Sunday, July 31, 2005

Marlins Get Villone...

...for Bazardo and Flannery. (FOXSports)

Today's Matchups/Games


RECRAP: Phillies and Florida drop a game in NL East standings, 2.5 games back in Wild Card.

2005 vs. 2003

"Surprisingly, these Marlins have a much higher batting average than the 2003 world champion Marlins (.280 entering the weekend, compared with .266 in '03). Runs per game and ERA are extremely close between the teams.

"So where's the difference? The Marlins entered the weekend on pace for: 88 steals (the '03 team had 150); 144 homers (the '03 team had 157); and 98 errors (the '03 team had 75). Florida has allowed 40 unearned runs -- just three less than the '03 team permitted all season." (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Pierre's getting more steals lately. (MLB)

A. J. Beats Nationals, and Trade Talk

Fish win 4 of 5 at home even with diminished run production. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Livan stands between Marlins and sweep. (SunSentinel)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh Boy! Nationals Have Lost 4 Straight!...Oh No! Another Series Opener!


RECAP: Nats and Mets lose again, drop another game back in standings. Beckett gets his 10th win this year - Fish win series opener.

Wildest/Scariest Trade Rumor Yet?

"The Phillies are one of the teams trying to get Baez, and the reason is they believe they can trade closer Billy Wagner for a starting pitcher. Both the Red Sox and White Sox have indicated to Philadelphia they might be interested in sending A.J. Burnett there in exchange for Wagner if they could get Burnett from the Marlins." (NewarkStarLedger)

UPDATE: Marlins going after Ron Villone? (CBS-News)

Some Variations on the "D-Train's Back on Track" Theme


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Start Voting For Your Favorite Marlin!


NOTE: What? No Springer?

Today's Pastimes


RECAP: Washington, Philadelphia drop a game in the standings.

Can The Fish Continue Their 3-Game Wednesday Win Streak?...

...especially against the onslaught of rookie Zach Duke (3-0, 0.93 ERA)? Duke wasn't fazed when pitching opposite Greg Maddux in Wrigley, winning 3-0 on July 16, so how much fear can Ismael put into him in Florida? Historically Valdez hasn't been too bad at home (6-3, 2.27) or against the Pirates (4-4, 3.67), but he looked rather wild in his first chance on the mound back in San Francisco. Could be the Marlins' streak, and the Pirates' 5-game Wednesday losing streak, may be in jeopardy. (Google)

ADDENDUM FROM CRACK STAT DEPT.: So far, The Marlins' winningest day is Wednesday. They are 9-5 on Wednesdays this year, and have won 5 of their last 6 Wednesday games.

EVEN MORE: The Fish's worst weekday, as it is for so many of us, is Monday, with a record of 4-6. Then it's Thursdays at 4-5. On all other days they are 8-8.

Marlins Lose 8th Straight Series Opener

Fish won 4 of last 6, but lose 7 of last 8 Tuesday games....Pierre's average now over .280....Fish get 12 singles, but hit into 4 double plays....Alfonseca comes in with the bases loaded and no outs, and shuts the Pirates down in the 8th. (GoogleMiamiHerald)(SunSentinel)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Snorts of Desparation in Nats Clubhouse

Facing the Braves while batting .170 since the All-Star break, Nats' GM Bowden trying to lure Barry Larkin out of retirement. (MiddletownJournal)

Tuesday's Contests

RECRAP: Atlanta takes the lead - the rest of NL East drops back a game.

Congrats to Miguel!

...for his share of the National League Player of the Week award. (Yahoo)

Aaron Gleeman Gets "Lost in the Numbers"

...where he dredges up stats concerning former Fish like Pudge, Rudy, Derrek and Livan, and current Marlins such as Miguel, Alex, A.J., and Dontrelle. (TheHardballTimes)

I'm Back - What Happened Last Weekend? Let Me See...

-The NL East is getting more compressed again - Phils gain 1.5 games, Mets gain a half-game and Marlins gain one game on the leaders.

-The Saturday-Sunday sameness streak continues - a win/win makes it now 5 weeks in a row.

-The Fish sent down Travis Smith and Scott Olsen to activate Beckett and Ismael.

-D-Train continues his spiral downward (and Mr. Leiter resumed his), but Beckett and Burnett pitched great, and the bats just keep pounding in the runs, with a whopping 16 on Saturday (even A.J. homered on Sunday).

