Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

Time to Miss the Cardinals Series

If they keep winning I'll miss the rest of the season. Here's Tuesday's games...


Wednesday's games...

DAMN!-I'M-BACK: Marlins' win streak stops at 9 (on another Game 2, unfortunately), and to add injury to insult, Miguel gets hit by by a pitch and Logan's gone. But Florida is now 4th in the Wild Card race, 2.5 games from the top!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Time to Miss the Brewers Series

I got to go out of town this weekend. So check the links here to other Marlins sites, wherever they may show up on your browser.

Here are the games...





Thursday, August 24, 2006

Marlins Take a Breather


RE-CAP: Phillies lose, Mets win. Brewers win too.

"Downtown" Stadium Suspicions

1. The Miami Herald was able to reveal the talks on the proposed Miami stadium in an 'Exclusive' story on the top of Page 1A in Tuesday's paper, maybe because it's the Herald's top executives that made up the secretive "small group of business, (and) city...leaders" trying to convince MLB to put the stadium up near the Herald's offices and undercut the Hialeah negotiations.

2. MLB joined the negotiations probably because they would love to create a viable alternative to compete against the Hialeah contingent, and develop an atmosphere where continuous concessions may have to be made on both sides, thereby allowing MLB to wheedle its way around having to put more cash on the table.

3. MLB went behind the Marlins' backs to discuss a downtown stadium, maybe because they're beginning to lose faith in the Marlins' front office's ability to actually get a stadium accomplished.

4. The Marlins famously had failed in negotiations with the city of Miami in the past, but since Joe Arriola is no longer Miami's city manager, talks could probably begin with the city on a new footing.

5. Someone must still be smoking something, because they still believe "that the Florida Legislature can be persuaded to provide stadium funding."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Going For The Sweep


DONE: Scott gets his 10th win, Miguel gets his 100th homer, and the Fish sweep the Nats out 9-7. Mets and Phillies win, Braves lose.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Game No. 2 With the Nats


THE-TIDE-TURNS?: Fish win the second game of the series, breaking a 8-game streak of Game 2 losses, and continuing a 3-game win streak. Mets and Phillies win. Braves lose. Houston drops behind Marlins in Wild Card race.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cracked Stat Continued

As noted earlier, since the All-Star break the Marlins are 10-1 in series finales, and the win against the Nats makes them 7-5 in the first games of those series. So why aren't they leaping up the Wild Card standings? Well, in the second games of series since the All-Star break, the Fish are 2-9 - counting all of the games in-between the first and last the Marlins are 3-12.

Nats Come to Play


WIN-CAP: Marlins beat the Nats 3-1. Braves and Phillies win.

Mota Moves to Mets


Incredible Play Preserves the Win

'With the Marlins clinging to a one-run lead in the ninth with no outs and Braves runners at first and second, catcher Miguel Olivo barehanded a bunted ball from midair, uncorked a force-out throw to third baseman Miguel Cabrera, who heaved an across-the-diamond laser to Dan Uggla for the double play.

'That's 217.28 feet worth of ball-in-air double play (Pythagoras' A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared theorem proves it true), and those don't happen often.

'"I've never seen it," Marlins manager Joe Girardi said.

'Said Olivo: "That's my first time."

'The Elias Sports Bureau, baseball's repository of statistics, not only confirmed to a Marlins representative that the double play was uncommon, but said it would require additional time, using a special computer program, to come up with a precise frequency.' (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Some Hope

Not trying to jinx anything, but our Cracked Stat Dept. has discovered that in the ten final games of the ten completed series that the Marlins have played since the All-Star break, the Marlins have won nine of them.

Now check out the games...


MAKE-THAT-TEN-OUT-OF-ELEVEN: Fish get another final-game-of-a-series win, avoiding the sweep and beating the Braves 4-3. Philadelphia victorious over Washington. Mets win. 9 teams are ahead of the Marlins in the Wild Card race. (is that all?)

Slip-Sliding Fish?

"The Marlins slipped to 6.5 games behind the Cincinnati Reds in the National League wild-card standings, which are turning more and more into an afterthought than a realistic possibility with a quarter of the season remaining...

