Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hermida's A Marlin


And his first major-league at-bat's a GRAND SLAM!! (Sportsline)


Today's Absolutely, Positively Must-Win Games

...with double the fun in Atlanta, Pedro pitching against Philly, and Suppan vs. Vargas in FLA.


RECRAP: Fish and Mets lose. Astros and Phillies win. Nats and Braves split.


Ramon Castro Put Marlins on Top...

...(and the Mets within a half-game) with one single swing. "Ramon Castro now has an astounding 36 RBI via his 38 hits this season. Is there any way he doesn't lead the league in "Hits/RBI" ratio?"

Also, a quote from Newsday, "Castro said last night's home run was the second biggest hit of his career, the first coming during Florida's run to the wild card in 2003."

And again, a mention here of Rob Meyer's mention of and their tabulations of Wild Card winning probabilities. (Aaaagh! Marlins third???) (AlwaysAmazin'Weblog)


Rick Hummel Sizes Up the Cards' Possible Playoff Opponents

He wonders "how long can (Todd) Jones hold up?", plus other ponderings. (PostDispatch)


Giants Send Deivi Cruz to Nats

... and Jason Christiansen to the Angels. (InsideBayArea)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Morris Vs. Ismael Projected Tonight


RECAP: Yeow! Fish win, and share the Wild Card Lead with Philly. Auggh! The Metstros are a half-game up the Pharlins' behind, with the Nats' pushing up the rear.

Monday, August 29, 2005


32 Games Left, Half-a-Game Back


RECRAP: Make that 31 games left, one game back.


And Down the Stretch They Come...

Today officially begins the Marlins' trek through what many have called the toughest schedule to finish the season of any of the NL Wild Card contenders. The Fish may be at home, but the Cardinals' road record (42-23) is better than the Marlins' home record (38-28). St. Louis is in the middle of a 13-game road trip, so far winning 3 out of 4 from Pittsburgh and 2 of 3 from Washington - they did lose 3 of 4 to the Cubs at Wrigley August 11-14, but that was after a 3-game sweep of the Brewers at Miller Park. So for the month of August they're 9-5 on the road. The Marlins split their series at Busch Stadium at the start of August, but the Fish's 2 losses were from the 2 pitchers who're supposed to be starting tonight (Carpenter) and tomorrow (Morris). Meanwhile the Nats, who got swept by the Braves in Atlanta last month, return for a 4-game set. Tomorrow Philly and the Mets will smack each other around, and the lucky Astros gets to host Cincinatti (1-5 in Houston this year, 4-9 overall).

MORE FUN FACTS: "Juan Pierre....(is) hitting .406 in the past eight games and has scored six runs and stolen five bases in the past five games....Florida has hit just seven home runs in its past 23 games and all seven have been hit by either Carlos Delgado or Miguel Cabrera. No other Marlin has homered since Aug. 5." (PostDispatch)

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Possible Sweep By Team From Last Week's 'Windy City'? Check and See...


BLAH-CAP: Fish lose, but so do Nats, Stros, Mets, and Phils. Braves win, but that's as expected.


Update on Viera

Who owns what, who pays who, who plays for who, and who's on first. (FloridaToday)


Vargas the Lawn Sprinkler

"Every whirling pitch from Marlins rookie Jason Vargas sends a speck of juice flying off the back of his locks." (KansasCityStar)


"I Pitched Good Enough To Lose"

Maddux frustrated as hitting Pierre and Willis leads to complete-game loss. (NorthwestHerald)

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Today's Games (11/18ths-CAP: Fish Lead Cubs 2-1 in the Middle of the 6th)


UPDATE: Fish win!

FULL-CAP: Atlanta also wins. Fish now half-game from the top of the Wild Card.


Yesterday's Games (PRE-CAP: Fish Win Again)



9 PM Thursday to 2 PM Saturday

That's how long the 'cane called Katrina knocked the electricity out of my neighborhood. Except for a blown-off branch and a bent rain gutter, things are A-OK over here.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


36 Games to Go to Make Up 2-Game Deficit - Hangover Game Today


RECAP: Fish win!


