Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Tonight's Game

Olsen against Billingsley tonight. Scott's work this year has been making some sports bettors happy.


BUSTED: Olsen comes down to earth as the Dodgers win 13-1. (FOX!)


Thay's Ain't Caterpillers on Them Relievers..

...them's MOUSTACHIOS!

'In the name of team -- or at least bullpen -- unity, the Marlins relievers are all growing mustaches. As of Tuesday, all but Matt Lindstrom had begun growing theirs out, and Lindstrom promised one by the end of the week. Taylor Tankersley has a Fu Manchu going, looking a lot like a former Marlins closer.

'"I've been called Todd Jones five times today," Tankersley said Tuesday.' (MiamiHerald)


News of the Wounded

Fredi probably won't start Jacobs until Thursday; Hammer's back is acting-up again; J.J. will see competitive batting for the first time since his surgery; and De Aza is doing 'light baseball activity'. (PalmBeachPost)

And guess what? Andrew has a recurring knee problem. (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dodgers Skulk Back to Florida

After abandoning their spring-training home of 50 years plus, the Marlins' first-ever adversary sneak back into the state, probably wearing disguises.

"Over the past two seasons, the Dodgers have won five of their past seven games at Dolphin Stadium and are 33-32 there all-time."

Dodger fan Xeifrank gives a pretty good overview of his team at FishStripes


STREAKERS: L.A. wins their 4th-in-a-row, while the Marlins continue to win-lose-win-lose-etc. (FOX!)


The Happy Stuff

Guess what? Cantu loves the Marlins. (MiamiHerald)

Kyle Winters's looking good in Jupiter. (RotoWorld)

"Spoelstra takes over the Heat, Tony Sparano begins his first year with the Dolphins and the Panthers are coach-shopping, leaving Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez -- with one year plus a month's experience -- as the sage veteran among our pro coaches." (MiamiHerald)


Joe Frisaro on Attendance

"Without question, the "apathy" view is out there. It is perpetuated often by the media. Fans will either follow the team or not, and it is certainly their right. I just try to report on what actually is happening, and issues like "respect" are pretty much out of my control. It's a given that attendance will be low until the season ticket base rises substantially. You can't expect respectable crowds with less than 5,000 season tickets. So, in my opinion, that's a story that should be written and discussed early on, but then let go. How often does it have to be beaten about that there are low crowds, when from the get-go you knew there would be small crowds? It's always a fallback story and issue. Before the season even started, the team had projections about where attendance would be. For the most part, their target number will be reached." (MLB)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Slim Pickings

Only NL East game tonight is the Mets hosting the Pirates.


UPDATE: And even that game was rained out.


Injury Check

Jacobs finger's been bothering him since spring; Scott's feeling fine, but Gaby's down on the DL. (PalmBeachPost)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Rubber Game Today!


BOUNCE-BACK!: Another 10-inning game in Milwaukee, another win for the Fish. (Yahoo!)


Marlin Renaissance

(UPDATE: Fixed a link and some words.)

In the process of seeing where this blog shows up in the big search engines (I'm still looking, by the way), I came across a bunch of Marlins blog efforts that I hadn't seen before. Some seem to just reprint news stories, or repost other blogs' entries. But there are a few that had a personality stamp to them; those I'm adding to my blog list.

First is a blog started this year, the full name of which is "Baseball Blog: NL stuff FLA STL", run by dan ("...the only Marlins fan in the world. I keep the faith, since 1997 all of the fire sales and one sided trades have turned people away from the franchise, but I believe in baseball in South Florida.") and Big Dan, thecardsfan ("I am a huge Cardinals fan and have been since I started getting in to baseball despite my father's attempts at brainwashing me with Mets propoganda").

Next is Marlins Homeplate, a pretty straightforward news-and-comment place run by 'Cliff'.

Then comes the Marlins slice of the AOL Sports Blog Fanhouse, where posts from many different commentators that mention the Fish (even barely) get aggregated and remarked-upon.

