Friday, June 30, 2006

Red Sox Series Starts Tonight


SUCCESS-CAP: Marlins beat the Sox 5-2, ending Boston's winning streak. Braves win, Mets and Nats and Phillies lose - Fish grab sole occupation of second place!

Fish Bits

63-year-old Stuart man to throw one pitch for a chance at a million bucks before tonight's game (TCPalm)...Logan and Josh are now "instant TV cult stars"... Marlins' TV ratings are up 41% since May... According to an ESPN Deportes Hispanic Sports Poll, among all "Spanish-dominant fans and Spanish-dominant male fans 18-49," the Marlins are their 2nd favorite pro sports team, tied with the LA Dodgers, and behind the Lakers. (SunSentinel)... The Red Sox have won 12 in a row.... "The Red Sox are second in the majors in hitting and scoring, but the Marlins' pitching staff has been the second-hardest to score against in the past month". (MiamiHerald)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mets, Phillies, Nats Play Tonight


CRAP-CAP: Mets and Nats lose, but Phillies win. Marlins don't play, but slip back to 3rd place anyway.

Greg Stoda Provides Slap of 'Reality'

'(T)here's no way the Marlins are going to make the playoffs, which somehow has become a ridiculous point of speculation these heady summer nights. No way. Because the National League East is the New York Mets' domain, and neither are the Marlins about to earn a post-season spot as a wild-card invitee. (It'll probably require 90 victories to get that wild-card position, and Florida remains more likely to lose rather than win that many games this season.)...

'That's probably why Marlins manager Joe Girardi spoke in the manner he did in the dugout before the game against the Devil Rays.

'"The organization is looking at the big picture," Girardi said. "I don't think we're going to micro-manage for one year. That's not the plan. The plan is to be good for a long time. The way you do that is by not selling out for one year.

'"We've won all these games the last month (23-10 since May 21) with the people here."

'Don't, in other words, expect the bargain-basement payroll Marlins to go shopping for help even if they should happen to linger into playoff contention.'

(Keep reading the article,'s not really a pessimistic downer.)(PalmBeachPost)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sweeping the Rays?


NOPE: Everyone in the NL East loses, and Philly loses twice.

MLB to Pay For Marlins Stadium!!

Well, no, not really... but MLB COO DuPuy came down and had dinner and said he was "guardedly optimistic" and he was exploring "different approaches" and "there are gaps that need to get filled" and so on and so on...

MEANWHILE: Carlos not wasting any time, Dan taking his time, and the Fish may face the Knuckleball on Saturday. (MiamiHerald)

Beating Up On Each Other Sound Baseball Strategy

See what's happened with the Marlins since Randy gave Scott the shiner. (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Games


THE RESULTS: Marlins win again 8-4 - Atlanta wins, Washington and New York loses, Philadelphia rained out again.

Possible All-Star Kazmir Starting Tonight

ALSO: A dozen Devil Rays had a close encounter with a wild tropical sofa,...and (ironically) players in Tampa Bay have to adapt themselves to Florida humidity. (

Mike Berardino is Thinking 'Wild Card'

'What Joe Girardi's boys have done over the past five weeks has been nothing short of remarkable... Now the question becomes what is Marlins management going to do about it?

'Should the Marlins continue to ride the kids as long as they can and see just how many games a $15 million collection of scrappers can win? Or should Jeffrey Loria follow his own playbook and not only hold Dontrelle Willis but add a piece or two to the mix, even if it costs a couple of prospects and boosts the payroll?...

'(I)t is intriguing to consider what they might be able to accomplish with a few choice additions to an impressive young core.

'Of the eight teams ahead of the Marlins in the wild-card standings, just two have better run differentials. And the Padres (plus-9) and Giants (plus-5) were hardly blowing away the Marlins (plus-3). America hasn't seen this much mediocrity under one heading since the Backstreet Boys' farewell tour.

'This is also the first year of testing for amphetamines, which means youth should be served even more than usual once the dog days arrive.

'There's also the Marlins' farm system, which is rolling out top arms the way Honda does hybrids. Yankee-killer Anibal Sanchez is the latest, and more are on the way.

'But first, the Marlins should step up their search for an upgrade in center field, where their production ranks 13th in the league and they recently passed on Joey Gathright after an earlier flirtation...