-Many rumors of trades, but still no trades.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Time For a Mini-Vacation

I'll be gone for the weekend, and probably not too close to a computer, either. So up go the future scoreboards for the next couple of days (I've checked and haven't seen any future scores yet, goldurnit). No guesses, but a trend to look at - it been 4 straight weekends that whatever result (win or loss) the Marlins get on Saturday, they also get that Sunday. Here's hoping they keep stringing them 'W's. And here's the S. F. Chronicles's Sports Page to see what the other side's complaining about.

It's Not Just In His Last 2 Starts That Dontrelle's Showing Signs of Wear....

...he's been a bit off since the end of April. "Guess which pitcher in the majors has given up the most hits since June 1? It`s Willis." (

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Livan Going Under the Knife? Livan Angry at Nationals?

"I've been happy [with this franchise] for three years. This is the best organization. After the season, I'm going to tell you something. Don't worry, I'm going to tell you."(MLB)

Mets, Philly, Washington Play Tonight

RECAP: Nats and Braves now tied for first, with Mets 4.5 games back, Phils 5 games back, Marlins 5.5 games back.

Prices of Some Fish Going Sky High Next Year

Mike Berardino dishes out the math. (SunSentinel)

Happy Yapping Leiter

Al searches his skull to explain his Florida experience...

"DN: You're aware of what your numbers were in Florida (3-7, 6.64). If you were Marlins GM Larry Beinfest, what would you have done with you?

"AL: Give me a big hug and kiss. No, I imagine the way I was pitching I was certainly not deserving as a starter, but the decision on their part to release me was premature. If I were Larry I think I would have put me in the 'pen to see if it would work out. I don't know what was wrong - of course if I knew why I would have turned it around. But it's like the way I started in 1999 with the Mets, I started like 3-6 or 3-7 with a similar ERA. Then I had that game, Sunday night against the Yankees on ESPN, and I pitched well against Roger (Clemens) and it turned my season around. I think it was a bit premature to release me.

"DN: So why did they release you?

"AL: I don't know. I did not receive any sort of indication from (pitching coach) Mark Wiley or (manager) Jack McKeon. I think they were the baseball people behind the decision. I definitely was not helping that team win, but to release me.... I don't see how I was the sole problem. I was a problem, but not the sole problem....

"DN: Where are you going to live?

"AL: Our place in the city. We still have it. It's been vacant.

"DN: What about when your career is over? New Jersey or Florida?

"AL: Florida." (NYDailyNews)

EXTRA: Guess who solved all of Leiter's problems?

"Gary Sheffield gave him a helpful word about tipping his cut fastball. Sheffield told Leiter to make sure he came over the top with his delivery, rather than throwing from the side, since that allowed Sheffield to see the ball sooner when he was facing Leiter." (NYDailyNews)

Marlins Rejuvenated by Snakes

The team the Fish were predicted by many to be showed up again last night, beating Arizona 9-2, and winning the series. (DailyStar)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tonight's Edition of Insomniacs' Theatre


OBSERVATION: Sportsline was freezing up a bit last night on my machine, for some reason or other.

RECAP: Braves, Mets and Fish leap up a game on the Nats.

Team De-Bumped, Travis and Ismael Return

Alfonseca a week away...and Rotation Flux this weekend. (MLB)

Marlins Score Runs, AND Kept Other Team From Scoring Too Many Runs, ALL IN THE SAME GAME!

2 homers on 2 pitches by Delgado and Cabrera....Pierre and Lowell get RBIs....AJ may be packing his bags as #2 on all-time Marlins win list. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

But what's really important is that they broke their 6-game Tuesday losing streak! (EarlierPost)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Check Out Tonight's Win

RECRAP: Well, they didn't lose last night - at least on this side of the country they waited till the next morning. Braves get within a half-game of Nats, Mets slip into 4th place while in bed sleeping.

Didn't Mark Wiley Get Fired About This Time Last Year?