And now a couple of recommendations from the brothers Sponge of The South Florida Fan Blog - The incompletely-named 'Stupid Things That Rich & Tommy Say' ("incompletely" because in this post blogger Turd Ferguson acutally agreed with what Tommy said); and The South Florida Daily Blog, which is not a Marlins blog although the Marlins are mentioned occasionally, but is a great all-around diary of SoFla life, so I'm putting this in the 'MuchMore' list.

This last one I'm also putting in the 'MuchMore' list, even though it has many good Marlins comments, for the reason it's ultimately a sports-card blog - it's Wax Heaven!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hendrickson Against Villanueva Tonight



DAMN!: Not only did the Marlins lose, but now Jacobs can't effectively use his middle finger. (FOX!)


"Still On Top"

Mike Berardino charts the days the Marlins have historically been in first place, and asks how long this year's run will last. (SunSentinel)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Put Five Bucks on the Chorizo

Scott Olsen goes up against Yovani Gallardo tonight in Milwaukee. (MLB)


WIN!: Former Marlin Mota gives up the game as the Fish win 3-0 in the 10th inning. (Yahoo!)


Volstad's Looking Good



Stadium Statement

MLB president Bob DuPuy 'said "the coalition at county commission level is tenuous" for the Florida Marlins' proposed new ballpark.' (AP)


Wes Sees Maturity in Marlins Players

"In '06 it wasn't bad, but you could tell they were still kids and just got to the big leagues. This life can definitely have a lot to offer for you, and the more mature you get the more you know how to handle it.

"From what I've been around these guys now, I see when they come to the field they're ready to do what they have to and play. When they leave, they're not sitting back being that little kid again. They got responsibilities at home. They have kids, they have families. They know, 'Hey, I need to keep my head on straight.' That's a big thing I've seen. They've definitely calmed down a lot on keeping their mind on the right track."

ALSO: The Marlins continue to trudge through the courts to get Lloyd's of London to pay on the insurance policy that they had on Alex Fernandez. (SunSentinel)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Badenhop Verses Chuck James Tonight

Burke will attempt to "trust his stuff".


STUFFED: Chipper celebrates his birthday as the Fish lose 7-4. (FOX!)


"How Much Is Your Team Worth, 2008"

John Beamer takes a critical look at Forbes' MLB team valuations. He seems to think Forbes undervalued the Fish: "Apparently, the Marlins remain the least valuable franchise in MLB despite having a five-year payback on net worth!" (HardballTimes)


Nolasco Does Splitter; Cantu Hot Hitter

But Ricky fears not his elbow, just as Jorge fears not the legal system. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Miller Against Bennett Tonight in Atlanta


RECAP: Miller gets his first Marlins win as the Braves lose 7-2. (Yahoo!)


Take Your Pick

You can read the articles that say the Marlins are surprisingly good and amazing...(BleacherReport)(TCPalm)

Or you can read the articles that say that the Marlins have had it easy so far and the tough part of the schedule starts tonight. (MLB)(SunSentinel)

NOTE: People who say the the Marlins have won against inferior competition should remember that the Marlins were predicted to be the most inferior team in the majors this year, and necessarily should have had no inferior teams to beat.


Did You Know...

...Todd Rundgren's son played for 7 seasons in the Marlins organization? (

...Justin Miller has an exemption to take a medication that has been banned under baseball's drug policy? (

..."the Marlins have not won a game in which they've scored less than four runs since last July"? (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Can't They Stay a Little Longer?

Tonight the Fish play their last regular-season game against the Pirates this year. (The Marlins will finish up their games with Pittsburgh and Milwaukee before they play their first game against Philly.)

Nolasco against Malohm tonight.


OKAY-THEY-CAN-GO-NOW: Fish lose 3-2. (FOX!)


Good Stat Day

The MSM decided to report the good numbers the Marlins are putting out, like...

"The Marlins entered Monday with a cumulative record of 8-4 against teams that owned three of the worst records in the National League -- the Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals.

"Last season, the Marlins posted a better winning percentage against winning teams (.449) than they did against those with losing records (.415). They also went 19-18 against the four postseason teams from the NL." (MiamiHerald)

"The Marlins were 5-0 in one-run games entering Monday, tied with the Rockies for the best record in the majors. The Red Sox (4-0) are the only other team that has not lost a one-run game...

