Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Cleveland Considering Borowski

"The Indians are looking hard for a closer. Under consideration is Joe Borowski, who had 36 saves for the Florida Marlins. He's 35, he's a free agent and this was his best season. In his career, he's 80-of-101 in saves. You want a closer to convert at least 80 percent, so Borowski is at that mark." (Ohio.com)

Monday, October 30, 2006


Borowski, Helms, Moehler and Herges - Free Agents


Sunday, October 29, 2006


D-Train, Agent Not Expecting a Long-Term Offer

Though Dontrelle Willis was eligible for arbitration a year earlier than Miguel Cabrera, both cannot become free agents until after 2009. Knowing the Marlins usually don't give multiyear contracts to players well before free agency, Willis said he won't push for one.

'"His choice is to sign a long-term deal here, but I wouldn't be offended if they don't propose it," agent Matt Sosnick said. Without a stadium, "the Marlins' position is probably different than other teams. I can't blame them." . . .

ALSO: 'In his strongest comment since being fired, Joe Girardi told The New York Times last week the Marlins "mistreated" him at times. "Not true," Jeffrey Loria told the newspaper without elaborating. Girardi also said he was "misled a bit" about the team's payroll, "but I'm OK with that."'(MiamiHerald)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Good Bye Joe

Sad day for baseball - Mr. Niekro knuckles under. Maybe son Lance will have a chance one day to use the pitch his dad taught him. (MLB)

Friday, October 27, 2006


WS Game 5



Virtual Marlins Games Soon?

On Second Life you can already buy virtual Marlins merchandise. (TheStreet.com)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


WS Game 4 (Groundhog's Day Edition)

What, no doubleheader? At least the chance of rain is down to 80% tonight.


MEANWHILE: Berardino plays with the idea of a neutral (definition: warm) site for the World Series.


Marlins Still After Hialeah Stadium, MLB Wants Downtown Miami

(SunSentinel)...Hell, with MLB making around $5 billion last year, why can't we have both?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


WS Game 4

...with only a 90% chance of rain tonight. Where's that portable dome when you need it?


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WS Game 3

Prediction: More miserable people will huddle in Busch Stadium in the dark to watch the shivering Boys of Summer attempt to play out another just-this-side-of-frozen late-October fiasco. Get rid of the bats and give these guys some hockey sticks.


CONCURANCE: Rick Barry sees it the same way. (EDIT: and he can spell, too.)


Joe Says No To Nats

'Former Florida Marlins manager Joe Girardi, considered for weeks the favorite to become the next manager of the Washington Nationals, took his name out of consideration for the job yesterday, saying it was a decision based on keeping his young family together but simultaneously saying he could still end up on a baseball field next season.

'Girardi had two meetings over the last three weeks, one with General Manager Jim Bowden and the other with Bowden and team president Stan Kasten. Girardi said the talks went well and that the decision to pull out was "very, very difficult."

'"I was very impressed, very impressed with Jim and Stan, the organization, the new stadium, the Lerners," Girardi said in a telephone interview. "I think it's a great ownership group, and the situation is going to be very good. I think it's a wonderful job. But I think I came to the conclusion at this time that it's not the right move for my family."

'Girardi and his wife, Kim, have three children -- two daughters, ages 7 and seven weeks, and a 5-year-old son. They have lived in suburban Miami for only 10 months after moving from Chicago, and Girardi said he didn't want more upheaval.

'"We just moved," he said. "This was a tough decision, but for my family, it's the right one."

'Girardi spoke with Bowden yesterday to relay the news. Sources close to the situation said that the job could have been Girardi's had he aggressively pursued it and that the Nationals had given indications that he was the favorite. Sources insist, however, that the Nationals had not extended a formal offer. All sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the Nationals intend to conduct the search in private.' (WashingtonPost)

Sunday, October 22, 2006


David Samson Becomes Ironman, Celebrates at McDonald's, May Now Have Tattoo



WS Game 2



Speculation Time

The Marlins are looking at some players to trade for, and and are thinking of using a few of their players to trade with, and Jeffrey may raise the payroll or he may 'roll the dice again', or whatever. (PalmBeachPost)

MEANWHILE: 'The Marlins made an offer to Wes Helms, but it likely won't be enough to keep him from testing free agency.'(MiamiHerald)

Saturday, October 21, 2006


WS Game 1

At least no snow is forecast as of Sat. morning.



Former Fish Magadan New Red Sox Hitting Coach

'The Padres fired Magadan in mid-June when San Diego's team batting average dropped to a National League-worst .252.

'"I was shocked when I was let go," Magadan said. "I didn't see it coming at all."'