Actually, it was earlier (around June 25)...and the Orioles "performed markedly better" after they let him go. (BirdsInTheBelfry)

Meanwhile, it's hard not to notice the way Marlins' starting pitching has been melting away since April. (from the Day-By-Day Database-AprilMayJuneJuly)

EXTRA: Speaking of melting.....Yeah, I know they're in the BOB, but there's still a heat advisory going on out there. (NOAA)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Leiter 2-1, 4.19 ERA in Last 3 Games at Yankee Stadium

(BaseballMusings)...but he may do better if he concieves it as an away game. (BaseballMusings)
UPDATE: Seems he does pretty well in Fenway, too. (Sportsline)

Today's Games

SUPER-RECRAPOLA: Phillies, Mets move up in standings - Fish in tie with Mets for last place.

Friday/Saturday Convergence Over?

REPORT FROM OUR CRACK STAT DEPT....The result of Friday's game (win) and Saturday's game (loss) has not been the usual pattern for the Marlins this season. In the 15 Friday/Saturday pairs of games that they have played so far, the Marlins have either won both games or lost both games 12 times. In fact, since the second week of the season, the Marlins went either win/win or loss/loss on Friday/Saturday 11 weeks in a row. Since the start of July, however, this has only happened once in three opportunities. (They are 15-15 in Friday/Saturday games, 8-7 on Fridays.)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Marlins 9, Phillies 7

Fish get 17 hits, Lo Duca homers, Cabrera doubles twice. (Sportsline)
Pierre hits with the bases loaded, which is what the Marlins do best. (BaseballMusings)

Today's Slate O' Games

RECAP: Fish Win!! And jump back into third place.

Have Faith, Fish Fans - Phillies Fans Famously Fearful of Future Failure

"The attitude about this ballclub is that it could just as easily lose tonight and tomorrow and get shut out by Dontrelle Willis on Sunday as grab two of the next three and win this series." (

"When Selig Speaks, Trees Die"


Tuesdays Tell the Truth?

REPORT FROM OUR CRACK STAT DEPT....The Marlins have lost the last 6 games that they have played on Tuesdays. For the rest of the games during those 6-plus weeks, they have a win-loss record of 18-17. At the beginning of this season the Marlins won their first six Tuesday games - and in the rest of the games during those first 6 weeks the Marlins were 13-14.

Marlins Have Turned the Corner - Someone Should Let the Other Teams Know

Marlins averaging 5 runs per game in the last 7 games, but have won only 2. (GoogleMiamiHerald)
Debut of ex-Dirtbag was last night's pitching highlight. (PressTelegram)

Leiter Hears Fateful Decision in 'Weston Coffee House'

No truth to rumor that he then put in for an application. (SunSentinel)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Batta, Batta, Batta, Batta, Batta, Batta, Batta, SWING!!!

RECRAP: Mets, Phils gain a game - Fish now tied with Mets in last place.

Condensed Review/Preview

Q. What happened during the first half of the Marlins' season?
A. The Marlins didn't win enough games.

Q. What must the Marlins do during the second half of the season?
A. Win more games.

Q. How can the Marlins win more games?
A. By ending each game with at least one more run than their opponent.

Q. Can any personnel changes help the Marlins win more games?
A. Maybe.

Nats Get Preston Wilson (and $) For Zach Day, J.J. Davis, and PTBNL (or $)

Nats vying for new-player trifecta. (MLB)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ismael Looking Good


Nats Sign Stanton


22 Players, 15 Teams Murmured About as Possible Marlins Trades, and Its Only 9:30

Let's see: A.J. Burnett, Jorge Julio, Hayden Penn, Larry Bigbie, Miguel Batista, Danys Baez, Jeremy Affeldt, Jay Witasick, Gustavo Chacin, Mike Lowell, Juan Encarnacion, Frank Catalanotto, Ted Lilly, David Bush, Javier Vazquez, Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, Josh Fogg, Gil Meche, Jason Jennings, Mike Maroth, and even Mark Redman, but not Daniel Cabrera would be going from or to the White Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Padres, Dodgers, Devil Rays, Royals, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Reds, Pirates, Mariners, Tigers, Angels of Anaheim, and then Milk of Magnesia.