"The Marlins have come from behind in eight of their 10 wins, including wiping out three three-run deficits." (PalmBeachPost)

"Entering Monday's game against the Pirates, the Marlins were pacing the circuit with a .408 average (29 for 71) when putting the first pitch in play. No other NL team had a higher slugging percentage in those situations than the Marlins (.817). Only the Rockies (.425) had a higher on-base percentage (eight points higher)....

"Through the first 18 games last season, the bullpen was 0-5 with a 3.94 ERA, 79 hits, 42 walks and 60 strikeouts in 77 2/3 innings. This year the bullpen is 4-2 with a 3.21 ERA, 64 hits, 30 walks and 46 strikeouts in 70 innings. (SunSentinel)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Back in First Place

How many of you thought that wouldn't happen again this year?

The Fish start a road trip in Pittsburgh tonight. Hendrickson against Morris scheduled.


COOL: Florida wins 10-4. (Yahoo!)


"There's No Doghouse Here"

So says Fredi as Tankersley redeems himself after Friday's debacle, and Gregg after Saturday. Also, Hermida's slumping as Uggla learns patience at the plate. And Hammer's got an 8-game hit streak going. (PalmBeachPost)(MiamiHerald)(MLB)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Do Fans Matter?

Every now and then I write that Marlins fans who felt ill over the off-season antics of the front office shouldn't feel pressure by the media to attend games if they don't want to. But I wondered if the lack of fans in the stands has an effect on the team's play - the supposed "tenth-player" effect. I'd rather not promote something that may hinder the team's chances.

So yesterday I woke up the infamous Cracked Stat Dept. and asked them to see whether the size of the crowds at our home park has had an effect in the won-loss records of the past.

In their study they used the official attendance figures, the accuracy of which has been questioned but it's what we've got. They also ignored the quality of the crowds - whether or not they were filled with some other team's (or music group's) fans - and just went for quanity. It was also Saturday night, so they were only sober enough to do one year - 2007.

They found that 2007's home games split somewhat neatly into 2 halves, centering around the number 15,000. 40 home games had crowds below 15,000, and 41 were above 15,000. Of the 40 under-attended games the Marlins' record was 17 wins and 23 losses. Of the 41 games with greater attendance the record was 18 and 23 - only one extra win.

They then decided to go to extremes and compared the least-attended games with the most-attended. In the 20 games with the smallest crowds the Marlins' record was 8-12; in the 20 games with the largest crowds their record was 9-11. Still just a one-game difference in favor of the big crowds.

When they went down to just the 10 least-attended and most-attended games there was a reversal - the one-game advantage switched to the least-attended games (6-4, as opposed to 5-5 for the most-attended). When I asked whether that is statistically significant, the Cracked Stat Dept. was too drunk to say anything.

So my guess is the effect seems negligible. And you can still go to the games if you want to.


Scott Olsen Against Odalis Perez Today


GREAT-SCOTT: Olsen strong again as the Fish beat the Nats 6-1. (Yahoo!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Burke Badenhop Against Shawn Hill Tonight


SCORE 6-5, ERRORS 4-3: A sloppy, back-and-forth contest ends with Wes singling in the winning run in the 9th inning. (Yahoo!)


A Couple More Links

I know it'll be hard for Fish fans to believe, but smaller-market clubs trying to build competitive teams with promising prospects sometimes sign those prospects to long-term contracts. (BaseballMusings)

And, along with colleges and other MLB teams, the Marlins have an interest in a high-school pitcher who actually uses the knuckler in his arsenal. (InsideBayArea)


Stat of the Day

The Marlins have only scored first in four of their games this season, but they have won all of those games. At the moment that puts them top in the majors percentage-wise in that rarefied catagory. (


Third-Basemen Bulletins

"According to the St. Petersburg Times, (Jorge) Cantu has a Wednesday court date in Pinellas County stemming from a temporary protection order filed against him earlier this week. St. Petersburg resident Nanci Michelle Ikerd alleged she sustained bruises to her left biceps and was verbally threatened Feb. 8.