Most of Marlins Team Seemed Drunk Last Night

...except for Delgado and a couple of others. They got as many errors as runs. Even the umps had trouble seeing. Fish lose 4 straight road games. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


No Local TV - Good Time to Go To Conine's...

...and support your not-too-overpayed, actually-somewhat-effective Mr. Marlin.


RECRAP: BLECHHH!!!. Conine's error loses the game! Get rid of him!

UPDATE: Okay, slightly calmer now. Wild Card now has Phils 1.5 games ahead of Astros, 2 games ahead of Fish, Mets and Nats.


A Reasonably Complete History of The Complete Game

Featuring Trader Jack, and his oft-repeated opinions on the subject. (JournalSentinel)


Beckett Like a Drunk Against Brewers

Messenger sent the message, "We're gonna lose". (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hey, No Fair! Nats Get to Play At Home!


RECRAP: Marlins lose Big, and so did Atlanta. Mets and Philly win Big. Houston and Washington lose, also.


Not a Cakewalk

In his last start Beckett "tossed seven scoreless innings, scattering four hits, while recording six strikeouts". That happened against the Padres in South Florida. In his last start Capuano "tossed seven scoreless innings, scattering six hits, while collecting eight strikeouts." That happened in Coors Field. (SportsNetwork)


Blog Skewers Brewers' Hopes of Finishing Without Diminishing



2005: A Year Without a No-Hitter?

"If the form holds, it would mark the first time since 2000 -- and just the second time in the past 20 years -- that a major-league season has passed without a no-hitter." (TheOlympian)


Chris Hoyler Looks Back at The Past Two Weeks


Monday, August 22, 2005


Looks Like Another Sunny Ball Game Today

...then Atlanta at Chicago, Mets at Arizona, Astros at San Diego, Philly at S. F.


RECAP: Fish, Mets, Braves, Astros win. Phillies lose. Astros back on top in Wild Card, Marlins and Phillies a half-game back.


Dodgers Blame Loss on Bright, Sunny Day

Apparently the stadium is not up to their standards. (SGVTribune)


How Many Monkeys Will Make Out Today's Dodger Lineup?

"The Dodgers have lost the last eight games where Phillips has started, and they've only won the games where Choi and Saenz have started." (DePodestaForPresident)

MORE: Further analysis at the FourthOutfielder.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Which Simpson Character is Most Like The Marlins?

You may not want to know, but Dan McCarthy made the attempt for the Fish and every other MLB team. (BarstoolSports)


Sunday Baseball


RECAP: Phillies, Astros, Braves, Marlins, and Nationals win. Mets, Brewers, and Cubs lose.


Mr. Brandwein of Boca Defends the Fish...

...against the mighty New York Times. (NYTimes)


(EDIT: In August) "Lowe is 1-0 With a 3.79 ERA" and Has Beaten The Marlins in May...

BUT Marlins pitchers have 3.32 ERA, while Dodgers pitchers have 4.68 ERA, in day games. (SunSentinel)

AND in wins/losses Florida's 18-15, and Dodgers 15-19 in those same day games. (ESPN)

ALSO On Monday's schedule, Dontrelle starts against the Southern League Pitcher of the Week. (OurSportsCentral)


Pierre Past the Denial Stage

"Nothing I seem to do is working for me this year."...."I can't explain it. I'm just not getting the job done.''....''[Opposing teams] aren't doing anything different -- not pitching me any different, defending me any different."...."But an on-base percentage right at .300....that's not acceptable on any team." (GoogleHerald)

Saturday, August 20, 2005




RECRAP: After getting within a half-game of the Wild Card lead, Marlins slip back a half-game. The Wild Card's now headed by Philly, who's followed a half-game back by Houston, who's followed a half-game back by Florida, who's followed a half-game back by Washington, who's followed a half-game back by New York.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Nats at Mets, Pirates at Phils, Padres at Braves, Brewers Still at Houston, and Dodgers at Florida


PARTIAL-CAP: Marlins get 3rd-straight shutout. Philly, Nats lose.