Monday, July 11, 2005

First-Half Ponderings

(ToddJones) (Maverick) (AndyLevin) (GregCote) (AndrewWorob) (Mike42) (DanLeBatard)

More Ex-Marlin All-Stars Than Any Other Team

Plus more fun facts about last Wednesday's game. (SanFranciscoChronicle)

Dining With Derrek Detroit with Dontrelle, Lo Duca, Cabrera, Castillo. (SunTimes)

Meanwhile, a chance of rain for the All-Star-Game. (NOAA)

MLB Home Run Production Down 5.5% From Last Year

"'It's a modest decline, not a sharp decline,' said Steve Hirdt, Elias' executive vice president. 'And even with the modest decline, the casual fan will notice several big home-run hitters of the past -- including the biggest -- have spent all or part of the season on the disabled list.'" (OrlandoSentinel)
EXTRA: (ChristianScienceMonitor)

Cubs Sweep Fish at 'Wrigley Field South'

"We played like crap, bottom line." (PalmBeachPost)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Today's Games


RECRAP: Phillies gain a game on everyone else in NL East.

Free Baseball!

My wife was able to get really good seats to last night's game from one of her workmates for free. Seems she's a season-ticket holder, but was concerned about the weather and didn't want the tickets to go to waste. Amazing what a little tropical storm warning can do. We got there right after the Cubs scored their first run. It turned out these seats were right behind the Cubs dugout, in the area where you get waitress service. We never had that pleasure before, so since we saved some cash just by being there, we partook. Her chicken sandwich (without the promised pesto mayo and roasted peppers) and my turkey wrap, plus two lemon frosts, came to $28, including tax, and a little add-on to the 10% tip they automatically charge. Now she can't complain that I don't take her out to expensive joints.

LOW-LIGHTS: It was scary to see Dontrelle get hit with that foul-ball-that-wasn't off his foot. The way he hobbled off the field with the trainer looked serious. I was surprised when no one started warming up to relieve him, and to see him return. Another low-light was when Pierre hit into the double play in the 8th to end that chance at scoring, and then the Cubs fans all around the stadium jumped up and yelled to the point where you wonder whose ballpark you're actually in. But that's a reasonably common occurance down here - just one of the perks of being a Fish fan.

HIGH-LIGHTS: It was really beautiful, especially after all that happened so far this year, to see that ball hit off of Lowell's bat arching high in the air and way over the scoreboard. It was good to see the Fish not give up when the game seemed out of reach. It was also awesome just to sit in my trash-bag poncho and watch the hurricane hit in the 9th inning - the rain swirling sideways in the lights mixing with the trash flying in the field blending into wet Cubs fans was a sight to behold.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Will Dontrelle or Dennis Blow 'Em Away Today?


UPDATE: More like Dennis blew D-Train out of his game - kinda hard to do a leg kick pirouette in a 30-knot wind. Marlins, Mets, Phillies drop a game in standings.

Lee Wants to Play But Will His Shoulder Let Him?

Also...can the Cubs keep their streaks alive? (ChicagoTribune)

Kirk Wessler Asks Pertinent Questions About the All-Star Game

Like..."Why does the NL have to drag the aging carcass of Giant Moises Alou as a ninth outfielder instead of Marlin Carlos Delgado as a backup first baseman?...Why should the NL have to start washed-up Mets catcher Mike Piazza when the Marlins' Paul Lo Duca is the best backstop in the league?"...and, ultimately, "(I)f the All-Star Game is to matter, why does Commissioner Bud continue to treat it as an all-comers game at the family-reunion picnic?" (PeoriaJournalStar)

Marlins Form 1st Ever 'Tie-up' With Japanese Amatuer Club

Singer will be adviser, former Ham Fighter general manager. (MainichiDailyNews)

Moehler Wins

Pierre homers, Delgado grand slams, bullpen throws 4 shutout innings. (MLB)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Games Scheduled Today


UPDATE: Tropical Storm Watch declared for Miami-Dade County at 11 AM - winds expected within 36 hours.

RECAP: Nats' collapse continues - Marlins, Mets gain a game; Braves gain a game-and--half.

Chicago Sun-Times Rooting For Al Leiter!

....wait a minute....oh, I see - they're just glad he's pitching Sunday instead of Beckett. Well, anyway, at least they're grousing at some of their own players, too. (SunTimes)

See, I Told You To Go To The Game Last Night

Marlins pitching retire last 28 batters in a row, hoping to continue the streak to the end of the year. (PalmBeachPost)(JournalSentinel)(FishStripes)

UPDATE: And, uh, no, I didn't make it to the game, either.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Can The Mighty Ohka Be Brought Down? Click and See...


