Monday, March 31, 2014


March 31 Scores



First Month NL East Schedule Stuff

The Marlins will stay on the east coast in April, making two trips
playing NL East rivals besides being at home. On the other hand, the
Phillies start the season in Arlington, Texas, and spend 16 of their
first 26 games somewhere between Chicago and Los Angeles. It's the
Mets, though, that go to the west coast first, playing the Angels on
April 11. The Braves are the only NL East team not playing an AL team
in April (the Nats won't play one until they hit Houston on April 29}.
Based just on home vs. away games, Washington has the best month,
with 17 of their April games at home.


Fish Season Opener Tonight

The Marlins ended up being the best NL team in the Grapefruit League...

The roster gets settled for Opening Night against the Rockies...

And it looks like the roof will be open for Dan Marino to throw a baseball...

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Western Hemisphere Opening Day

The Dodgers get a 3-game jump on most of MLB as they start the North American season with a game tonight at San Diego (I think I fixed the links)...


Saturday, March 22, 2014


March 22 Games

Since there are two games that count being played today, I'll drag out the scoreboards, as I usually do during the season. If the links work, choose the one you like... (Yahoo)(ESPN)(CBSSports)(MLB)(FOX)(CNNSI)


First Game of The Season

While most of us were recovering from Friday night, Opening Day was
going on in Austrailia...

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