids? (PalmBeachPost)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Today's Pitching Matchups and Soon-To-Be Game Scores

QUICK-CAP: Braves and Phillies win, Nats and Mets and (ugh) Fish lose

What Did Samson Say About the Stadium This Time?

After announcing the signing of 3 of the Marlins' 1st-round draft picks at a news conference Thursday, David Samson responded to queries about the stalled stadium plan. Here are some (quotes)...

"He's going to review all options and then have a comment," Samson said, referring to Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria. "And I'm still doing that with him. I hope to have news soon."

---And I'll be sitting next to my radio, waiting breathlessly for news on whether a comment, or even a stray word or two, has or hasn't passed through the rosy lips of Mr. Loria. This could be like the Michael Jackson Verdict Watch. We could set up makeshift waiting tents all over the state, desparately hoping for some sort of noise to emerge that possibly isn't the result of indigestion.

"Baseball's very interested in what's happening here because we're one of 30 franchises and they keep track of that."

---It's nice to know that MLB continues to check, and probably double check, to make sure that the Marlins are still a franchise.

"As you know, we can't stay at Dolphins Stadium."

---Gee, I didn't know this. Looked to me like the Marlins played there for the past 14 years without any ill effects. Only the owners have moved on. Or maybe that's who he meant by 'we'.

"There is no lease that allows us to stay here."

---Let's rephrase that for clarity - 'Absolutely, Positively NO Lease, no matter HOW favorable, is POSSIBLE....nay, CONCIEVABLE!!!' At least we got that settled.

"So therefore, we have to start planning..."

---START planning??

"...and going through all our options."

---All except the more-favorable lease thing, of course.

Check Out What Clubhouse Attendants Do for the Visiting Teams

Looks like the Marlins should be getting top-of-the-line treatment in Tampa - but all that rich living may help the DRays have a winning record at home. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Bret Barberie Can Bring To You 'The Major League Experience'

All you need are 9 days, and $12,500. (MLB)

Meanwhile, Barberie (and Ricky Bones!) continue to be fondly remembered in the realm of odd sports injuries. (BuffaloNews)

How Do Things Stand Now?

Washington is 2.5 games ahead of Philadelphia, 4.5 games ahead of Florida, 5 games ahead of Atlanta, and 6 games ahead of New York.

Florida, will be on the road for the next 3 series - 3 games each against the Angels, Braves and Devil Rays.
New York, who played last night, have 3 games against Seattle and 3 against Philly, before going home (at least during off hours) to play the Yankees in the Bronx.
Washington has 6 more games on the road, between Texas and Pittsburgh, before playing Toronto for 3 in RFK.
Atlanta plays 4 games at Cincinatti before heading home to face the Marlins and Orioles for 3 games apiece.
Philadelphia has 3 more games against Oakland, then it's back home to face the Mets and Boston for 6 games.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hey, The Mets, Phils and Braves are Playing, So Here's Today's Matchups/Scores

QUICK-CAP: The Mets, Braves and Phillies win.

Does Dontrelle Have a Shot at 30 Wins This Year?

David Pinto thinks so, but the Crank has his doubts. (BaseballCrank)
But even if he gets close, think of the huge payday awaiting him come arbitration time this winter. (FishStripes)
Willis' agent says the Marlins "sort of punished me and my client, I have absolutely no loyalty to them anymore." (SunSentinel)
And Willis loyalty to his agent? Why, he had his agent's "company logo made into a tattoo." (PressHerald)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Today's Matchups and/or Scores


"Angels 11, Wizards 1"

I don't know how long it'll be up, but as of 12:30 PM Eastern Time about 41 news sites are running a story with this score in it. (GoogleNews)

Meanwhile, just for fun, guess how many more games the Nats play this year against teams that have a better record than they do....(WashingtonPost)

Willis Wallops 'Em in Wrigley

It was 20 months ago today, that Steve Bartman took the ball away...(ChicagoTribune)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Today's Scoreboards


Derrek Lee Says It'll Be Fun to Compete Against Willis

He also tells how he hits a knuckleball (he went 2 for 3 - 2 doubles - off of Wakefield yesterday). (DailyHerald)

Some Trade Talk

"The Marlins, still looking for left-handed solutions in their bullpen, are among the teams expressing trade interest in Rockies LHP Brian Fuentes." (FOXSports)

Berardino Says Some Players AND Some Front-Office People are Wearying of McKeon

...but is Jack too much of a 'mini-enterprise' to remove? (SunSentinel)

Moehler Having Problems?