More Dodger Stats (Edited)

After having lost 4 road series and tieing 2 since June 14, the Dodgers have won 3 out of 5 road series, including their last against Atlanta. They have won three of their last four games.

FROM OUR CRACK STAT DEPT. The Dodgers have won their last 4 Friday games, lost their last 4 Saturday games, and and have won their last 2 Sunday games (after losing 7 Sundays in a row).


"The Marlins Have Scored First In 24 Of Their Last 29 Games."

(USAToday)....That may be one reason why D.J. Houlton, tonight's Dodger starter, is trying new warmup routines, as his ERA is "much higher in the first two innings of his 11 starts (9.00) than it is from the third inning on (2.61)." (PressTelegram)


This Is Only a Rumor, But...

...this link purports to reveal the next MLB player that may have tested positive for steroids. (RedReporter, thru Fark)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today's Matchups/Scores


A RECAP TO SAVOR: The Marlins win. The Phillies and Nats played their series so that the Fish ultimately gained a half-game on both of them. Houston and Atlanta both lost. Even the Mets lost. Marlins now only one game back in Wild Card.


Peavy Praises

"The heat and humidity don't bother the kid from Mobile, Ala., at all....10-5, 3.14 ERA in 2005....Peavy leads the Majors in strikeouts per nine innings at 10.13." (MLB)

"Peavy never seems to tire." (BaseballMusings)

"He lost his only start at Dolphins Stadium, but his 2.18 career ERA against the Marlins is his second-best against NL clubs. He also beat the Marlins once this season, holding them to a run on five hits in seven innings." (GoogleNews)

"This is a matchup between two pitchers folks are likely to be talking about 20 years from now." (DuckSnorts)


Houston Faltering a Bit at Home

"The loss continued a disappointing homestand for Houston, which is 4-5 in its 13-game stay at Minute Maid Park. When the Astros came off the road on Aug. 7, they returned with the best home record in the majors.

"Atlanta and Boston are now the top home teams in baseball with Houston's 40-20 mark ranking third." (YahooSports)


Juan C. Rodriguez Explores the Marlins' "Close-And-Late" Statistics....

...almost to the point of inconsequence. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today's Matchups/Scores


RECAP: Dontrelle complete-game shutout! Washington and Houston loses - Mets, Philly, and Atlanta win. Fish now 12-6 on Wednesdays.


S. D. Chicken Enshrined

...along with Phanatic, Suns' Gorilla. (MSNBC)


Dave Studeman Rates the Best Players by Age

...with much praise for Miguel Cabrera. (HardballTimes)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Hey, Where's My Beer? Game's Startin'...


RECRAP: Mets gain a game on leaders and Marlins - Nats and Phils rained out.


Andre Dawson Thinks Steriod Scandal May Help Get Him In The Hall

"It probably will help in a sense," Dawson said. "Just how much, it's hard to say." (JournalGazette)


NY Times to Marlins: "LOSERS!"

Murray Chass thinks Delgado would've been better off going to the Mets. (NYTimes)

Monday, August 15, 2005


Nats, Phils, Astros Play Today


mini-recrap: Houston wins - Marlins drop a half-game. Phillies lose and drop a full game and now are in 3rd place. Nats a game behind the Astros.


Two Great Wins... But Now What's Coming?

Leaving Houston out of the equation for the moment, the 4-game series between Washington and Philadelphia that starts tonight makes it imperative that the Marlins win at least 2-out-of-3 from the Padres in their series starting tomorrow.

Of the 20 possible outcomes of these two series, the Marlins can improve their situation against both the Nats and the Phillies in only 4 ways - if the Fish sweep while the Nats or the Phils go 3-1, or if the Fish sweep or go 2-1 while the other series goes even.

While it's possible that the Marlins can improve their position against one or the other team - for example, even going into a tie with the Phils or ahead of the Nats while only winning one game against the Padres - this usually comes at the cost of a greater lead by the other team (in this example a 3.5 game advantage over the Marlins by the Nats for the Phillies tie, and a 4 game lead over the Fish by the Phils for a half-game lead over the Nats).