'For some reason they have not used slugging Joe Borchard, who came up through the White Sox system as a center fielder and said Monday he is "very comfortable" at the position.' (SunSentinel)

Anibal Almost Missed Sunday's Game... he finds a cabbie in New York who didn't know where Yankee Stadium was. ALSO: Anibal stays, Uggla swings, Zimmer praises Girardi, and New York drools over D-Train. (PalmBeachPost)

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Devil Rays Come to Town

Better get your tickets early.


RECAP: Marlins win over the D-Rays, 8-5. Phillies and Braves lose. Fish now a game behind Philly for second place.

Miami-Sized Crowd Sees Anibel Shine

"The smallest (crowd) at Yankee Stadium since April 7, 1994" watched Sanchez shut down the Yankees, the first shut-out they've suffered this year. (Yahoo)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mike Burke Compares Today's Marlins With the Orioles of the Past

'The similarities between the Marlins and the Orioles of the late 1950s through 1983 is eerily similar, although theres nothing eerie about practicing smart baseball unless its been 23 years since your organization has done it....

'As for the Marlins, if they ever get a cushy new stadium and a cushy financial plan, whether it is the result of a new owner, Gov. Jeb Bushs generosity, or relocation, who knows how good they can become with a little dough in their pocket?

'But easy Marlin fans, whoever and wherever you are. For over 30 years, the Baltimore Orioles were tenants in a football stadium in a football-mad town just as the Marlins are in Dolphins Stadium and in Miami. Plus, the Orioles were about as low budget as low budget can be. Yet they were also the winningest and best organization in baseball.

'All of that changed when the Daddy Warbucks fantasy-league owners, led off by the late Edward Bennett Williams, took over. A Freddy Lynn here, a Lee Lacy there, a Don Aase for the heck of it and a whole bunch of Chris Sabos, Sid Fernandezes, Robby Alomars and Albert Belles thrown in for good measure did nothing but stunt the progression and growth of the vaunted Oriole Way.

'Sometimes having too much money in your pocket is a bad thing, so perhaps the Marlins should look at whats happened in Baltimore the past 23 years and be careful what they wish for.' (CumberlandTimes-News)

Doubleheader Today?

If not, then we can play the "Where are They Going to Put These 2 Make-Up Games On the Schedule? Mystery Game." My best guess now (11 AM, Sunday) would be August 7th, which is open for the Fish before they play at Washington, and an open date for the Yanks in the middle of 2 road stops between Baltimore and Chicago.

Anyway, here's Sunday's sports action...


HALF-CAP: No make-up games. Marlins lose and win. Mets, Braves and Nats win. Philly gets rained out.

"Bureaucratic Hurdle" Stalling Hialeah Stadium Plans

"The Department of Community Affairs, which reviews major land-use decisions by the county, refused to approve the changes to the county's master plan, which outlines long-term zoning. The county will now have to argue its case for each project before a judge at an administrative hearing.

'The DCA cited concern over Miami-Dade's lack of potable water to support future growth and the impact on traffic in the area if the Hialeah land just off of Florida's Turnpike is developed for a stadium.

'Hialeah and the county have promised to build a $45 million reverse osmosis plant to supply drinking water to support new development on the 1,100-acre Hialeah site...The DCA says it needs more assurances that the as-yet unfunded water plant will be built, and that the water it produces will be used primarily to serve the demands of proposed development at the site.

'Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina said he's confident the city and county can iron out the water issues "in the next four to six weeks."'(MiamiHerald)

Still Looking Rainy in New York for Sunday's Doubleheader


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Young-Timers Game at 4 PM


HAPPY-RECAP: Fish's game with the Yanks was washed out today, but all other NL East teams lose!! (Slight oddity: All NL East and NL Central teams have lost their most recent game).

Girardi, Meachem may be in Old-Timers Game Today

...while the Marlins seemed to have had a bit of the 'shakes' in last night's game.(NYTimes)(NYDailyNews)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Joe vs. Joe in Da Bronx


AAAUGH-CAP: Game 1 goes to the Yanks 6-5. Phillies and Nats lose, Mets and Braves win.

Loria Offered Bonds a Ride on His Jet: Barry Accepts

"Maybe Barry thought he might have had a nicer seat on [Loria's] plane" - and maybe Loria wants to model his new stadium's dome off of Barry's head. (SunSentinel)

Joe: "It Was The Greatest Game We've Played All Year."