"During their five-game home losing streak, the Marlins are hitting around .200, aren't coming up with big hits (Miguel Olivo's home run Saturday came with the bases empty) and aren't making big pitches in the clutch." (MiamiHerals)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday's Games


YUCK-YUCK-CAP: Florida loses to the Braves 5-3. Phillies win over the Nationals. Mets win.

Girardi vs. Mr. Missing

"Loria could make the last one-quarter of the season a lot less tense by offering even a morsel of vocal support for his manager. Instead, he's isolating Girardi and showing him a lack of respect the kid Marlins can't help but notice." (PalmBeachPost)

Friday, August 18, 2006

From Our Cracked Stat Dept.

This year the Marlins are 1-4 in first games of home stands after a day off. In all first games of home stands they are 4-5. They are 5-4 in first games of road trips, 4-1 after a day off (if you count the opening-day game in Houston).

Live Non-Blogging

Weird things kept me from blogging today.

In their last 3 home stands the Marlins have won 12 games and lost 11.

Tonight's game is their first on football-destroyed turf this year and the first since the new Super Wal-Mart opened across the street.

Here's the scores...


YUCK-CAP: Atlanta beats the Fish 6-1. Mets win, and the Nats beat the Phillies.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Okay, One More Time...

Johnson (10-6, 2.69) against Hendrickson (1-4, 4.50) this afternoon - think we've got a chance?


FINALLY-CAP: Marlins beat the hell out of the Dodgers 15-4. Phillies beat Mets again. Nats beat Braves again.

Hoover Sent Down

At least the trip to Albuquerque is a bit shorter from L.A. (FishStripes)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Okay, Let's Try This Again

Anibal goes against Billingsley tonight.


ETCETERA-CAP: Dodgers win again. Phillies beat Mets again. Nats beat Braves.

Mike Jacobs' Mom

"If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be doing anything I am today. She kept me so focused. Any questions I ever had, she was there to answer them. For her to be able to put her feelings aside and say, `Well, I have two sons I have to raise now,' there's never any way I could ever repay her for that. She's God's gift to me personally because of everything she's been able to do for me." (SunSentinel)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Girardi vs. Loria - Dayn Perry's View

"Long-term, there should be no worries for Girardi: he's acquitted himself quite well in the dugout, and his firing would no doubt please fans on the North Side of Chicago or anywhere else there's likely to be a managerial vacancy this winter. Of course, that's hardly the point. For Loria, the most noxious team owner in the game today (and that's really saying something), to raze the team and then almost snuff out the guy who found a way to clean up the mess is beyond satire." (FoxSports)

Girardi vs. Loria - Don't Look at Them, Look at the Umpires

"Did Joe Girardi actually level profanity towards Jeffrey Loria in an attempt to keep his team - and the umpiring crew - focused on the game? Or, was it a cunning and shrewd display put on by two bit actors in a grand drama designed to steer more attention towards a bad umpiring situation?" (MarlinsNationBlog)

Trade Talk

"The Marlins are looking for outfield help, especially a center fielder and the team has not ruled out pulling the trigger on a deal before the waiver deadline expires on Aug. 31.

" has learned a couple of center field candidates on the Marlins' radar are Boston Minor League prospect David Murphy, and Willy Taveras, the speedster from the Astros.

"In exchange, the Red Sox are looking for relief help, and left-hander Taylor Tankersley's name has surfaced. The Marlins have a number of pitching prospects should the team not want to part with Tankersley, who has been effective in late-inning setup roles." (MLB)

Can't Dodge the Dodgers

Fish go to L.A., D-Train facing Lowe.


RECAP-RECAP: Dodgers win again 4-2. Phillies whup Pedro and the Mets 13-0. Braves bet Nats 10-4.

Cabrera's Da Man

"He's one of those breeds like [Albert] Pujols and all those guys that don't come around very often. He's a special kid." (MiamiHerald)(PalmBeachPost)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Rubber Game


SKIN-OF-TEETH-CAP: Marlins squeeze past Diamondbacks 6-5. Mets beat Nats. Phillies lose, Braves win.