Good luck, Boston. And remember always take that first pitch. (WorcesterTelegram)


WARNING: 3rd-Degree-of-Seperation Rumor Alert!

Since there ain't many Fish stories out there (and since all Marlins players are tradeable anyway, so it isn't really news if it's true) here's a Usenet poster to the MN Twins group saying this about Josh Johnson: "Josh Johnson from the Marlins. He's a Minnesota native, and he is reportedly on the block by the Marlins (according to KFAN radio)." (GoogleGroups)

Friday, October 20, 2006


Finally Finalized

'The Florida Marlins today announced their Major League coaching staff for the 2007 season. Joining first-year manager Fredi Gonzalez will be bench coach Carlos Tosca, pitching coach Rick Kranitz, hitting coach Jim Presley, first base and infield coach Perry Hill, third base and outfield coach Bo Porter, bullpen coach Steve Foster and bullpen coordinator Pierre Arsenault. The announcement was made by Marlins Executive Vice President and General Manager Larry Beinfest.' (MLB)


Another Couple of Teams in the World Series

'Only once in the modern history of the four major professional sports leagues have 10 different teams made it to the championship finals in five consecutive years the NHL from 1992 through 1996.

'And there's only one stretch of more than seven different titlists in consecutive years: Baseball crowned 10 different champs from 1978 through 1987, and 12 different teams hoisted the trophy in 13 years from 1978 through 1990. (Lasorda's Los Angeles Dodgers broke the streak with titles in the strike-shortened season of 1981 and again in '88.)

'Baseball's postseason party, once an exclusive gathering of the gentlemen in pinstripes and similarly high-toned colleagues, is now as open as a Delta House rush night.

'Seventeen of the majors' 30 teams have made the playoffs at least once in the last five years. Only seven have failed to make one appearance since the playoffs were expanded from four to eight teams in 1995.

'That's enough to make the NFL, that paragon of parity, jealous.' (USAToday)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Game 7 - Cardinals vs Mets



"Why South Florida Doesn't Love It's MARLINS?"

Beach Blog Bimbo lets fly with opinions....

"management's inability to go out and trade for some pitching support in preparation for the stretch run - showing that their cheap azzes gave up on the season before it was even over....

"Here lies one of the major issues with fans in South Florida! We are New Yorkers aplenty or from Chicago or Boston. So those of us who really love baseball, root for other teams and we have yet to completely embrace the Marlins as OUR team....

"(note: The Marlins will sadly regress in 2007...by choosing Freddie Gonzalez over Giradi. Yes-men don't win championships and there's only one George in baseball.)...

"Imagine how more fan support during the season could have accounted for 10 extra wins, a playoff spot and another World Series appearance. Imagine the possibilities, if this team of youngsters had a stadium full of cheering fans through 10 close games. Maybe that extra hit or out would have gone in the Marlins favor.' (BeachBlogBimbo)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Game 6 - Cardinals at Shea, Mets Fighting Elimination


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Forget Miami and Pompano...Get Behind Hialeah Gardens All the Way!

Why? Because they deserve the Marlins stadium, that's why (but only if they really want it). And why do they deserve the stadium (but only if they really want it)? It's because they got Balls, that's why!! (And that's why I wouldn't force it on them if they don't want it.)

You want proof? How about taking on the largest, most multi-tentacled retailing monstrosity in the known universe?...

'(A)s Wal-Mart rolls out a new round of workplace restrictions, employees at a Wal-Mart Super Center in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., are taking matters into their own hands. On Oct. 16, workers on the morning shift walked out in protest against the new policies and rallied outside the store, shouting "We want justice" and criticizing the company's recent policies as "inhuman." Workers said the number of participants was about 200, or nearly all of the people on the shift.

'It's the first time that Wal-Mart has faced a worker-led revolt of such scale(!!!), according to both employees and the company(!!!!!!). Just as surprising, the company quickly said it would change at least one of the practices that had sparked the protest....

'The protest wasn't led by any union group.(!!!!!!!!) Rather, it was instigated by two department managers(!!!!!!!), Guillermo Vasquez and Rosie Larosa. The department managers were not affected directly by the changes, but they felt that the company had gone too far with certain new policies. Among them were moves to cut the hours of full-time employees from 40 hours a week to 32 hours, along with a corresponding cut in wages, and to compel workers to be available for shifts around the clock. (Boo Hiss!)

'In addition, the shifts would be decided not by managers, but by a computer at company headquarters. (Ugh! Treating people like inventory!) Employees could find themselves working 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. one week and noon to 9 p.m. the next. "So workers cannot pick up their children after school everyday, and part-timers cannot keep another job because they can be called to work anytime," says Vasquez.