"After Friday's 6-4 loss to the Nationals, Cantu said he didn't anticipate missing any time to resolve the matter. The Marlins begin a seven-game road trip Monday at Pittsburgh that takes them through Atlanta for a two-game set Wednesday and Thursday.

""After their investigation we'll see what comes out," Cantu said.

"Added Steve Canter, Cantu's agent: "The charges are false. We're going to respect the legal process here and let it work itself through. He's not going to miss any time. This won't interfere with baseball in any way."" (SunSentinel)

MEANWHILE: Let's look at how Jose Castillo's been doing with the Giants...

"As the Giants start a seven-game road trip in St. Louis..., Castillo is batting .241 with eight doubles. He has played every inning at third base this season except for the ninth inning Wednesday, when he moved to shortstop...

"While Castillo gives the Giants doubles, the coaching staff is giving him a lot of love. He arrived with a reputation as a player who needs attention and encouragement. More troubling was his rap in Pittsburgh for not wanting to work hard or stay in peak physical shape...

"The Marlins signed Castillo for 2008 and he performed well in spring training, but he lost the third-base competition to Jorge Cantu and was waived in part, a source said, because they feared he would be disruptive in the clubhouse if he did not start.

"Castillo has been anything but disruptive during his short stay in San Francisco. He largely has kept to himself....

"In Castillo's short time here, the Giants have seen both his potential at the plate and the personality traits that might have rubbed the Pirates the wrong way. On a few occasions he exhibited poor body language on the field when something did not go his way. Once, he clearly stewed about an official scorer's ruling as he was on base during a rally.

"On the other hand, he is anything but lazy. When asked about playing every inning thus far, he said, "I'm not tired. I like to play every day. When I don't play every day, I'm tired."" (


Lee's Too Pained to Pitch

Gardner's placed on the 15-day DL, and Waechter takes his place. Sergio's put on the 6-day (oops, make that 60-day) DL, and Anibal's feeling better. (PalmBeachPost)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Nats Infest Miami Gardens Tonight


RECRAP: Nationals defeat Marlins 6-4. Florida's reign of domination in the NL East is interrupted as the Mets take a half-game lead. (FOX!)


House Speaker Rubio Trying to Squelch Megaplan?

Language plopped into the House's Growth Management bill could keep CRA money from the Performing Arts Center, which is what freed up funds for the new ballpark. (NakedPolitics)


Today's Fun Factoid

Here's something interesting - "Since 1950, a baby born in the United States in August has had a 50 percent to 60 percent better chance of making the big leagues than a baby born in July." (Doing a really quick search through Wikipedia, I could find only one player on the Fish' current roster who was born in August.) (Slate)


Who's the New Who?

Will Logan Kensing be the next Smoltz or Dempster? (MiamiHerald)

And is Mike Jacobs the new Chris Shelton? (AmericasWhiteBoy)(SoFlaFanBlog)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Dare We Say - Sweep?

John Smoltz, with his neck and shoulder tightness not affecting his performence so far this year, is scheduled to take the mound tonight against Ricky Nolasco. (BlueRidgeNow)


NOPE: Smoltz three-hits the Marlins, while Nolasco gets swatted around like a rubber toy in a cat convention, as the Fish lose 8-0. (SunSet-tinel)


The Financials

Forbes has released its 2007 valuations of the Major-League teams, and they have determined that not only do the Marlins "bring up the rear, with a relatively meager franchise value of $256 million" but, in comparasion to the highest-rated team, that "the Yankee brand -- the portion of the team's value attributable to its name -- alone is worth $241 million, almost as much as the entire Marlins franchise".

Speaking of financials, Henry linked to in his blog the work of Jorge Costales, CPA, which was a post from his own new blog. That blog - "Florida Marlins Finances" - endevors to understand the Marlins' financial statements (good luck), with some snappy commentary and many links to other sites.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Good Points

I thought Craig (of FishStripes fame) made a lot of sense in his posts this morning regarding both Scott's and Fredi's improvement and how Fredi is handling the line-up.


