Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sweep-Avoidance a Priority Today


DE-CAP: Marlins get swept. Nats and Mets lose, Braves and Phillies win.


Messenger Finally Gets a Decision

Unfortuately it was a loss, but it took 39 innings to get it. Also Uggla's the Marlins 2nd 'U', and more stuff. (


The Endangered Upper Deck

I got very P. O'ed last year when I found out the Marlins were closing the upper deck off for weekday games. Tommy Craggs agrees, and explains the injustice and deception of the practice. (Slate)

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Carlos May Avoid The Knife



Saturday Baseball


RECAP: Marlins continue nasty habit of losing games by 1 run (7 of 8 one-run games lost so far this year). All the NL East are losers except the Mucking Fets.


Another Saturday Morning With John Brattain

Just sit back with your cup of coffee, hit this link, and enjoy this incredibly detailed evisceration of our two favorite "corporate welfare queens" (and at no extra charge he throws in Huizenga and Henry too).

MORE: Someone else is amazed at how incredulous Loria is. (GYSNetwork)

Friday, April 28, 2006


Today's Contests


CRUD-CAP: Marlins lose after managing to get the game into extra innings. Nats and Mets win, Phillies and Braves lose.


Loria Treats Players Like Paintings, Says He "Could Drop Dead At Lunch"

...oh, and about those rumors...

'"It never happened," Loria said of the alleged talks with the Mets. "I would know if it happened. There are two people who would make phone calls: Larry (Beinfest, Florida's general manager) or me. I've never made a phone call, never had a discussion. It's all fiction."

'Nevertheless, a Mets official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Newsday story about Willis was accurate.

'And as recently as January, at least one team was told by a Marlins official that Cabrera and Willis could be available in July if the Marlins were presented with an appealing proposal...

'"Just ask the question: We've heard this before with Delgado, so what's the difference now?" said one American League source who believes the Marlins will try to move Willis this year.' (PalmBeachPost)


Jack McKeon Playing Third For Local Softball Team

"I need to stay back and be patient (hitting) and wait till the ball gets to me." (GreenboroNewsRecord)


Future Lucky 13?

After playing 13 of 19 on the road, Marlins catch a scheduled mini-break, playing 11 of the next 13 games at 'home'. In that same stretch Atlanta plays 5 games at home and the next 8 away, while the Phils play the next 5 games away and then 8 at home...Mets play 3 in Atlanta, then 7 at home, and then 3 in Philly...and Washington plays 5 away games, then 5 at home, then 3 at Cincy.

The question is when or if most of these new Marlins get settled into their new 'home' of Joe-Pro-Phin park. Their first home stand produced a few misplays and problems with the sun that they'll probably overcome later on down the line. They're likely just happy to be soaking in the warmth after those 40-degree games in Chicago.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Unbelievable! D. C. Stadium to Cost More Than Planned!



Philly, Washington Play Today (But Not Against Each Other)


PLEASANT RECAPITULATION: Phillies and Nationals both lose. Phils again achieve a losing record in their latest home stand, and the Nats acquire (for now) sole possession of last place.


Hialeah, County Found Way to Bridge Funding Gap?

The gringo press finally discusses the scheme - hope the owner of the the landfill that's been finally approved for industrial-park development donates some of it for the stadium, and use property taxes from his new industrial park to fund the retractable roof. Instead of the usual moaning, this plan produces politico quotes like "It's a viable alternative"..."It's an approach we have...agreed makes sense. We're moving quickly."..."It's a possibility"..."very enticing. We're almost done with the conversation part. We're about to start negotiations with the county and the Marlins." (MiamiHerald)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Big Build-Up to Olsen's 1st Wrigley Start

It's also Cubs rookie Guzman's 1st start, too. Afternoon game today...


HAP-CAP: Fish beat the sweep. Met and Phillies win, Braves and Nats lose.


Spanish TV Leading Their Morning News Again With Marlins-Hialeah Stuff

And, once again, we non-bilingual gringos rely on Marlins Ballpark News) to find out what's being discussed.