'In addition to scheduling changes and reduction in hours, workers are now required to call an 800 number when they are sick. "If we are at an emergency room and spend the night in a hospital and cannot call the number, they won't respect that," says Larosa, who has worked at the store for six years. "It will be counted as an unexcused absence."

'Beginning last week, the two managers began talking with other employees, one at a time, getting their signatures in support of a protest. The demonstration may not have happened if not for the tight-knit nature of this predominantly Spanish-language community near Miami. At least 15 department managers joined the workers in speaking out against the new policies. "We are a Spanish-speaking community, some from Cuba, some from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, and if something affects my brothers and sisters, it affects me," says Yahima Morales, who has been a department manager of health and beauty aids for four years at the store.

'The employees drafted a protest letter that they have sent to executives at Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., and also to Florida politicians, including Florida Governor Jeb Bush. "In the letter, we state that we want justice and that Wal-Mart should stop harassing us," says Vasquez. At least 400 store employees have signed the letter.' (MSNBC.com)

DAMN: I just had a thought: people with this type of stand-up-against-injustice-won't-take-no-crap spirit may just send Jeffrey and Ironman David scurrying away. Oh, well, back to Pompano.


Tie-Breaking NL Championship Game Tonight



Even Earthquakes Can't Stop the Mighty Samson

(FishStripes)...as he fights off family, cellphone calls, and late-night dinners to achieve his goal. 'What drives me is training hard enough so that I can finish...Because when I cross the finish line they will say "David Samson, you are an Ironman."'(MiamiHerald)

BY THE WAY: The original Biblical Samson was a pampered, self-absorbed, doltish nutjob. (Slate)

Monday, October 16, 2006


MLB and MNF Smack Heads Tonight


THE HEAD HONCHO DECIDES: God wants us to see if the Bears can win on Monday night. Mets vs. Cardinals reset for tomorrow.


McKeon: Pitch on Short Rest? Sure!

'McKeon thinks the media makes a bigger deal about pitchers throwing on short rest than it actually is.

"You go back 15, 20 years ago they did it all the time," he said. "Now it's a five-man rotation instead of a four-man. Everybody is concerned about hurting someone. You go back and look at the Bob Gibsons, the Mickey Loliches, the Denny McClains, they never had rotator cuff problems.

"I think the more you pitch the less chance you have of getting hurt."' (NYPost)


Taylor Starts Charity

'Marlins reliever Taylor Tankersley is launching Eric's Legacy, a charitable foundation named in honor of Eric Smith, a high school classmate who died of brain cancer at 16. "He was kind of our honorary batboy, mascot, team spirit guy," Tankersley said. To kick things off there will be a baseball camp in Vicksburg, Miss., followed by a dinner and silent auction on Dec. 27. Tankersley will contribute the first $15,000 with hopes of awarding at least one college academic scholarship per year.' (SunSentinel)


A Scout Spouts

'One respected NL scout's postseason impressions of the Marlins: He said Florida shouldn't expect Taylor Tankersley to develop into a closer and Jeremy Hermida was overrated: "I saw a lot of holes in Hermida. . . . There's something about Anibal Sanchez where the whole is greater than the individual parts. . . . Josh Willingham reminds me of Jeff Conine with more power. . . . Hanley Ramirez has the ability to be Edgar Renteria defensively and Miguel Tejada offensively."' (MiamiHerald)


Mad Thot (Volume Uno)

Just a passing notice of a wee bit of possible irony in the fact that the hiring of Fredi Gonzalez as manager two weeks ago coincided with the revelation of the concept to build a Marlins stadium in Pompano Beach.

Irony because just at the point when the Fish finally get a Cuban-born manager, now the chance exists for the team to move farther away from the core Cuban population that they've been always trying to attract.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Dontrelle and his Future Bride Buy House

...and I hope you respect their privacy and not try to look up the home's address.


Mets at St. Louis Tonight


Saturday, October 14, 2006


More Playoff Games Today



Rick Kranitz Stays With Marlins

And so does hitting coach Jim Presley. (SunSentinel)


Bye Bye Chris?

'Now out of options, Aguila would have to make the Marlins coming out of Spring Training next year. So most likely, his tenure with the organization is coming to an end.' (MLB)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Crisp Playoff Weather Today

'Crisp', meaning the players in Detroit will probably be spitting ice cubes out of the dugout. Craig knows how it is to bat in the cold. Here's the games...



Girardi to do World Series Pre-Game Show

'Fox Sports will add ex-Yankee Joe Girardi as a pregame analyst for the middle three games of the World Series, Fox Sports VP Dan Bell confirmed to NYP TV Sports.' (NYPost)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Guess What?