Hudson Against Hendrickson Tonight



A-ONE-RUN-WIN: Marlins hold on by their fingernails and beat Tim Hudson for the 1st (whoops, wrong, actually the 2nd) time in their history, winning by the score of 6-5. Hendrickson gets the win, Gregg the save, with another homer for Mike, the 2nd career pinch-hit homer for Luis, and 250 more fans than last night. (Yahoo!)


Pleading for Interest

The Herald's Greg Cote today practically begs the typical South Florida fan to actually attend the games.

He says this after witnessing Tuesday's miniscule crowd, even though the Fish had just lost two straight, and with his own paper pegging Olsen as a perennial loser against the Braves, and with the two other papers in town spewing stats that delegitimize the Marlins' early first-place run, and of course with the overriding influence of the Cabrera-Willis trade that knocked the wind out of any promotional sails during the off-season and that commentators everywhere called the death-knell for fan interest in South Florida.

Of course Mr. Cote's motives are good and the team as it is now is very much deserving of our support. But I think we should give the fans just a little slack for at least last night's game, and maybe for a while more. It'll take a while for new habits to establish themselves. (Besides it was free on cable.)

(Note: post edited to make more sense to myself.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Dancing in the Air

A misunderstood minority instantly doubles its representation in MLB, as R.A. Dickey is called up to toss his knuckler for the Mariners. (NapaValleyRegister)



Mike Berardino notices, on this Jackie Robinson Day, how ironically special tonight's game with the Braves was. (SunSentinel)


Happy Jackie Robinson Day

Scott Olsen and his history against the Braves will go up against Jair Jurrjens, who will face the Marlins for the first time, but Rabelo, Miller and Jurrjens were teammates last year in Detroit.

"The Braves have already faced a Major League-high seven left-handed starters and will oppose two more in the first two games of this week's series against the Marlins." They have also "suffered five of their first seven losses by just one run." (MLB)


NO-ONE-RUN-GAME-TONIGHT: Scott shuts down the Braves and Josh has a field day on the basepaths as the Fish win 4-0. (Yahoo!)


Sobering Stats (or Stats to Get Drunk By)

"The Marlins hit 21 over their first 12 games, tying them with the Diamondbacks for the major league lead. That's 10 more than they had at the same point last year with a lineup that featured Miguel Cabrera....

"Consider that the Diamondbacks with their 21 homers through week's end totaled a major league-best 77 runs. The Marlins scored 21 fewer runs. Entering Monday's games, seven NL teams had scored more than the Marlins while hitting anywhere from three to 16 fewer home runs....

"The Marlins are the only team in baseball without a sacrifice fly...

"Of the Marlins' 56 runs, 62.5 percent are products of homers. The NL average last season was 35.3 percent...

"The Marlins are tied for first in homers, but last in hitting with runners in scoring position (.194)." (SunSentinel)

"They've struck out 97 times, second to San Diego (102) and have drawn just 33 walks, 14th in the league.

"The team is batting .267 (113-for-423), tied fourth in the league with St. Louis. But take away leadoff hitter Hanley Ramirez's .396 batting average (19-for-48), and the team's hitting .251....

"Florida's 5.47 staff ERA and 6.00 starters' ERA are both last in the league." (PalmBeachPost)


More Mailbag

Joe Frisaro answers questions about Cameron, Hanley, Fredi, and a six-man rotation. (MLB)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Lots O' Links

The Orange Bowl slowly tumbles down, and a scoreboard may still be for sale. (MiamiHerald)

It's a fun back-and-forth 'Chum Bucket' tonight over what to do about Uggla, Andino, Amezaga et al. (FishStripes)

When a Marlin needs a quick mental adjustment, who does he call?......Why, 'Dr. Fish' of course. (PalmBeachPost)

No Marlins here, but anyway it's Richard Barbieri's "All-Sea Creature Team."(HardballTimes)

75% of FSN viewers say Marlins will win the NL East. (SunSentinelBlog)

"Marlins Ready For Firesale After Finishing Week In First Place" (SportsComedian)


No NL East Games Today

Time to get your taxes finished. Some other games are on tap though...



It's How You Count the Numbers

Henry Gomez at his blog 'Fish or Cut Bait' has posted an analysis of the Marlins' finances for the past several years and seems to come to the conclusion that maybe Mr. Loria may not be so evil after all.