And, of course, if the unmentionable happens, both teams can open up greater leads over the Fish - up a 5-game lead for the Phillies or a 4.5-game lead for the Nats.

Unfortunately the Padres swept 3 games from the Marlins at Petco the last time they met, although that happened in the middle of a 22-6 May for San Diego. Since May the Padres have gone 25-45, and they have just been swept by the Phils at home.

CORRECTION: Ooops, make that 25-40.


Maverick Interviews Brad McCann of the Grasshoppers


Sunday, August 14, 2005


Today's Game is Not on Local TV, So Go To The Game...

...or watch it through here.


Ballgames Du Jour


RECAP: Mets and Astros lose. Houston now has only .5 game lead over Phillies in Wild Card - Nats 1 game back, Marlins 2 games back


From July 28 (the Day Delgado was Taken Out of the Lineup) to August 12...

Conine has hit .348 (DbDDB) and Lowell has hit .230 (DbDDB) and Pierre has hit .159 (DbDDB).

How can Conine be shoe-horned into the lineup? (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Saturday, August 13, 2005


The Games of Today


RECAP: All NL East teams win. Astros lose.


Brad Clontz Signed, Wilson Delgado Suspended



D-Train Dejected, Conine Ejected


Friday, August 12, 2005


Giants Visit the Fish, Snakes at Atlanta, Pirates at Houston, Nats at Denver, Phils at Padres,...

Mets play "The Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles", and all the rest...


RECRAP: Nats and Philly gain a game in NL East, Marlins and Mets drop a game in Wild Card.


The Big Question Tonight Is...

...can Dontrelle overcome his traditional suckiness against the Giants? (

ANSWER: D-Train was great, it was the Marlins bats that sucked.


Another Review of Conine's Joint...

...and his restaurant, too. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Will Brooms Be Necessary At The Stadium Tonight?

Maybe, but in any event, if you're going please be careful out there.

And now, the matchups and/or scores...


RECRAP: No Brooms! All NL East loses! Houston gains a game.


Miguel Slips Past Derrek in BA


UPDATE: Next day, Derrek slips past Miguel.


Mark Grace Probably Wanted to Curse Up a Storm Last Night...

...after Lowell and Jones pulled off that trick in the 8th inning. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Who's Gonna be 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th (or Tied) Tonight?


RECAP: All NL East except Nationals win. Philly takes over no. 2 spot - Marlins and Washington tied for no. 3.


Filth Fell On Arizona Last Night... Diamondbacks broadcaster Mark Grace must have realized how well Burnett was pitching and let loose with a few inadvertant epithets.

"I apologize", he said afterwards, "and I will face any consequences." (Oh, oh, he probably shouldn't have said that. That's a Really big desert out there.) (ArizonaRepublic)


Burnett Shuts Out Diamondbacks; Misty's Man Gets Two Doubles

"This is a great team. We've got great pitching. We've got a great bullpen. We've got great defense and we've got great hitters. So, we've got a great chance to do it -- and I'm going to do everything in my power to get us there." - A. J. Burnett

Aguila, Lowell, Conine kick it up a notch. (YahooAP)

Marlins didn't get back from Colorado until 3:30 A.M. Tuesday morning. (EastValleyTribune)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Time to Deal With The Snakes Back Home


RECAP: All in NL East win except Mets. Fish, Nats, Phils gain a game on Houston in Wild Card.


Mecir, Delgado on DL - Lo Duca, Encarnacion Hoping to Heal...

...just at the moment when the Marlins are playing 19 straight games against sub-.500 opponents. (SunSentinel)

Monday, August 08, 2005


No Snow Today - Time For Denver Double-Header


DOUBLE-CRAP: Marlins lose both games, drop a game in both NL East standings and Wild Card.


Can The Rockies Ever Be Successful While Playing in That Thin Air?