Wes: "There's two things that happened tonight that you might not seen again. Back-to-back pinch-hit homers and then a pitch-out base hit to win the game. This is a game these guys and going to remember forever." (MercuryNews)

MORE: Marlins fans loud at Camden Yards. (BaseballMusings)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scott Olsen vs. Kris Benson Tonight

(Insert obligatory Anna reference here.)


COMEBACK-CAP: Marlins Win 8-5! Mets win, Atlanta loses.

Amezaga Anywhere

Wednesday was his 10th start in a row (Fish 9-1 in those 10 games). "Girardi now says he wouldn't hesitate putting Amezaga anywhere except catcher." ALSO: Josh returning, Aquila taking that left turn towards Albuquerque. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

D. Pinto Thinks Craig Should Join the Optimists Club


Tennish, Anyone?


"O" NO!: O's beat the Fish 4-0 - Bedard's pitching ends the 9-game win streak (last week he ended the Mets' 8-game win streak). Amezaga gets 2 of the Marlins' 3 hits.

STATUS-QUO-CAP: The entire NL East loses.

Conine Impressed With How the Marlins Handled Toronto

"We've played [the Blue Jays] about 12 times so far and that's one of the best offenses you're going to see anywhere. Every guy is hitting .300. To hold them to four runs [in three games] is pretty good." (SunSentinel)

MORE: He's also impressed with how his own teammates didn't ask him his advice about how to deal with Dontrelle. '"I guess they don't care," Conine said jokingly. "We've got him down."' (WashingtonPost)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Okay, Here Were Tonight's Games...


CONTINUITY-CAP: Fish beat Orioles 6-2. D-Train flings 116 pitches for the win, Borowski throws 3 for the save. Cabrera struck out 9 in 5.2 innings, but gave up 3 homers (the most he gave up in one game in his career) and 6 earned runs. Conine went 0-for-5, Kevin Millar scored once, struck out once, and went 2-for-4.

OH BOY: Mets win, but Nats and Phillies and Braves lose - Florida slips into third place in standings.

Marlins at Baltimore Tonight


Some Happy Marlins Stories


Monday, June 19, 2006

Marlins, Braves Take the Night Off


(WHICH MEANS: The Marlins will Not Be In Last Place for at least one more day.)

MEANWHILE: Mets and Nats lose, Phillies win.

Hanley Gets a Hit

ALSO: Jacobs gets rest, Willingham feels better, and Hermida has a friend in Baltimore. (SunSentinel)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Aiming For Eight


OCHO-CAP: Fish win, sweeping Toronto out of here. All NL East Wins except the Braves.

Phil Miller Finds One Positive Thing About Attending a Marlins Home Game

"Of course, after devoting two innings to buying hot dogs in Baltimore, or being herded like livestock through the narrow tunnels of Yankee Stadium, the absence of sellout crowds isn't necessarily a bad thing. Dolphin Stadium has to be the only major-league park where you can take a rest-room break between innings, reload at the beer stand, and be back in your seat without missing a pitch." (SaltLakeTribune)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday in the Park


INCREDI-CAP: Marlins Win their 7th game in a row (and 3rd Saturday in a row), defeating the Jays 8-2. Jacobs hit a 2-run homer, Olivo got 2 RBI, and even Moehler singled in a run. Everyone else in the NL East loses except those pesky Nats.


The gambling/fantasy community becomes aware of the Marlins. (Covers)

Vernon Wells on Scott Olsen

"I couldn't pick up anything he was throwing...Fastballs, sliders, splits. I don't know what the heck he was throwing. But whatever it is, he's obviously a guy I don't like facing." (

Friday, June 16, 2006



HALLELUIA-CAP: Not only do the Marlins and Scott Olsen beat the Jays 3-1, extending their win streak to 6 games, but the 4 other teams in the NL East all lose. (Amen.)

Amezaga's Story

Selling roses, working in car washes, eating Taco Bell, and working, playing, and studying hard...(SunSentinel)

Marlins Class A Team Packing Them In

They're in the cellar of their division, but are set to break attendance records - and on at least one night officially (and probably more times unofficially) they have out-drawn their parent club. (GreensboroNews-Record)

...And Speaking of the 'Heat'...

The hot Marlins begin a 3-game series against the very hot Blue Jays. "The Blue Jays lead the AL in runs (368), hits (674), home runs (96) and batting average (.298)." (PalmBeachPost)

AND YET: Even though the Blue Jays are 37-29, they haven't won four-in-a-row all year (they'll be trying to tonight.) (TheGlobeAndMail)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can We Say...Sweep?