Sporting News Names Miami "The Nation's Second-Best Sports City"

"...Never mind that the Marlins draw an average attendance of family and friends..." (ChicagoTribune)

"I Was Not Fired By Jeffrey Loria."

'"As I told people, we had a lot of internal discussions about the club," Girardi said of the long postgame meeting. "I had discussions about the way we played against L.A. We had internal discussions about where we were going, what we were going to do with [pitcher Logan Kensing, who was hurt in the game]. Who were we going to activate? Who were we going to call up?"

'As for his relationship with Loria, Girardi said: "People say, 'Did we make our peace?' People act like we had a big battle or something. Jeffrey and I have talked." ...

'"My plans are to be the manager of the Marlins," Girardi said. "Now, I live my life day-by-day. As a player, people would say, 'Are you worried about where you'll be next year?' I don't know what is going to happen in my life tomorrow, physically, mentally. I don't know. That's the uncertainty of life. But I plan on being a Marlin. I signed a contract for three years."...

'"We all want to get better," Girardi said. "The important thing for me right now is how we are playing, what we're doing as a club. There is always speculation about what is going on. But the story is the club, and how we've been playing, and how the kids are doing, and how can we improve on what we've done. To me, that's the story."' (MLB)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Olsen Against Webb Tonight

QUICK-STAT: Marlins 3-1 since Girardi's 'firing'.


QUICK-CRAP: Fish lose 6-3. Mets beat Nats. Philly and Atlanta loses.

Girardi vs. Loria - The 'Sources' Sound Off...

'Asked if Loria had fired him and changed his mind, Girardi replied: "I'll discuss things at the end of the year..."

'Loria, occupying his field-level seat next to the Marlins dugout, was barking at plate umpire Larry Vanover about balls and strikes. Girardi motioned for Loria to stop, one source said, the implication being, "Hey, leave him alone, we're trying to win a game."

'Loria, according to two sources, then put up two fingers to indicate that it was the second straight game in which umpires made questionable calls. On Saturday, Girardi had been ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

"Then Girardi said, 'Just stay out of it. I'm the manager.'" one source said. "And Loria said, 'Well, I'm the owner,' or words to that effect. 'If you don't like what I'm telling you, you're fired.'"

'Another source said Girardi used profanities when telling Loria to stop, which angered Loria even more.

'At that point, "Loria got up out of his seat and was preparing to get rid of Joe," one source said. "Jeffrey can be very knee-jerk. Before he was done walking up the aisle, Jeffrey made up his mind to fire Joe right after the game.''

'At one point, team aides were setting up a Dolphin Stadium interview room, which is used by the Marlins for major announcements.

'It was only after Marlins President David Samson, General Manager Larry Beinfest and Assistant General Manager Mike Hill intervened during a post-game meeting in Girardi's office that Loria changed his mind.

'"They stopped and thought about this, that it would be a public relations nightmare if the resurging Florida Marlins were to have fired a man who turned them around," a source said.

'When the doors to Girardi's office opened, the manager then addressed his team. With Loria watching, Girardi apologized for losing his temper with Loria in full view of players in the dugout.

'Marlins players on Friday refused to talk about Sunday's incident. One person said the players and coaches "were sworn to secrecy."

'Sources have told The Palm Beach Post that Girardi, a former New York Yankees catcher and bench coach, and Loria have been at odds since at least last month.

'"(Girardi) likes to say, 'Well, the Yankees would do things this way,' but they don't want to hear that," one source said.

'A Marlins source confirmed a report Friday in the Rocky Mountain News that said friction between Girardi and the front office began in spring training.' (PalmBeachPost)

That Rocky Mountain News article was by Tracy Ringolsby, who reported...

'Girardi was Loria's handpicked manager, but Loria has become concerned about Girardi's controlling personality that has been compared with that of Texas manager Buck Showalter.

'Problems began during spring training when Girardi belittled suggestions by members of the organization that Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson should be in the rotation instead of middle relief, where they opened the season. It was more than a month before Girardi backed down and gave both opportunities to start, which turned out to be a critical factor as the Marlins rebounded from a miserable start to be competitive....