Of course, to get an analysis of the numbers from the other perspective I can find no better than to repost the link to Mr. Brattain's recent column in the Hardball Times.

Henry's work has inspired Sully at his blog 'Sully Baseball' to say that "the Marlins should sign Henry Gomez and make him their spokesman."

Another of Sully's posts (this one) interestingly asks Fish fans for input on how we remember the Marlins' World Series victories. (Thanks for the mention!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sunday Rubber Game

Burke hops onto the mound to make his debut as a Fish starter against Wandy. (FishStripes)


DRAT: Marlins lose 5-1. (FOX!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Saturday in the Parks

Andrew Miller against Brandon Backe tonight. Here's all the scores...


SMACKDOWN: Marlins lose 5-0. (FOX!)


7-3 Marlins Now Have to Buck the Probablities to be Bad

"Per a study from BaseballInfoSolutions of the teams that started out the season 3-7 or worse in the past 50 years, 80 percent of those teams ended up under .500. Whereas 80 percent of the teams that start off 7-3 or better ended up over .500 with an average of 92 games won." (BleacherReport)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Tonight's Experiment

Nolasco's 1st start since last May will reportedly feature an early example of the new changeup indoctrination instituted by Mr. Beinfest. As Ricky says...

"Now I know how valuable a changeup can be, especially for a starting pitcher. It's just something that's been put in my head a lot. I have to go out and trust the pitch and know how much it's going to help me to get better."

Some guy named Roy Oswalt will be starting for the Astros.


SMACKDOWN: Hermida hits 2 homers, and the whole team has a franchise-record 6 home runs (even Rabelo hits one) as the Fish beat Houston 10-6. (Yahoo!)


Ready to Take Some of That Action?

The 1st-place Marlins are still 65-1 longshots to win the pennant. (


Stadium Downdate

It would be an update, but County Commissioner Joe Martinez is saying there are not enough votes on the commission to pass the next two hurdles that the ballpark faces. (Fish@Bat)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


After Sweeping, Marlins Put Away the Hoover

(Ugh, even I'm groaning over that headline.) The Marlins' TV crew reportedly reported that Mike Rabelo is rejoining the big club in Houston, and to make room, poor Paul is being sent back to the Isotopes. (




YEP: Hendrickson gives the Fish their 2nd good start in 2 days, and Cantu is hitting like he did in spring, as the Marlins survive Gregg's closing attempt and win 4-3, and swept the Nats for the first time in D.C. (Yahoo!)


Stadium Blues

Miami's cops are so P.O'ed over the 'compromise' that shuts them out of the new ballpark that they're thinking of joining Braman's lawsuit.

That lawsuit contains accusations of impropriety in the speedy vote for the ballpark, so the City Commission is now planning for a revote on the issue, thus proving Braman's point. (MiamiHerald)

Meanwhile, Marlins reps blithely take a tour of the Nationals' new park - Samson makes 6000 notes on his to-do-list, as if a ballpark will actually be built. (SunSentinel)

Finally, in the continuing spirit of 'share the misery', the Florida House has voted to block all sports subsidies next year. (Take that, H.Wayne and Tampa Bay and Spring Training!) (OrlandoSentinel)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Back From Sightseeing

The Marlins take a break from watching tourists take pictures of their hotel to play a game tonight. Olsen starts against Bergmann.


MORE,MORE,MORE: Jacobs hit 2 homers, Cantu hits his first, as the Fish beat the Nats 10-4. (Yahoo!)


Lil' General is Senator-For-A-Day

Samson takes over the reigns of government, as a concerned populace looks on in horror. (


"Hanley Ramirez Farewell Tour '08"

Just one of the many 'slogans' and 'promotion ideas' that 'fans' came up with for the 'Marlins'. (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Aggravated Agreement

On the whose-cops-will-provide-the-security issue that threatens to derail the whole ballpark deal, the County and City managers came up with a "compromise" that County cops like, but the City of Miami's cops and at least 3 County Commissioners don't. (MiamiHerald, via FishStripes)


Day Off

MLB gives the Marlins and Nats a day off to check out the cherry blossoms. Philly plays the Mets at Shea, and Atlanta is at Colorado.