"Marlins starter Brian Moehler (2-4) was running on empty even before the game started. That he made it through 5 2/3 innings was an accomplishment, considering how heavy he said his arm and the ball felt in the bullpen." (SunSentinel)
...and yet McKeon's thinking of having Leiter sit out a start and have Moehler cover. (PalmBeachPost)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Today's Scoreboards

(RECAP: Sounding like a broken record: Nats, Phillies win - Fish, Mets, Braves don't.)
(Oh, and Hee Seop Choi hit 3 homers today, 6 in the last 3 games.)

Delgado Settling In...

...unlike some of this year's other league-switchers. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

What Loria Said in That Team Meeting The Other Day...

Also,...Willis, Gonzo and the All-Stars....Valdez throwing....Mota to Rangers?....Buck O'Neil warms up. (PalmBeachPost)
Capozzi gives his 'sense' of the Marlins from inside the clubhouse. (PalmBeachPost)

Mets Finally Sign Danny Graves

"He arrived in New York for workouts this week and was in limbo as his agent negotiated a contract. The team had a jersey with his name and number on it and Graves had settled into a corner locker well before the contract was finalized. Each day, he would leave the ballpark before the game. 'It's been strange,' he said." (

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Marlins WIN!!

Delgado gets 5 RBI, D-Train is the majors' 1st 10-game winner this year. (YahooAP)
Washington and Philly continue the wins, Mets and Atlanta lose. (Yahoo)

Phils Get Urbina and Ramon Martinez For Polanco

"Phillies general manager Ed Wade said...that Tigers president Dave Dombrowski told him he was close to moving Urbina to another team in the NL East." (LedgerEnquirer)

For Broadband Weather Watchers....

This time-lapse radar view from WTVJ in Miami is also reasonably decent. The stadium's location is around the bottom edge of the last 'a' in the word 'Miramar'.

Marlins Draft Info


Then again, some teams build more with trades than the draft (like the Twins getting Johan Santana from the Marlins). (StarTribune)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Phillies, Braves Lose


Mota Missed Meeting Mark, McKeon Miffed


Obvious Observations

All NL East teams play their next 2 series at home....Seattle starts their series with the Fish tomorrow. Since being swept at Baltimore May 26, they have taken 2 out of 3 from Toronto and 4 of 6 from the Devil Rays....

Hargrove hates interleague away games - he's having trouble shoehorning his best hitter into the lineup. (NewsTribune)(PostIntellegencer)

And, (the most obvious observation of all) the weather in South Florida has been extremely monsooney lately. Here's the forecast...(NOAA)

EXTRA: For Marlins Weather Watchers...
This image, from WFOR Channel 4 in Miami, is a pretty good quick radar image for the South Florida area, and it works most of the time. On this image, the stadium is located in the area just off the left edge of the red stripe of the 'I-95' emblem. To update, just hit 'refresh'.
CORRECTION: Another obvious observation - I was incorrect on where the stadium is. It's directly north of where I said, just south of the county line.

Marlins Not Only Catapulted The Nats Into First Place...

...they defibrillated the Phillies into 'the hottest team in baseball'. (


"Asked if personnel changes are forthcoming, Loria replied: 'There'll be some things happening, but we'll have to figure it out. I'm sure that the baseball people are looking at what we need to be doing, and I'm sure we'll talk about it.'....

"'Thirty-three hits and 35 men left on base ain't going to get it done,'' said manager Jack McKeon,....'We've been doing this for two years.'....

"'Pitching coach Mark Wiley and I talked about being more aggressive to left-handed hitters and attacking them more,' Perisho said after the lefty-hitting Church delivered the game-winning blow. 'So I went right after him. I got ahead of him, and then I tried to stay in the attack mode, and he got me.'....