'Girardi has had friends making it known in Chicago that he would like the Cubs job. The Cubs, however, aren't interested.' (

No 'Hot Doughnuts Now' For Fish... all Krispy Kremes close in Arizona. (AZCentral)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Livan's 1st Diamondbacks Start Tonight Against Josh Johnson


RECAP: Fish step on the Snakes 4-1. Braves and Phillies win. Nats beat Mets.

New GM Byrnes Keeping Snakes in the Hunt

'In most major league markets, it's all about the money and how wisely you spend it. The general manager's mantra is like that of the stock-market wizard on Wall Street: Buy low, sell high.

'OK, and hope for a little luck along the way.

'It's no different with the Diamondbacks and first-year GM Josh Byrnes, who has revamped the 40-man roster and, with the strength of a well-stocked farm system he inherited, has his team in position to win for several years.' (AZCentral)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Rubber Game


BOUNCE-BACK-CAP: Marlins beat Nats 9-6. Mets win.

Mitre Returns, Tankersley Picks Off, Borowski Comes Back, Harris Roves and Instructs


Allison O.D's Again


Willis Impressive in Reverse

'He gave up eight hits in 5 1/3 innings, walked five, hit a batter and threw two wild pitches, one of which produced a Washington run in the first. Willis has hit 16 batters this year, which leads the majors and ties the club mark set by Kevin Brown in 1999...Willis has given up 72 earned runs, which already exceeds his 2006 total. He has walked 58, three more than he walked all of last season.' (MiamiHerald)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Willis vs. Ortiz Tonight


CRAP-CAP: Washington 5, Florida 2 (Marlins pitchers walk 11). Philly beat Atlanta, and the Mets win.

Barry Jackson Quotes McKeon, Torborg; Robaina Says MLB, Hialeah Won't Pay

'Loria's two previous Marlins managers -- Jeff Torborg and Jack McKeon -- said Monday they never would have told Loria to stop razzing the umps. "He's entitled to do what he wants," McKeon said. "He's a fan just like everybody else."

'Torborg said he recalls Loria getting "emotional" at times, but said, "I don't tell a grown man how to behave. He has a right to say what he wants."

' ?Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina said he asked MLB president Bob DuPuy if baseball would help pay for a Marlins stadium. "He said no, but that there are ways they can help," Robaina said, but DuPuy gave no details.

'Robaina continues to insist a stadium deal "will get done," but there's justified skepticism. Miami-Dade County hasn't determined how much of the $100 million-plus funding gap can be covered by property taxes on a proposed industrial park. And Robaina reiterated Hialeah won't contribute its own property tax money -- which could be a deal-killer.' (MiamiHerald)

More 'Elias Says'...

'Ricky Nolasco was the winning pitcher for the Marlins. Florida rookies have combined for 35 wins this season, eight more than any other major league team (Detroit is next with 27) and 21 more than any other National League team (Chicago is next with 14). The last major league team to get 35-or-more wins from rookie pitchers in a season was the 2003 Diamondbacks (39).

'Three of Nolasco's 10 wins this season were against the Nationals. Nolasco is the only rookie pitcher with three-or-more wins against any one team this season.' (ESPN)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just a Thought

I thought the one bit of info out of all the articles I've read about the Girardi-Loria fiasco that probably revealed Mr. Jeffrey's Sunday state of mind the best was this little throwaway line by Berardino:

"Roughly 90 minutes after the game, Loria and his fianc�e came rounding the corner..."

So his "fianc�e" was there? Hmmm, that got me thinking...OK, so he's the owner of a MLB team, but it's only the Marlins and he's only an art dealer, so he must still be in the process of impressing this girl, right? So when he sees a few calls of the umpire that gets him P. O.'ed, to show her that he's this Big-Time Owner that he gets to do whatever he damn well wants, he goes down to field level, with his little darling probably in tow, and starts yelling like a inflamed maniac at the umpires, knowing full well that he's the Owner and that all must stand back in Awe and genuflect at his Enormous Other-Worldly Owner-liness.