ORECK-CAP: Fish sweep, winning 3-2 over the Braves, and are now on their longest win streak of the year. Mets win again, Phils and Nats lose.

We're Number 2!

Supposedly, since May 22 the Marlins have the 2nd best record in the major leagues (damn, the Mets are #1.) ADDENDUM: This is being done while Hanley is slumping, going hitless in his last 15 at-bats (remember when he was battling with Miguel for the league-leading batting average? He's now down to .283.) (MiamiHerald)

Borchard and Amezaga Headed to the Hospital

"Marlins players Joe Borchard and Alfredo Amezaga will visit children at Jackson Memorial Hospital beginning at 11:30 this morning in support of the International Kids Fund."

ALSO: Nothing's wrong with Jacob's ankle, even though it's been hurting him since spring. (MiamiHerald)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can Dontrelle Beat the Braves?

He hasn't got a won off of them since September 2003, but he's pitching well lately.

Here are today's games...


WELL, HE STILL DIDN"T GET A 'WON": But the Fish Win in 10 innings, with Wes getting 2 homers, Borowski getting out of that jam in the 9th, and a 'thanks' to Remlinger for that errant throw. Mets beat Phillies, Nats lose.

Willingham to the DL

Aguila to be brought up. ALSO: Borowski trade rumors. (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Braves Hobble Into Town

John against Josh expected tonight, plus the rest of the action...


CONTINU-CAP: Fish beat the Braves 4-1 - Marlns won 13 of the last 19 games. Mets beat Philly, Rocks crush Nats.

Strikeout Smackdown

Rob Neyer: "The problem with strikeouts isn't that they hurt your team, it's that they hurt your feelings." Joe Girardi: "You can't tell me that with a man on third, strikeouts don't hurt you." Wes Helms: "You want to put the ball in play if you can." Joe Borchard: "If you strike out, at least you use three pitches and it makes the pitcher work." (MiamiHerald)

Josh Willingham: "The worst thing you can do as a hitter is strikeout. (Ouch.)" (J.W'sBlog)

Hialeah Mayor Looking For Matthew Lesko

"Robaina made a trip to Washington DC last week campaigning for funds from an unknown program to help fund the Hialeah Heights ballpark." (MarlinsBallparkNews)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday's Contests


FISH WIN: Another nail-biter turns out well as the Marlins win 2-1. New York and Atlanta and Philadelphia win; Washington loses.

Adios Todd

Wellemeyer slides down to Kansas City. (

Friday, June 09, 2006

Fish at San Diego Tonight


UGH-CAP: Mike Jacobs gets a homer among his 4 hits, but Padres squeak by and win 3-2. Washington beats Philly in 12 innings. Atlanta loses, Mets win.

One Agent Represnts 4 Out of the 5 Marlins Starters

"When Moehler pitches, I pretty much just watch the team hit." (He also represents Mitre and Willingham.) (MiamiHerald)

No Wonder The Marlins Always Had Trouble With The Tallahassee Crowd

(And with Sarasotans, for that matter.) It seems Comcast hasn't carried their games (or the Devil Rays) on their cable systems. But under a new agreement subscribers in Tallahassee and in Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties (and even in Lake Suzy!) will start seeing FSN Florida in July. (SunHerald)

Another Spasm of Media Hysteria Exposed

"At last years Jewish Heritage Day, they gave out Juan Pierre T-shirts. Why were there no headlines speculating as to whether the team thought he was Ethiopian?" (FloridaJewishNews)

As Judge Wolff Chased After The Marlins...

...the home field of the San Antonio Missions (Wolff Stadium!) continued to crumble away. (

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fish Have Day Off, But the Rest of the NL East Working Tonight


RECAP: Nats and Mets win, Phillies and Braves lose.

Giants Win 2 of 3, But Felipe Likes the Fish

"Giants manager Felipe Alou had a unique way to explain why the Marlins are going to win a lot more series. On scouting reports, Giants scouts mark in a box whether they should try to acquire that player. Alou said all the Marlins' young players had a ''yes'' next to them. ``Third baseman? Yes. Shortstop? Yes. Second baseman? Yes. Catcher? Yes.''" (MiamiHerald)

Happy Draft

"It turned out good for us." (MiamiHerald)

"It's Amazing What A Ballplayer Can Do"

Witness Dontrelle (and Derek) with Matthew Hayduk. (And oh yes, Dontrelle does have a website.) (HomeNewsTribune)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tonight's Games


YAY-CAP: D-Train and Dan bludgeon the Giants 8-1. Nats beat Braves. Phils win. Mets win

Looking For Inconsistency From Dontrelle Tonight

"On Aug. 22, 2003, Willis brought a record of 11-3 into San Francisco and growing fanfare surrounding his rookie campaign. He lost, giving up four runs in five innings.