13 managers, including McKeon and Leyland, give their opinions on the subject. (RockyMountainNews)


Todd Jones Takes His Drug Test



D-Train Wins 15th, Beats Reds 2-0

Ortiz threw great to home, but threw lousy to first. (MiddletownJournal)

This weekend's games marked "the first time no home runs were hit in consecutive games at Great American Ball Park." (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Samson, Loria Taking Ballpark Tours

"Remain quietly optimistic" about one of their own, but... "It is unlikely the Marlins will try again with the Legislature next year for state help." (MLB)


Rubber Game Today


RECAP: Marlins, Mets and Astros win. Marlins gain a game in NL East, and stay 2 games back in the Wild Card.


Lowell is a Record-Breaking Fielder at 3rd,...

...and the rest of the baseball world may one day recognize that. (PalmBeachPost)


A Two-Kim Day on Monday?

Sun-woo and Byung-hyun to throw base-balls for the Roc-kies. (KoreaTimes)



Umpire miscues (Juan Rodriguez mentions one - I saw three) in the 9th inning, Lo Duca injured, no RBIs,...and we Still were in the lead and could've won this game, dagnabbit. (SunSentinel)

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Today's Games


RECRAP: Fish, Nats, Astros lose. Fish 6.5 games back in NL East, 2 back in Wild Card.


Vargas Beats Reds 5-1

And Villone stuns Felipe Lopez - with the bases loaded, a 3-2 count and Griffey on deck, Villone throws a change-up. "I would have never thought he was going to throw that." (CincinattiPost)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Reds Players Helped Take Care of Young Boy During Wednesday's Game...

...while paramedics worked on his grandfather in the stands. (


Grab Some Skyline Chili And Check Out Tonight's Games


PARTIAL-CAP: At 10:30 PM, Marlins and Mets have won, Phillies and Nats have lost.

CLOSE-CAP: Braves and Astros lose. Fish now 2 games back in Wild Card race.


Bring Back Alex Arias!

66 games into their season, Alex's hitting .370 for the Scorpions, and is on a 16-game hitting streak. (YumaSun)


For Any Knuckleball Aficionados Out There...

...I've just found that the majors' last full-time knuckleball pitcher (besides Wakefield) has retired. (GoogleSacBee)


An Even More Venerable Citadel Than Busch Stadium Will be Crashing Down in St. Louis the Cardinals will be leaving KMOX radio next year after a half-century. (MLB)


A. J. and T. J. Saved The Season

Well, maybe not, but it was great that the Fish didn't lose this one. (PalmBeachPost)


Lenny Freaks Out Wife and the Guys Down at the Barbershop


Also, Scott Olsen may be out for the season. (GoogleMiamiHerald)

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Today's Matchups/Scores


RECAP: Mets drop a game in NL East, Nats and Phils and Fish gain a game in Wild Card


Tying The Tirade Together

I pieced together reports of Lenny's lament from AP, MLB, the Herald, Sun-Sentinel, and Palm Beach Post, and came up with this...

"After watching them give up seven runs in two innings, turning a 4-2 Marlins lead into a 9-4 deficit, Harris unleashed a loud, profane attack on his teammates...

"Harris began his tirade minutes after the game, (and) continued it...

"...while reporters met with manager Jack McKeon in his office. A Marlins staff member quickly closed the office door, but Harris clearly could be heard through the walls...

"The G-rated version of the tirade was that the Marlins are playing selfishly rather than as a team...

"Part of his message: "We're better than this. We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. ... We need to stop disrespecting each other. We need to just play."....

"The media was then asked to leave for a few minutes, and when the clubhouse re-opened a few minutes later, several players answered questions as they would have after any other game.

"Harris later rushed past reporters and did not respond to a question.

"'It was something that stays internal,' reliever Todd Jones said.


I Checked It Out - "Villone" is NOT the Italian Word For "Villain"

...but it was not just him; the whole bullpen performed pretty criminally last night. (PostDispatch)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Remember, Cable/Satellite People! - Tonight's Game's on SunSports, Not FSN or Pax (Or 'I' or Whatever)


RECRAP: BLECH! Nats and Phillies gain a game. Marlins slide back to 4th place in both NL East and Wild Card.