"'I got in a little funk there in the seventh, but it was my game, and I don't think I should have been taken out right there,' said Burnett, whose record fell to 3-5. 'But it's Skip's call, and you have got to respect the man.'...." (GoogleMercurynews)

Nats win late in game, which is when they play best. (BaseballMusings)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Marlins, Mets Helping Cause of Iraqi Boy Who Needs Heart Operation

This link provides an address and website for anyone to help. (Democrat&Chronicle)

Kevin Baxter Previews the Upcoming Draft...

...from the Marlins perspective (GoogleMarlinsNews),.... and the perspective of the Cuban defector. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Berardino Brings Out the Defensive Stats

"Mike Lowell, despite his offensive struggles, has made just one error at third while ranking fifth in NL zone rating. ... Rafael Furcal leads both categories for all major league shortstops, but the Marlins' Alex Gonzalez is not far behind. ... Marlins center fielder Juan Pierre is last among big-league regulars in both zone rating and range factor.... Only Manny Ramirez and Reggie Sanders have worse zone ratings in left than Miguel Cabrera, whose range factor outranks only Pat Burrell among left fielders with at least 300 innings." (SunSentinel)

Fish Flop and Drop

Marlon Byrd knocks umpire down, Nats knock Leiter and Mota around - Florida left 14 runners on base, loses nine of last 11 games - NL East teams all within 1.5 games of each other. (Yahoo)

McKeon miffed...."In the past 10 games, the Marlins have batted just .183 (15 for 82) with runners in scoring position."...."Tied for the NL lead with six hit batsmen, (Leiter) hit two batters in the first inning..." (SunSentinel)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Reports on The Demise of Glavine Seem to Have Been Exaggerated

Mets win, now tied with Nats a half-game behind Fish and Braves. (Yahoo)

"You Can See the Confidence and the Swagger in This Team Right Now."

Two-month old Nats "have now trailed in 19 of their 29 victories this season." - "We don't quit." (WashingtonPost)

And that's with 10 guys on the disabled list. (WashingtonTimes)

After Tonight, Will Ohka Be 2-10 Against the Marlins...

...or will Leiter continue his 3rd-best-NL-road-ERA ways? (SunSentinel)

ANSWER: Neither. (Yahoo)

Jack Concerned About Chances for Wild-Card in NL East

Also, as of early this morning, "The Marlins are not pursuing a reported proposal to build a roof on Dolphins Stadium and give the baseball team a favorable lease," - according to that reliable gentleman, 'A. Source'. (PalmBeachPost)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Nats Beat Fish 3-2 in 11 Innings

(Yahoo)....Braves lose, too - Mets, Phillies rained out. (Yahoo)

Chris Aguila "Has a Sweet Tooth" For The Marlins

"The only reason why we play this game is to get to the ultimate level, and my goal is to stay there." (AlbuquerqueTribune)

Bill Robinson's Mom Selling His Childhood Home

He talks about Pittsburgh, Cabrera, possibly managing someday...(

Derrek Lee Heading For Greatness?

"With the Cubs enjoying a six-game winning streak heading into their game Thursday night in San Diego, Lee was leading the National League in hitting (.380), home runs (17) and runs batted in (50). This, of course, has led to talk of the Triple Crown.

"Clear-thinking people will say, 'Yeah, but it has been only two months.' To which I say, 'Yeah, but it has been two months.'

"Do you know what it takes to hit like that for two months? To hit for power and average? Either incredible talent or a deal with the devil." (

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fish Lose Again - Only 112 Games to Go

(YahooAP)....Mets and Phillies win, Braves beat the Nats. (Yahoo)

Roxy Confident He'll Continue Broadcasting Cal Basketball

He escapes back to the Bay area whenever possible. (InsideBayArea)

Oh, Oh,...Here Come the Phillies

"The Braves have begun a stretch of 14 of 20 games on the road. The Marlins are in a stretch of 19 of 25 games away from Dolphins Stadium. The Phillies last night started a stretch of 13 straight at home and 35 of their next 48 in Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies, if they are worth their $95 million worth of salt, should catch and pass the Fish and Braves, who have owned the top spot in the division." (

UPDATE: Eeek! Both the Mets and the Nats play their next 11 games at home (Fish face the Nats for 3 games starting Friday).

MORE: The end of the season's ain't looking too good, either. (FishStripes)