And then at that glorious point Girardi sticks his head out of the dugout and tells him to can the crapola.

How would he react at that moment? Well, I'm guessing like, 'Who does this 'employee' think he is, how dare he have the temerity to tell me to stow it, especially when I've got the future Mrs. Alimony-Recipient right next to me caressing my Bud Light?' And then he'd go off the deep end, and set up phantom news conferences, and have private chewing-out sessions, and then have team meetings to try to cover up the chewing-out sessions, and come with the team on their road trip to make it look like one big happy family, and have even more meetings...

And now Girardi sounds as if he's trying to take the blame for the whole mess.

Then again, I could be wrong.

Ballgame? Oh, Yeah... They're Playing Tonight


CAPITAL-CAP: Marlins get back in the winning swing of things, beating the Nats 4-2. This time the Nats have the 3 errors, verses 0 for the Fish. Braves beat Phillies. Mets win.

Girardi vs. Loria - This Time It's Personal

'According to witnesses near the Marlins dugout, Loria began barking at plate umpire Larry Vanover after a few close calls went against reliever Taylor Tankersley. Girardi, witnesses said, asked Loria to stop addressing the ump.

'It's unclear exactly what happened next.

'One version had Loria leaning over the dugout wall and reprimanding Girardi in the strongest of terms. Another eyewitness who was out of earshot said Loria definitely leaned into the dugout but "didn't look like he was upset."

'Loria soon left his field-level box, ostensibly to cool off in the owner's suite. But as soon as the game ended, he marched into the Marlins clubhouse and, according to one witness, "threw everybody out."

'That meant coaches, stadium personnel and basically everyone besides the players and Girardi, who had a lengthy and amiable on-field chat with Vanover during the seventh inning stretch.' (SunSentinel)

'Since at least July, there has been tension between Girardi and Loria over strategy and philosophy, sources within the organization said Monday.

'"There has been some friction between them, but you'd never know it on the outside because Joe has done an unbelievable job," one source said.

'There also has been tension between some of Girardi's coaches and the front office, a source said. Loria, asked Monday if there was friction between him and Girardi, said: "I have nothing to say about anything. I don't want to create something that doesn't exist. There's nothing to talk about."...

'During afternoon games at Dolphin Stadium, Loria usually sits in his private, air-conditioned suite. But during the top of the seventh inning Sunday, Loria showed up in his field seats next to the Marlins' dugout.

'One source said Loria yelled at home-plate umpire Larry Vanover after two borderline pitches by Marlins reliever Taylor Tankersley were called balls, contributing to a bases-loaded walk. Girardi - who was ejected from Saturday's game for arguing balls and strikes - turned to Loria and asked him to stop, according to the source.

'When the side was retired, several people saw Loria leaning into the dugout. What Loria said, if anything, is uncertain. Loria on Monday was reluctant to talk about the incident.

'"It's whatever you guys want to make of it," he said. "Don't blow it up into something it isn't. There's nothing to discuss at all."

'After Sunday's loss, which concluded a three-game sweep by the Dodgers, the Marlins' clubhouse was closed for nearly 90 minutes - unusual because Major League Baseball rules require media access within 15 minutes of the last out.

'In the first minutes after the game, Girardi met in his office with Loria, team President David Samson and General Manager Larry Beinfest and had what two people described as a heated discussion. That was followed by a team meeting during which Girardi addressed his players, urging them to regain their focus - they still are contending for a National League wild-card berth - and play well on the nine-game road trip that starts tonight in Washington.

'During the team meeting, Marlins employees outside the clubhouse could be seen preparing the Dolphin Stadium interview room for a news conference. But none was held. Samson said Monday he was unaware that team employees had been preparing the interview room for a news conference. He also denied a rift between the front office and Girardi or his staff.

'"I wouldn't even merit it with a response," Samson said. "There was a team meeting yesterday. Everything is fine."

'Asked if management was satisfied with Girardi, Samson said, "I have never said otherwise."' (PalmBeachPost)

'"I think it was just Jeffrey said something to the umpires, he and Joe said something [to each other] and pretty much that was it," one source said, downplaying the incident.