'(Cubs GM) Hendry...must decide what to do with some inside information. There's no way his close friend Larry Beinfest -- the Marlins' GM -- hasn't warned Hendry about the internal struggles he had with Girardi before the first-year manager was canned by a tight-wad team with two years left on his contract.

'Fans who know Girardi the player more than they know Girardi the manager are craving that the former Cubs captain get the job. Many of the baseball minds connected to the Cubs are pushing for Piniella.' (SunTimes)

ALSO: 'Reports out of Dallas indicate the Rangers want someone who will work in harmony with management. GirardiĀ¹s troubles in this area with the Marlins may be a red flag.' (DailyHerald.com)


Cardinals at Mets Tonight



Remembering Cory Lidle


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


More Championship Games Tonight



"The AFL is Underway"

No, not Aussie football...it's the Arizona Fall League! (FishStripes)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Mad Thaught (Volume 1)

You know, it may not be all that easy for Joe Girardi to get a new managerial position.

Now you may be saying, 'Whoa! Hey, dude, if you haven't heard, the man's just won the Sporting News NL Manager of the Year, he's gonna win the Baseball Writers' NL Manager of the Year, and the Cubs and Cubs fans are falling all over themselves trying to get him over there - what about that?'

Uh, yes, I know. The Cubs in fact just finished interviewing him. But they're interviewing a few more people for the job. That in itself doesn't tell much.

And of course the team he ran had an amazing year. The Marlins front office obviously knew that he was a likely shoo-in for BBWAA-NLMOY,... yet they still were chomping like mad at the bit to get his butt out of the clubhouse, not even concerned that they have to pay his salary for the next 2 years to do it.

The interviews that I think will matter here are the ones the GM's of the needy teams had or are having with the Marlins brass under the radar, getting from them the inside low-down on why the leader of one of the most surprisingly successful campaigns in all of baseball history had to be jettisioned.

That type of talk may contain much stuff we haven't heard - maybe not nasty or salacious stuff, maybe stuff of debatable consequence, but just stuff that may make a prospective employer think twice about signing him up.

Then again, maybe not.


Uggla Named Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year



Time For The Second Round

So sit back, grab a coney, and watch as the Marlins North battle the A's for the AL championship.



Mariano Rivera Could've Been a Marlin

'In 1993, New York left him unprotected in the expansion draft where the Colorado Rockies or Florida Marlins could have selected him.' (USAToday)

Monday, October 09, 2006


Mad Thot (Volume 1)

By now we've seen enough of Loria and his minion that we can pinpoint at least 2 of the front office's basic operative procedures...

One: Do something that's unbelievable (he got rid of Delgado? AND Beckett?? AND Pierre??? AND so on???? And etcetera????? And ad infinitum?????)

Two: Consider doing something that a fairly large group would think is insanity to do, and then do it anyway (he fired WHO???)

I bring this up to lessen the possible shock that maybe, just maybe, even though 3 competing concepts are now hard at work in South Florida vying to be the new retractable home of the Marlins, that crazy Jeffrey may still pop out of his cave one day soon and announce "Pack up - we're moving to Delaware!!..or Kalamazoo, or Katmandu or wherever..."


Michael Mayo on the Pompano Proposal

'Major League Baseball might not be thrilled about the Marlins being entwined with a gambling operation (even one that doesn't have sports betting), but it would be hypocritical for MLB to kill the proposal. Many teams, including the Marlins, already have sponsorship deals with casinos at stadiums and on their broadcasts.

'Best of all, there is certain poetry about it: America's new pastime (gambling) subsidizing America's old pastime. And unlike most public funding formulas, this one is strictly voluntary. Nobody's forcing gamblers to put money in slot machines.

'When slots arrive, the pari-mutuel owners will make out like one-armed bandits. Why not let the Marlins benefit, too? So long as voters get to approve the slot deal changeup, the Marlins might have finally hit the stadium jackpot.' (SunSentinel)

Sunday, October 08, 2006


One More 1st-Round Game to Play



Some Facts About Fredi

- "Born in Cuba, Gonzalez was 2 when his family fled Havana aboard the first Freedom Flight allowed by Fidel Castro." (PalmBeachPost)

- His father drove The Avocado ("El Aguacate") to work, while his mother cooked 'old clothes' (ropa vieja) for dinner. (PalmBeachPost)

- 'Gonzalez become the first manager hired by the Marlins for their minor-league system. He skippered a Class A team in the New York/Penn League, and it won the championship that season, 1992.' (PalmBeachPost)

- The man who threw the first pitch ever for the Marlins organization (under Fredi in Erie) now plays safety for the Denver Broncos. (DenverPost)

- Fredi has a 6-8 record managing the Marlins as a substitute for John Boles in 1999-2000.