Dontrelle's 1st April Loss

"(T)he Marlins have now scored just 10 times on 24 hits in their past four games -- three of them losses. And they're 2 for their past 21 with runners in scoring position." (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"Relocation as Vaporware"

Maury Brown give the most complete review so far of the relocation options available to the MLB teams considering it. Some choice quotes...

"When MLB awarded the Expos to D.C., the owners lost their last best leveraging city. All the markets left are, at best, small to mid-market with most of them falling into the former. While all things can change--with political winds shifting on a dime over the course of a vote in selected relocation cities--as it stands now, these teams clamoring for new stadiums (borne on the back of heavy public subsidy) are threatening their home cities with an empty gun."

"At this point in time, MLB is on extremely solid footing. Revenues and profits are up substantially, and with that, there comes less urgency for clubs to have to seriously consider relocation. After all, those clubs that have mentioned or acted in a manner that would lead to relocation would be foregoing their larger home markets for smaller untested markets. When times are good, as they are now for most all the clubs, why risk it? Yes, they say, but we can't be competitive. We're bleeding red trying to compete in facilities that don't generate sufficient local revenues. Well, to that I say, look at how much money the current revenue sharing system is distributing to these clubs. The Royals, that club that could have relocated if improvements to Kauffman were not made, pulled in a reported $55 million in revenue sharing last year." (HardballTimes)


Today's Ball Games


RECAP: Marlins, Braves, Nats, Phillies lose.

RECRAP: Mets win.


Loria on Willis-Wright Deal

"It never happened. It's an invention of some irresponsible writer." (SunSentinel)


Bill Supporting Spring Training May Pass State Legislature...

...if only those filthy Marlins keep their hands off of it.

"This bill has wide support, but Gov. Jeb Bush and Senate President Tom Lee have said it needs to serve a narrow purpose. Hence, the necessity to "keep the bill clean." As Lee said last week, bills offering economic incentives to sports teams are akin to throwing a piece of meat in a shark tank, and if everyone starts jumping on that bill, "It's dead." Read: The Marlins better not bite." (

Monday, April 24, 2006


Cool - Blogger Finally Lets Me Post Something

...and that something is tonight's scores...


UNCOOL: Another win slips away, as Herges and Johnson let the Cubs score 6 in the 8th. Philly wins, Washington and Atlanta lose.

NIGHT-CAP: Mets lose, too.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Rain, Game, or a Mix of the Same

(forget the retractable roof...what the Fish need is a portable one.)

...and the rest of the day's games....



Whoh! Marlins Offered Willis to Mets For Wright....

..."people familiar with the brief trade talk told Newsday. If the straight-up swap of young stars was at all intriguing to the Mets, they didn't show it immediately. The discussion halted almost as soon as the idea was broached." (RealGMBaseball)


At Least One San Antonian Hopes the Marlins Don't Move There

That person is the head of the San Antonio Missions AA ball team. (ALSO: At the article's end, we have the Marlins vs. the Marlons.) (Seattle Times)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Saturday's Scenerios


NO-CAP: Both Marlins-Phillies and Nats-Braves get rained out. Make-up day for the Fish 'n Phils will be on Sunday July 30, 2nd game of a double-header. Marlins are scheduled to play the Phils the next day (Monday), so no red-eye flight needed after game 2. That'll make it a 7-game road trip for the Fish at the end of that month.

NIGHT-CAP: Mets beat Padres.


Phillies Blogger Explains Why "Baseball In Florida Is Doomed"

He also thought the Phillies might sweep the series, but still he hits a few nail-heads. (CitizensBlog)

MORE: Angry bloggers spew and steam after last night's Fish win. (64AndBroadway)(BroadStreetJournal)(BeerLeaguer)

Friday, April 21, 2006


Friday's Amusements


LIVEBLOG: Top of the 9th, Marlins leading Phillies 4-3. Willingham batting against Franklin to lead off, hits a grounder to short for the first out.

UPDATE: Mike Jacobs walks, Aquila up to bat. Reed runs for Jacobs, but is picked off of first by Franklin for out no. 2, and then Aquila lines out.

UPDATE: Joe Borowski pitching in the bottom of the 9th. Jimmy Rollins to bat.