Villone Wants to Stay, Perisho Sent Packing

Delgado still sore, Pulpo's not poor. (SunSentinel)


Carpenter Nails Fish

Villone tries to nail a few, too. (PostDispatch)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Today's Matchups/Scores


RECRAP: Braves and Mets win. Fish still 3 games back in Wild Card.


I Wonder Who's Pitching Tonight?...

Oh, yeah, it's that kid, and that other guy. (PostDispatch)


Lenny and Lowell Let it Loose in St. Louis



Aaron Gleeman Down on The Villone Deal

"This trade basically tells you all there is to know about how much of a seller's market it was this season. When you can get a B-level prospect like pitcher Yorman Bazardo for swingman Ron Villone, it's a great time to be pawning off veteran spare parts. Villone is your typical southpaw reliever, shutting down left-handed hitters just enough for teams to give him a bigger role that he eventually proves ill-suited for handling. He's not a bad addition to a contender's bullpen, but giving up an actual prospect for him is overpaying when left-handed relievers like Alan Embree and Buddy Groom are being snatched up for pennies on the dollar." (HardballTimes)

Monday, August 01, 2005


Marlins, Braves Play Today


RECAP: Marlins jump into sole possesion of 3rd place in both NL East and Wild Card.


Moehler Was Having Cramps...

...and still pitched another inning?? (GoogleMercuryNews)


Checking Out Mr. Marlin's Eatery

We went to Conine's Clubhouse Grill Sunday night. It's built from the shell of an old Bennigan's on Sheridan St. in Hollywood, FL. It just opened to the public on Thursday - the official grand opening is sometime in August. We got there around 7:30 with a considerable crowd waiting for tables. The place is just about split down the middle, the left side being the dining room, and the right the bar and tables surrounding the bar. The hostess said we could either wait 40 minutes for a table in the dining room or just walk into the bar area and find a place to sit and eat there. Since there was a empty table right in front of us near the bar, that's where we went.

The place is designed in warm woods and muted lighting but the rooms still seem bright enough. The bar is large and has 7 large (probably) plasma TVs floating over it. In fact, the whole restaurant is full of flat-screen TVs, from large-sized to mediums to tiny ones set up in the 3 booths behind the bar. The bar area is the only place with booths - the main dining room has only tables, along with seperators that can split the dining room into sections but with windows so that everyone can see inside, and a little VIP area in the back accessable through a door with a couch and comfy chairs and a big window so that people can see either way. Our waitress said that Conine came in the night before with a bunch of guys from the ballpark, and the patrons there applauded as they came in. Since the team was probably flying to St. Louis while we were there, that didn't happen for us.

I didn't see much memorabilia around, but there were three jerseys on the wall behind the bar, a Royals and a Orioles jersey flanking a Marlins jersey in the middle.

Our waitress (Laura, I think) was bubbly and attentive, but the food came out slowly, with some miscues like food being sent to the wrong table - we also heard that two fryers weren't working, and since much of the offerings require that implement, I guess the kitchen was reasonably backed up. I didn't mind since the place just opened, and problems like those I expect in that instance.

Didn't imbibe - just had tea and lemonade. We got the fried calamari-and-zucchini appetizer which I thought was pretty good compared to the lousy ones I've had in a lot of places down here. That was 8 bucks. We got the meatloaf dinner ($11) and the honey mustard salmon ($14) - didn't try the 18 oz. ribeye ($32!). The meatloaf was actually pretty tasty, not grisly and very well-seasoned, with gravy and some roughly smashed potatoes and green beans. The salmon was cooked the way I like it, with a bit of a grilled crust but not dried out, lightly sauced, and it came with a sort of potato quiche that wasn't too bad. Dessert was this triple-chocolate cake that didn't knock my socks off but was okay (I think it was $6.50).

All in all, pretty good. I wouldn't mind going back after things get more settled, and try some more things off their reasonably extensive menu.

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