"That, as it turned out, would be his top performance here.

"On April 30, 2004, he gave up six earned runs, including two home runs, in an outing that lasted only one inning. On July 22 of last season, Willis gave up seven earned runs in a stint that lasted three innings." (MiamiHerald)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Josh Johnson Chosen the NL Rookie of the Month

Dan Uggla's a close runner-up. (MLB)

Good Night Mr. Gregg

With a heart as big as his strike zone, a premiere part of one of the pinnacles in Marlins history passes away tonight. (NYTimes)

Marlns in the Land of the Giants


BLECH-CAP: Giants beat the Marlins 14-2. Nationals beat the Braves. Phillies and Mets win.

Loria Keeping Dontrelle This Year...Or Maybe

"I don't see why he wouldn't stay here all year....We're paying his salary. That's no problem. So there shouldn't be any question why we wouldn't keep him now.

"We don't know what's going to happen in the future, but a lot of people could learn from him. He's classy. He's a winner. And his personality is so electric that you want to be around him to catch some of the sparks.

"I don't want to make a unilateral decision here. We're going to have to take everything on its own merits. But we know that a new ballpark is a necessity for the long-term survival of this franchise." (USAToday)

Happy Dancing Marlins


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday's Games


EUREKA-CAP: Fish get the sweeper out, beating Colorado 4-3. Braves and Mets lose, but Phillies and those pesky Nats win.

Making the Money

"Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera has signed an endorsement deal with Citgo to serve as the Florida spokesman for the oil company's new Energia Latina marketing campaign. Plans for television ads are still being developed. Cabrera will participate in youth baseball clinics on behalf of the company ... Look for Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis, who loves his iPod, to be part of a marketing campaign, probably this summer, for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, the new wireless iPod device that will allow runners to gather data on their speed and listen to their iPods while exercising."(SunSentinel)

Loria Speaks

'"I love the way the team is playing, love the emergence of future great players at second base and shortstop. This team is always in the game. We're going to do it our way. There are no plans [to trade] Dontrelle Willis."

'Unfortunately for Loria, the stadium search has slowed, as Miami-Dade County now studies how much can be generated from using property tax money on a planned industrial park area in Hialeah.

'"We're not going to know for quite some time," Miami-Dade County tax collector Ian Yorty said Wednesday.' (MiamiHerald)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pile 'Em On

As Mr. Pinto relates, there are 17 (possible) games to peruse today.


PILE-EM-ON-CAP: 13-0?? Overpowering win by the Marlins! Uggla breaks season-homer record for Fish 2nd basemen, and its only June.

AND: Braves lose 2, Philles lose, Mets split their double-header, and Nats win.

COOL: Former Fish Damion Easley smacks 3 homers to beat the Braves (BaseballMusings), and Benitez closes out the Giants' win against the Mets (Sportsline).

Ben Jacobs Reviews This Year's Crop of Rookies...

...including guesstimations of the future careers of Hanley and Dan and Josh and Josh. (HardballTimes)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Marlins at Colorado Tonight

Sure the Rockies have God on their side, but all of baseball is turning into one big revival meeting..."(t)he Florida Marlins have tentatively scheduled a Faith Night for September."

Here are today's sermonettes...


RECAP: Fish and Willis win, beating Colorado 4-2. Both Atlanta and New York get potponed. Washington wins.

POTPONED?: Well anyway, Phillies win too.

Plenty of Profiles of Players in Papers

Here are stories on Borchard, Treanor, Willis, Uggla, and Tankersley.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Arizona at Atlanta, Philadelphia at L. A. Tonight


TOMAHAWK_DE-CAP: Atlanta loses.

MORE: Philly loses, too.

The Long and Whining Road

Now that the Marlins have finally got a little comfortable playing in their home park, it's time for them to hit the road towards the West Coast and begin a potentially tough stretch of games. To recap, here are how many home-away games each NL East team plays from now till the All-Star break...

Braves 23-13,
Nats 21-15,
Mets 18-19,
Phillies 15-20,
Marlins 12-23