UPDATE: Rollins hits a broken-bat soft pop to Uggla for the 1st out.

UPDATE: Dellucci bats next, hits a grounder to Hanley who handles it for 2nd out.

UPDATE: Rowen pops up. Helms, playing first, runs into Treanor in front of Phillies dugout, but catches the ball, and Marlins Win!!!

LATE-NIGHT-CAP: Nats beat Atlanta, Mets lose to Padres in 14th inning.


Now Where Are We?

We're looking at a landfill as the Fish' new possible stadium site, a site so close to the Everglades that special permission needed to be granted for rezoning. This place not only will need a roof for the field and stands but the walkways and parking lots as well, as it'll be far enough into the swamp during rainy season to convert the 'possible threat of thundershowers' into a 'daily water-and-light show'.

We're also at 4-10, a game behind next-to-last Washington and 6.5 games behind division leader New York. The Marlins score 20 runs in their last 2 games but still get yelled at by their manager after poor play in the last game. But Jeffrey says, "You've got to learn to lose before you learn how to win. You lose one-run games early in the year when you're young, but you'll win those games later in the year." So I guess according to him we're right on track.


Looks Like Lotsa Rain In Philly This Weekend


Thursday, April 20, 2006


Nats at Philadelphia, Mets at San Diego Tonight


UPDATE: Nats and Mets win.


News? What News?

Spanish TV here in South Florida have been Leading Their Newscasts, last night and this morning, with this news reported by CapeFish. Haven't seen it reported At All on the gringo newscasts yet.

MORE: The English newspapers managed to report on it. (Sun-Sentinel)(MiamiHerald)

MORE: Finally saw the local NBC station talk about it 9 minutes into their 6:30 AM newscast - maybe missed something, but I didn't hear any mention of a Marlins connection. Spanish Ch.23 has been reporting it with Marlins logos, videos of the team at spring practice, and interviews with the mayor and a commissioner.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Joe P. O'ed, Calls Team Meeting, Shoots in All Directions

"(Y)ou just can't work your butts off and throw it away because you try to do too much...Dontrelle pitched too many pitches in too few innings...You can't make spectacular plays when there's nothing there...I hope they're getting tired of it." (MiamiHerald)


San Antonio Listens to Miami Radio...

...and heard Samson say, "We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears and criticisms and world championships and trades into this market, and we would like to see it through to its logical conclusion."

And also, "Deadlines, once they are broken, you've got credibility issues." (Guess he's speaking from experience there.) (


Willis Vs. Harang Today


FUDGE: Let's not talk about how the Marlins game turned out (yeah, but congrats to Reggie for smacking a wallop of a 1st homer). Atlanta beats New York. Philly beats the Nats in the 10th.


Aaagh! Carlos Martinez Going to Birmingham to See Dr. Andrews

His season seems over - T. J. surgery looms. (SunSentinel)


Messenger Not Desiring to Break Record

ALSO: Don't tell Dontrelle he's perfect at GAB...and "Wolff has said he's uncertain if the Marlins' interest in San Antonio is genuine." (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Dave Hyde Points The Finger Back Towards The Public (And Those They Elect)

"The state of Florida now has an estimated $7 billion surplus. Of that, about $1.8 billion has been earmarked to help our schools that rank annually among the nation's worst. That sounds big. And we'd all agree it's important. It also leaves more than $5 billion in, well, surplus.

"This shows the hole in the big-picture theme of schools vs. stadiums. It's not really schools vs. stadiums. It's never been schools vs. stadiums. Our local and state governments are awash in increased revenue from increased land values and you see schools still only get so much attention...

"...$150 million in public money (is proposed to be) going to spring-training stadiums. This isn't new. It was done in 2000 for five other cities to the tune of approximately $150 million, too. Why?

"'So teams won't go to Arizona for spring training,' said Nick Gandy, the director of communications for the Florida Sports Foundation, an arm of the state government. 'It's a way to keep teams in Florida.'

"So up to $30 million of public dollars could be spent to keep the Baltimore Orioles playing at Fort Lauderdale Stadium for six weeks a year?

"'That's right,' Gandy said.

"What about $30 million going to keep the Marlins in South Florida forever?