'But another source said it was more serious than that.

'"It was like a back-and-forth, `You talking to me?' type of deal," the second source said. "It was, `Yeah, I'm talking to you,' and it went from there."

'The Marlins' clubhouse was closed to the media for 84 minutes after Sunday's game, during which Girardi ran a lengthy team meeting. Just before that, Loria and Girardi met privately for several minutes in the manager's office, a source said.

'"I know they spoke. That's all I know," the source said. "They went in Joe's office and both came out smiling. Everything was good."'(SunSentinel)

MORE: Linda Robertson pleads for sanity. (MiamiHerald)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Phillies at Braves Today


QUICK-CAP: Phils beat Braves.

Announcement? What Announcement?

Joe Capozzi reports there were 'two closed-door meetings inside the team clubhouse Sunday.

'During the first one, loud voices could be heard from inside manager Joe Girardi's office where team President David Samson, General Manager Larry Beinfest and Girardi aired out their grievances about the team's flat performance during the weekend.

'After that, owner Jeffrey Loria stood by as Girardi addressed his players in what the manager described as a 75-minute "learning session" on avoiding the pitfalls of "not playing good baseball."

'The manager never raised his voice as he walked around the clubhouse. He allowed his players to share their thoughts. Loria offered a few words of encouragement.

'And when the doors finally opened to reporters 90 minutes after the game's final out, most players had left and the few players remaining put a positive spin on the events.' (PalmBeachPost)

Kevin Baxter reports, 'Nearly an hour after the game, team owner Jeffrey Loria and president David Samson rushed back to the clubhouse, and shortly afterward, team employees began preparing a room in the stadium for a news conference.

'The Marlins generally reserve news conferences for major events such as the hiring and firing of managers or player acquisitions -- and in fact, the room they were readying was the same one used to announce Jack McKeon's hiring in 2003 and his resignation last fall.

'Marlins officials said no announcement was planned Sunday, and they declined to elaborate why preparations for one took place. Girardi, however, did say he spoke with Loria after the game.

'"He was here. We talked about things," Girardi said. "He's an owner who really wants to win, and we talked about it collectively as a club.' (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today's Games


UGH-CAP: Dodgers beat the Marlins again 10-2. Mets win. Braves and Nats lose.

I Will Not Further Mr. Hoover's Humiliation... mentioning his unfortunate nickname.

Elias Says...

"Dontrelle Willis continued his domination of the Mets in the Marlins' 4-1 victory. Willis is now 10-2 with a 1.93 ERA vs. New York. The only other active pitchers with 10 wins and an ERA below 2.00 against any opponent are Roy Halladay (10-2, 1.85 vs. Tigers); Randy Johnson (12-0, 1.98 vs. Cubs), and Pedro Martinez vs. three teams (11-1, 1.77 vs. Indians; 13-1, 1.57 vs. Mariners; and 11-4, 1.99 vs. Devil Rays)." (ESPN)

No Black Catchers

Not exactly, but it's close...the Dodgers have the only black North-American-born catcher now playing in the majors. (PalmBeachPost)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pedro vs. Dontrelle Tonight


CABRERA-CAP: Miguel hits 'em in for D-Train. Fish take 2-of-3 from Mets, winning the finale 4-1. Phillies win, Braves lose.

Treanor Put on DL

Paul Hoover called up from AAA. (MiamiHerald)

Positives, And Other Things

Positives: The team didn't quit; Pinto goes 5 innings giving up just one hit. Other Things: Ricky's record against the Mets; Hanley trying to bunt; Girardi having Hanley bunt. (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

U. S. Cellular Field's Available This Weekend

(FOXSports)...The Fish and Dodgers may need it if Chris comes barrelling in.

Next Victim: Mets


NEVER-IN-DOUBT-CAP: Josh Willingham gets a pinch-hit walk-off 2-run homer to Win the Game off of Billy Wagner 6-5! (It's the first walk-off home-run for the Fish in 186 games!)

MORE: Braves, Phillies, and Nats win.