RECAP: The inevitable Pythagorian collapse of the Nats begins - Braves gain a half-game just by hanging around; Fish, Phils, Mets gain full game.

No Local TV Tonight - There's No Excuse Not to Go To The Game!

Or at least go to Milwaukee Grill in Cooper City (if it's still open), and catch the Brewers' feed on the TV, and attempt to annoy the Milwaukee fans, and try to find something on the menu that isn't overpriced.

UPDATE: Better yet, go to the ballpark tonight, 'cause Dennis is a'coming and the weekend's looking a little too meteorological.

Beckett Pulled in the 3rd Inning Due to a Pull in the 3rd Inning

"Beckett said he felt a 'jerk' along his left side..." (GoogleMercuryNews)

No truth to rumor that Phil Niekro's coming in to teach Knuckleball (or to spot start). (MLB)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Marlins' 81st Game Tonight - 81 to Go

Also the rest of the matchups/scores...


RECRAP: Nats and Braves win, Fish join Mets and Phils in the loss column.

More Tight Games Ahead?

Today - Josh Beckett (8-5, 3.14) vs. Chris Capuano (8-6, 3.28)

Wednesday - A.J. Burnett (5-5, 3.18) vs. Tomo Ohka (5-4, 3.71)

Thursday - Brian Moehler (3-6, 3.16) vs. Victor Santos (2-8, 3.28)

Tonight's Previews...(SunSentinel)(GoogleMiamiHerald)

New Owner of Brewers Enjoys The Challenge

He's not selling off players, and he loves to gouge Cubs fans from half a continent away. (JournalSentinel)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Did You Notice...

...on the FOX telecast of Saturday's game, every now and then, chants of 'Let's Go Marlins' would waft in through the field microphones, followed by flummoxed boos from stunned Mets fans?

Gee, you would almost think there were some Marlins fans at Shea yesterday. (FishStripes)(DeepFriedFish)

Today's Action

QUICK-CAP: D-Train complete game shutout Win! Phils, Mets drop a game in standings.

Today's Don't-Panic Article

This time by Dan Le Batard (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Annoncing This Year's All-Bargain Team



"Fish Bust Beltran For Loitering" (ChicagoSunTimes)..."Never Assume, Carlos" (StamfordAdvocate)..."Turning Stomachs Instead Of Key DP" (NY-Newsday)

Matt Mantai Probably Out For Season

...and Pavano is probably skipping today's start. (TheOlympian)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today's Games

RECAP: Marlins Win!!! Braves and New York drop back a game, Mets slip back into last place.

Olsen to Start on Monday

Organization thinks Leiter can't dominate brutal Brewers, while Riedling's still pissed, and Osborne just got signed. (SunSentinel)

Some Positives, Negatives And 'Intangibles' From Last Night's Game

Positives -
Fish scored 6 runs, had 13 hits, took the lead 3 times....A.J. "retired 11 of the first 12 batters he faced"...Castillo, Lo Duca each had 3 hits...Encarnacion went 2-for-2 and walked 3 times

Negatives -
Fish "left 11 men on base and committed three errors, two by third baseman Mike Lowell in the same inning."... "and both runners came around to score -- the second when Burnett bounced a curve in the dirt for a wild pitch."..."I just lost my composure," Burnett said."....Pierre went 0-for-5 with 1 strikeout.

Intangible -
Jack's back.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Today's Slate of Games, For Your Perusal

RECRAP: Marlins lose, drop a game in standings. Phils lose, and now are in last place.

A.J. and the Suddenly-Sparky Marlins Vs. Tom and the 6-Wins-In-Last-9 Mets

Weather permitting, of course...(

Beckett Seems OK

The story is, he threw the warm-up tosses in the 7th just to buy some more warm-up time for Olsen. (

By the way, Marlins won, And Cox got ejected, too. (

Paul Hagan on Trade Babble

"The next 30 days will be filled with rumors and gossip and whispers and buzz and hearsay and speculation, most of which won't lead to anything." (

SPEAKING OF BABBLE: A 'source' now is linking Marlins and Mike Stanton...AND ALSO: Riedling wins on Wednesday, sent down on Thursday. (SunSentinel)

Weather's Looking Iffy For Tonight's Mets Game...

...but the rest of the weekend should be clear and mild. (NOAA)