"'No, we're not working on anything like that,' he said.

"Why not?

"'It's just not a proposal,' he said.

"You can say $30 million isn't much. But it's reportedly the exact amount that caused a Miami-Dade proposal to build the Marlins a stadium to fall through.

"This doesn't just show officials are indiscriminate in deciding how to toss around public money. We, the public, also are indiscriminate in caring where public money gets thrown around...

"Jeffrey Loria is the third Marlins owner to try to make baseball work in South Florida. He's the third fighting for a new stadium. At some point, the owners aren't the problem." (SunSentinel)


Tonight's Entertainments


YEAH-CAP!: Fish win 12-6! Josh Johnson gets his 1st MLB win, Hanley gets his 1st and 2nd MLB homers. Braves beat Mets, Nats beat Philly.


How Good is Eric Milton, Really?

Guess we'll find out tonight, as he tries to go 3-0. (


Hermida, Martinez on DL

...but so is Griffey. (DailyNewsTranscript)


San Antonio's Wolff Sets May 15 Deadline For Marlins to Committ

But never mind that - the Herald's Barry Jackson finally discovers the Marlins' stadium negotiations with Hialeah, and is unsurprisingly surprised by Hialeah mayor's optimism. (MiamiHerald)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Looking at the Fish Through Wiggins-Colored Spectacles

"You really just have NO idea what you are going to get from them one day to the next! So think of it like this - every time you go to the park, or watch a game on the television, is a chance to see something you have never seen before! Possibly very good - or truly awe-inspiringly wretched." (FishStripes)


Tax-Day Games Today


NO RESPECT AT ALL: Moelher serves up 8 runs - 7 earned - in 5 innings. Fish lose (no kidding), but Kearns didn't go multiple (Hatteberg, Valentin, Phillips did, though). Mets beat Atlanta.


Mo Gets No Respect

"(Austin) Kearns has five straight multiple-hit games and should make it six today against Marlins starter Brian Moehler." (BirminghamNews)


The Future

The Marlins and Braves start 9-game road trips today. The Mets have one more home stand against Atlanta, then head to the West Coast on a 10-game road trip. Phillies start a 10-game home stand tomorrow against the Nats (Phils have stunk at home so far this season) - after those 3 games Washington then goes home for 6 games.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Easter Games Today

Forget finding eggs - I hope the Marlins can find some of those fly balls in the sun today. Here's the scoreboards....


Double-UGH: Take back that (EDIT) top of the ninth. Fish and Braves lose, Nats and Mets and Phillies win.


Portland's Prospects Fading...

...for either the Twins, A's or Marlins. (By the way, is Oakland managing partner Lew Wolff any relation to Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff?) (OregonLive)

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Today's Games


BLECH-CAP: Marlins lose to Nats 2-1. Mets finally lose a game, and so does Philly. Atlanta wins.


Marlins Lead the Majors in Cheerleaders the Reds try to emulate the Mermaids. (CincinattiEnquirer)

Friday, April 14, 2006


Dontrelle Starting Tonight

(See him while you can - see last post.) Plus the rest of the majors...


RECAP: Florida keeps winning, Washington keeps losing. Mets, Braves, Phillies also win.


The Rumors Keep Swirling

Tim Marchman explains the thought process (or possible lack thereof) behind trading Willis and/or Cabrera. (NewYorkSun)

BUT: Buster Olney says "executives with other teams say they have heard nothing about Willis and Cabrera being actively shopped." (ESPN)(Buster's Blog)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Resop Sent Down, Olsen Brought Up



Fish Try To Defeat The Sweep all the other games today, at one easy-to-find location.


HAPPY-CAP: Marlins beat the Padres, avoid sweep. Mets and Phils win again, Nats and Braves lose again.


Reggie Jackson Wants to Own a MLB Team

"He was extremely disappointed when a chance for his ownership group to land the Oakland A's came and went. Jackson's name resurfaced with regard to the Minnesota Twins, but more recently has come speculation he might make a run at the Florida Marlins, with the possibility of moving them to Las Vegas.