Andino's Improvement

ASponge of the South Florida Fan Blog discovers signs of Andino's growing maturity at the plate last year - and also gets his wish as Hermida is coming back while Carroll is being sent back down.


Uggla Gets Job at Macy's

Dan will join 14 other MLB stars "to appear in print ads as well as do in-store appearances." (

Monday, April 07, 2008


D.C. Digs

It's the Marlins' first trip to the new Nationals' ballpark. Andrew Miller will start against Tim Redding. (MLB)

The Fish will also intersect with some recent political history...

"(T)he Marlins will be staying in a hotel that has been in the news lately. The team will be at the Mayflower Hotel, where former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer met a prostitute, a liaison that forced Spitzer to resign this past month after it became public." (SunSentinel)


ON-TOP: Fish grab sole possession of 1st place in the NL East with a 10-7 win. (Yahoo!)


Another New Marlins Blog

It's Bright Orange Seats, the story of a 26-year-old Orioles fan living a block away from JRS who "slowly developed a secret crush on the Marlins", and who is now ...

"...choosing to finally act on my crush. I’m asking the fishy girl to the prom and she has no choice but to say yes. We’re gonna go in style, too. Limo. Hotel Room. The whole nine. Will this new relationship blossom into an everlasting love? Or will it end with a bitter break up over the Marlins using my toothbrush to clean their cleats? I’m not really thinking that far ahead."

Sunday, April 06, 2008


It's Snell Against the Hurk

Today at 1:10. (Yahoo)


THE-HURK-GOES_DOWN: Vandenhurk gets sent back down to Double-A-Carolina after his contribution to today's 9-2 loss to Pittsburgh. (FOX!)

UPDATE: Burke Badenhop takes over Vandenhurk's spot on the roster. In other news, the Netherlands sinks into the ocean for all the tears. (MarlinsToday)(SunSentinel)


2:22 PM

Bret Barberie remembers that moment 15 years ago today when he swatted the first hit in Marlins history. (PalmBeachPost)

MEANWHILE: His former wife Jillian remembers when she had a job. (

CORRECTION: Okay, so it was 15 years ago yesterday, not today - I should have trusted Craig instead of some two-bit rag.


Former Marlin Gets De-formerized

Wes Helms (as has been rumored at least since the end of last season) returns to the Marlins, and Jason is sent to the woods. (FishStripes)

"Helms was a disappointment last season after the Phillies signed him to a 2-year, $5.45 million contract last offseason to be their regular third baseman. He hit just .246 with five home runs and 39 RBI in 280 at-bats and lost playing time to Greg Dobbs. But 2 years ago, he hit .329 with 10 home runs and 47 RBI in just 240 at-bats for the Marlins." (

"(T)he Marlins announced they acquired Wes Helms and cash from the Phillies for cash considerations or a player to be named...He is due $2.15 million this season and the Marlins will inherit a $3.75 million club option for 2009 or $750,000 buyout....

"'Wes was unbelievable,' said President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest, adding Helms is expected to arrive around game time today. 'He was a guy we never wanted to lose in the first place.'" (SunSentinel)

MEANWHILE: Cantu says he's not worried about his slow start at the plate (he went 2-for-4 last night). (MiamiHerld)

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Tonight: Pirates and Poison

Hendrickson makes his 2nd start of the season against Paul Malohm. (USAToday)

And the dulcet tones of Bret Michaels of the band Poison (and the VH1 hit 'Rock of Love') will enchant the audience for the first Super Saturday of the year. (MiamiHerald)


2-FOR-2: Jacobs jacks another one over the wall, this time a GS - Marlins win 7-3. (Yahoo!)

Friday, April 04, 2008


S'cott To Be Good

Olsen will begin his quest to reverse last year's trends in his first start of 2007, against the Pirates' Matt Morris.


WHEE-CAP: Scott pitches 6 innings, and Jacobs ends the game with another walk-off homer! (Yahoo!)