"'I have talked to (Marlins owner) Jeffrey Loria about trying to do something,' Jackson confirmed. 'Whether it's majority or minority ownership, when you're in my position, you don't have anything. So I'm very willing to discuss anything.'" (MercuryNews)


Moehler Takes Longer to Give Up 6 Runs

PLUS: Jeremy's injury not serious, Hanley's hitting, and Jacobs returns to his stealing ways. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Check Out 'The Dontrelle Willis Show'



Pre-Passover Game Today the rest of today's menu...


OY: Fish taste the bitter herbs of defeat. Mets and Phils win, Nats and Braves lose.


Just Try and Move

No TV revenue to pay for stadium in Texas... No state money for team in Texas...Loria told "to solve our problems here". (PalmBeachPost)

And by the way, why wasn't Arriola at the ballpark? With concentrated effort, he could've got kicked out of 2 venues on the same day. (CBS4)


Marlins Played Great

At least the ones in Boston, anyway. (NewHavenRegister)


Nats Had Lousy Attendance On Their Opening Day

Sure it was 40,530, but that's about 5,000 below capacity. (And they're getting a new stadium, so that's not an excuse.) (Newsday)(Yahoo)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Proposal in the Park

Tuesday's game wasn't all terrible. The crowd was probably larger that was anticipated. And someone proposed to his girlfriend on the field while the crowd watched on Hi-Def Jumbovision. (She even was a Padres fan.) (MiamiHerald)


BE QUICK! Loria Supposedly Live on the Radio!

at 9 AM Eastern time on Hank Goldberg's show on WQAM (Listen live here)

DAMN: He was on at 8, not 9 - sorry! I heard a bit of it. Goldberg made what I thought an valid point - that all the recent successful sports venue deals in this area were made by owners who are from here, and thus knew how to deal personally with the insiders and power brokers of South Florida to get things accomplished in a way that Loria hasn't up to now. Loria adknowledged this, and vowed to be more hands-on, and Here, in the future.


Time For the Home Opener, or 'Hopener'

(Expect a lot of Mets jerseys with 'Piazza' on the back.) Here's today's games....


DRAT: Our only winning pitcher gets smacked around, and the Padres end their skid by extending ours. Meanwhile the Mets' lead grows bigger as they screw up the Nats' hopener.


'Deep Fried Fish' Went to Shea on Sunday...

...and took pictures as well. (Part 1)(Part 2)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Even More...

If Jeffrey had a couple of bucks from every one who dished out an opinion about the Marlins lately, he could probably build about 72 stadiums, or maybe even almost half-a-retractable roof.

David King, for instance, says it doesn't make sense for the Marlins to move to San Antonio, even though they're going there anyway.

Ken Rosenthal says a move doesn't make sense either, and MLB should step in with cash, and even Dontrelle should be traded, if it's necessary to keep the team in Miami.

Bill Ballou has a better place for the Marlins than either San Antonio or South Florida or anyplace else - how about Worchester, Mass.?

Sarah Talalay asks marketing guys how to attract fans to the Marlins games, and Kirk Wakefield recommends "an insect repellent giveaway or holding an MLB-sanctioned drug test night that could even serve as a prescreening employment test."

And speaking of our climate, who needs a new stadium, when Girardi says the one we've got "will give the team a tremendous homefield advantage."


Yeah, I Know - There Are Some Games Today...


RECAP: Nats lose in 12. Chipper-less Braves beat (not-so-chipper) Phillies.


Home Field? What Home Field?

"Three-quarters of the Marlins' starting infield, plus their center field tandem of Eric Reed and Reggie Abercrombie, have never played at Dolphin Stadium." (Quick, sneak a stadium in when no one's looking.) (SunSentinel)


Write Your Own Marlins' Ad Slogan!

... and check out some of the doozies other people wrote. (Doozies?) (SunSentinel)

Sunday, April 09, 2006


NL East Standings

After 2 series, the Mets are first with a record of 4-1, all of those games at Shea. The other team that has played all home games so far, the Phillies, are now in last place at 1-5 - now they got 6 games in Atlanta and Colorado to contend with. Atlanta is 2 games behind the Mets, Washington 2.5 games behind, and Florida 3 games back. Those 3 teams have their home openers in their next series, though the Nats still have 1 more game in Houston before opening at home against the Mets.


Once Again, The Operative Cry Is "Help Us, D-Train!"


RECOLLAPSE: Well, he tried, but the former Fish got the winning run to third in the bottom of the 9th, and then the sacrifice fly was all she wrote. Nats and Braves lose, Phillies win and lose.


John Brattain's Latest Slice-And-Dice of Loria/Samson

"They do all they can to alienate the fanbase and then wonder why nobody comes to the ballpark. I mean, if Jeffrey Loria and David Samson were the pilot and copilot of the Enola Gay they'd drop the A-bomb, land the plane in downtown Hiroshima, look around, scratch their heads and wonder 'Where did everybody go?'" (HardballTimes)

ANOTHER CHOP: "Your payroll is $20 million lower than the second-lowest team in the majors! It's not even $15 million! The Marlins received $27 million in revenue sharing in 2005. Nice going. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire, and you're going to be whining and simpering that you need more revenue sharing, yet your payroll isn't even 60% of the subsidies you received last year. Do you think the players' union isn't going to point at you as the number one reason that revenue sharing doesn't work? (Are you still paying attention San Antonio and Portland?)"

MORE: Mike Berardino reports that the Players Union is definitely interested. (SunSentinel)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Help, D-Train!

Counting Spring Training, the Fish have lost 6 of the last 7. (Yeah, but they won 9 in a row before that.) True, but that was in spring training, which doesn't count. (But you just said 'Counting Spring Training..." at the start of this, right?) Right...well then, forget I even said anything. (That's fine with me.)

Anyway, here's today's slate of games. (Sure, like you had anything to do with it.) Shut up.


RECAPITULATION (What the...): Marlins, Mets, Phillies get rained out. (Uh, oh - time for that retractable roof over the entire planet.) Nats win, Braves lose. The Marlins-Mets game is to be made up on July 8, making it 11 games in 10 days for the Fish just before the All-Star break.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Sounds Like Vargas Vs. Trachsel Tonight

(SunSentinel)...and Andrew Hintz at MetsGeek scopes out our pitching for the series.

Here's the matchups/scores..,


QUIK-CRAP: The Marlins, Phillies and Nats lose, and the Mets win.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Possibly Rainy, Definitely Chilly Weather in NYC This Weekend



No Marlins Game Tonight...

...but the Nats are still playing in New York, Philly's still hosting St. Louis, and Atlanta's moved on to play S. F. (Yahoo)(ESPN)(Sportsline)(MLB)(FOX)(CNNSI)

RECAP: Philly, Atlanta and Washington lose - Mets win.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Marlins Not Only Team With Roof Problems... KC voters approve tax for stadium overhauls, but just defeat a tax for a "rolling roof". (


Moe Vs. Wandy Expected Tonight


CRAPPY RECAP: Marlins come from 5 runs behind, made Brad Lidge work hard in the ninth, and was a broken bat away from a tie or better. Great game, unfortunate result. Nats win, Phillies and Mets lose, Braves 5 runs behind after 2 innings.

UPDATE: Braves win anyway.

MORE: On the game in Houston. (MiamiHerald)


Joe Gets Game Ball, Champagne


MEANWHILE: Brad Penny and the Dodgers slip by Smoltz and the Braves. (Yahoo)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


German Bumps Bump


AND: Also Messenger.(SunSentinel)


Mitre Vs. Pettitte Tonight


RECAP: Marlins pound Pettitte and Astros, 11-2 - homers for Miggy, Willingham, and Mike Jacobs, who got smacked in the nose by a bounding ball, and then snags a liner to get the last out.


Contracts of Beinfest, Hill, Jennings, Fleming Extended

The extra grapefruit sealed the deal. Loria's probably making sure he'll have strong backs to move those shipping crates. Now that they're making too much, they may get traded for a couple of grad-school candidates and a high-schooler to be named later. (OrlandoSentinel)


So, Stadium Talks Aren't Stalled In Florida

"It's overstating it to say talks have stalled (in Florida)," Samson said. "We aren't going back and forth with term sheets, but we are still having global discussions not unlike the talks we are having with Nelson (Wolff)." (, by way of MarlinsBallparkNews)

Monday, April 03, 2006


Oops, I Almost Forgot....