Wright vs. Ramirez

Bill James' comments on '60 Minutes' prompts Mike Berardino to compare the potential of both David and Hanley. (SunSentinel)

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Jayson Stark says Money Wasn't Only Reason Marlins Traded Cabrera

"We've been hearing that the Marlins' baseball people have long debated whether it made sense for a National League team to take the risk of laying a contract that long (and rich) on a player who had already had a major weight issue at such a young age. The Tigers can always slide Cabrera over to DH someday. The Marlins wouldn't have had that option. The Brewers, in fact, are having almost the same conversation about Prince Fielder as we speak." (ESPN)


1/54th of Season Over

Marlins take a break, but Washington plays at Philly tonight, and Atlanta hosts Pittsburgh.


RECAP: Former Fish Chris Resop is pegged for the loss as the Pirates beat Atlanta. Philly wins on a walk against Washington.


A 'Get Well Soon' Card...

... to Marlins public address announcer Dick Sanford. (PalmBeachPost)


The Last Time the Mets Beat the Fish 13-0...

...was, uh, 5 games ago. (Metaforian)


Former Marlin DFA'd to Make Room For Former Marlin

Wes Helms, subject of many Marlins reacquirement rumors this year, is let loose by Philly to allow Rudy Seanez in. (

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The Season's 1st Rubber Game

Oliver Perez for the Mets, Andrew Miller for the Marlins.


BLOW-OUT: Mets beat Marlins 13-0. (FOX!)


Quick Recap

Being at the game surrounded by Mets fans, it felt satisfying after it was over to file out of the stadium to the sounds of the deafening silence.

Then again, not to sound sympathetic, but what's with that series they're showing on the Jumbotron between innings? 'Things you can do with Mets jerseys' showed actors using them as Kleenex, door mats, even pooper scoopers. It sounds funny, but it came off as classless. After that, mixed in with the usual 'Let's go Mets' chants, was the first time I've ever heard 'Marlins suck' chants.

Great game otherwise. Few people went home early. The crowd seemed bigger than the 15000 aannounced. We decided the Corn Dog with Fries at $6 was the best possible value you can get at the food stands - plus it has your Recommended Allowance of grease for a whole week.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Pedro Against the Hurk Tonight


ALLRIGHT!: Robert Andino picks a fine time to belt his first Major-League dinger, winning the game for the Marlins with 2 outs in the 10th inning. (Yahoo!)


"There are a Lot Of Guys We're Going To Keep"

Loria sort-of makes a sort-of-a-promise, among other things. (PalmBeachPost)



I was at last night's game, on a rather beautiful night weather-wise. Even the heavy breeze seemed more playful than annoying.

Parking was still $10 as announced but the rest of the prices were up as expected. A frozen lemonade now sets you back $5. A bottle of Bud was $7, Heineken $8.

The announced crowd of over 38,000 seemed about right. I haven't seen that big of a crowd there in a long time.

And the whole crowd, not just Marlins fans, gave Jeff Conine a couple of standing ovations as he was given a presentation and threw out the first pitch to Andy Fox. That, and the scenes of his Marlins career that flashed by on the Jumbotron, got to me emotionally.

Of course there were several tons of Mets fans there to see the beginning of the Santana era. And he didn't disappoint them.

Speaking of several tons, the Manatees made their debut for all the world to see. In some ways they seemed to me to be a liitle too accomplished, if that's possible. I guess their dancing instructor got them to the point where they wouldn't be boisterously bumping into each other while performing, which was something I was waiting to have happen. Oh well.

As for the game, the quick-and-easy impression is if Hendrickson could take back that one inning then the Marlins could've made a game of it. Batters he was able to deal with both before and after tagged him in the 4th. I wondered if the 'one-inning collapse' has been a pattern with him in the past.

The Fish only made one error, a throwing error by Treanor that scored the last run. But Treanor threw out both David Wright and Jose Reyes when they attempted to steal. And it wasn't as if he made the error by throwing the ball into the outfield - it just got away from and went behind the intended receiver.

Good thing Willingham hit the homer. Now on to Tuesday - only 161 more games to go. I even got a ticket to tonight's game.

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