...not only was a game was played yesterday...


...but the Marlins!!!!! Start! The! Season! Tonight! Against! Houston!!!!!


Re-CRAP: BOOOOOOOO! Astros Win 1-0. Marlins join the Nats and Phillies in 2nd place.


Cheap-Ass Loria

"'You win the Grapefruit title, you get grapefruits,' owner Jeffrey Loria said Sunday.

"'I sent them off to everybody. Large bags of grapefruit, maybe 30 of them went out last week.'

"Only manager Joe Girardi and the front office got the fruit. What about the players who compiled a baseball-best 19-9 record this spring?

"'They get to feel good about themselves going forward,' Loria said. 'There's a bunch of hungry players here, a lot of hungry kids,...'"

Sure they're hungry. They get no grapefruits. But what about the teams's future...

"Loria will watch tonight's game with civic leaders from San Antonio, which is trying to lure the Marlins when the team's lease expires at Dolphins Stadium after the 2010 season.

"'We're still looking at all our options but our talks in San Antonio are serious,' Loria said without elaborating.

"Asked if his first goal is still for the Marlins to remain in South Florida, he said: 'We're going to look at all options now. We're also going to visit some other cities. We're going to make the best decision for the team.... I can only tell you there's nothing going on in South Florida at this moment.'"

Sounds like all of SoFla is going to get grapefruits pretty soon. (PalmBeachPost)


Preview Re-do

Since it's the closest thing I'm going to do to a season preview, here's my previous post running through the home-and-away schedules of the 5 NL East teams. (Past that, who knows what's going to happen?)

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Forget How They Play - These New Marlins Got To Learn How To Tip

"'I've been asking a lot of questions about a lot of things like that, too, because I don't know what's going on,' Nolasco said.

"A few days ago, Bill Beck, the Marlins' longtime traveling secretary, delivered what amounted to a primer on some of the nuances the rookies can expect, such as whom to tip and how much. He said it's the first time he has given the speech since 1998, the last time the Marlins' roster was overhauled to such an extent.

"The Marlins have five players who have never spent a day in the majors, and a few more who can hardly be classified as seasoned vets. Shortstop Hanley Ramirez's major-league résumé consists of two big-league at-bats, and reliever Josh Johnson has appeared in four games for a total of 12 innings.

"'They're just like a deer in headlights,' Beck said." (MiamiHerald)


Pinto's Preview

...of the NL East. (BaseballMusings)

Saturday, April 01, 2006


More Season Preview Quotes

"I can see it now: SpongeBob SquarePants will dominate the spring clubhouse televisions, they'll be serving graham crackers and milk during breaks and nap time will be included on the daily itinerary." - Scott Miller (Sportsline)

"Loria did what he's done so often at Sotheby's. He held an auction. Except that as an art dealer, he has never unloaded as many masters as he did this winter." - Linda Robertson (MercuryNews)


Fish Lose 3 in a Row, Season Opener Next Up

Rangers win again 6-4.


Carolina Answers 5 Questions...

...about the Marlins, in the Hardball Times. (FishStripes)


Marlins "Treating Their Few Remaining Customers Like Crap"

"In past years, they have bent over backwards to accommodate and reward season-ticket holders. This year, it's been the exact opposite. I didn't receive my bill for the stadium parking until 3 days before it was due. Also, I received my VIP passes for FanFest 5 days AFTER the event. Thanks guys! The letters I've been getting from the team look like they have been cheaply made copies run off by some underpaid intern.

"The Marlins complain about lack of season-ticket sales this year. With the kind of treatment they have been giving their loyal customers, it's a miracle they have ANY fans left." (26th Parallel)

Here's More Anger...(FishOrCutBait)


Post Toasting

This is Post Number 1,000 on this blog. Appropriately, I hit it on April Fools Day.


Marlins Go to Frisco (No, Not That One - Some Other One)

Fish lose to Rangers 4-1. (SLAMSports)

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