- During his Marlins managing stint he protested one game, and another time had Mike Lowell bunt. (PalmBeachPost)

- Loria first called Fredi on Sept. 25 - Fredi accepts job on the 27th, while Joe continues to manage 4 more games. (PalmBeachPost)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Good Grief! More Playoffs!



Jammers Get 2 More Years as Marlins Affiliate



The Joe Borchard Story, So Far...

Girardi: "...to compare a player to Mickey Mantle? There might be one or two players a century who live up to that... It was quite unfair for him, but that's what people do." (LA-DailyNews)


Girardi Talked With The Nats on Friday...

... and will talk with the Cubs on Sunday. (SunSentinel)


Carlos Tosca New Marlins Bench Coach



Good Night Buck

Mr. O'Neil passes away at age 94. (SunSentinel)

Friday, October 06, 2006


Even More Playoffs



'The Marlins Say All of Their Announcers Will Return'

...although Cookie is being considered for Fredi's staff.

Also overall Marlins TV ratings were 2.9, down from 4.2 last year. And the heavy hand of the Marlins was felt after FSN broadcast Zimmer's positive quote on Girardi. (MiamiHerald)


Girardi Described the Cubs' Needs - 4 Years Ago

'They have to bring in someone who is pretty assertive. And someone has to take control of the clubhouse and just try to change the attitude of the whole organization.' - quote from Joe in November 2002 before Cubs hired Dusty. (SunTimes)

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Still More Playoffs



Pompano Stadium Proposal Has Advantage Over Other Sites

The advantage?...Potential truckloads of money. 'It would be like stealing. And stealing was the crucial element missing from all those other plans.' (MiamiHerald)


Former Fish Delgado Shines in 1st Postseason Game

'In his first post-season game after 1,711 regular-season games, Delgado showed patience, plate discipline and power going 4-for-5 with a monster 470-foot shot to straightaway centre as the New York Mets edged the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-5 in the opener of the best-of-five National League Division Series before 56,979 fans at Shea Stadium.' (TorontoSun)


Former Manager Basketball Team Complete

...as Showalter joins Girardi, Baker, Alou, and Robinson in the wait room. (ChronicleHerald.ca)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Angry Marlins Fans Stuns Local TV Bigwig

'Never in my tenure as Managing Editor of NBC6.net has any sports story generated as much passionate response from viewers as Girardi's firing. Not even the Heat championship run generated the number of e-mails we received during the past 24 hours.' (NBC6.net)


More Playoffs



Opinions on Yesterday's Firing-Hiring

Greg Cote: 'It was interesting Tuesday how the new man, Gonzalez, answered when asked what he thought of the 2006 Marlins. His perspective is sharp; he saw Florida 19 times as Atlanta Braves third base coach.

'"Outstanding. Impressive," he said. "They played happy."

'Give Girardi credit for creating that atmosphere. It's far too easy to trot out the tired notion that managers aren't important simply because they aren't pitching and hitting. Even Beinfest admitted, ``Good managers can make a bad team good. Good managers can make a good team great.''

'The Marlins hired themselves a good one, just the right one to guide this young team, and then fired him in a pique because he proved a bit too strong-willed for the masters of the organization. Presumably Gonzalez -- whom the Marlins passed over in favor of Girardi a year earlier -- will be more pliant to management's power needs and whims.

'It is not incongruous to bemoan Girardi's unfair departure and also to note that Gonzalez, 42, looks like a good hire in every way. The latter has a deep background with the club, has spent four years in Atlanta learning from wise Bobby Cox and -- being Cuban-born, Miami-raised and bilingual -- enters his new market as comfortably as fingers slide into old baseball mitts.

'It's just that he happens to be taking a job that ought not have been available.' (MiamiHerald)

Dave Hyde: 'The Marlins' front office isn't perfect. Its public relations can be shaky. Its stadium thinking remains unclear. Its profit level has become staggering in light of the payroll. Its relations with the commissioner's office remains contentious.

'But when it comes to making baseball decisions the Marlins typically are an honor-roll student and up for smartest-kid-in-the-class discussion. That's where you start in any reasonable discussion of how it sounds unseemly but understandable that Girardi could be named Manager of the Year and fired in the same season.

'If the front office and manager have treated each other like sparring partners all year, as Beinfest says, the Marlins have blown only one big baseball decision of late and it's not firing Girardi.

'It's hiring him in the first place.' (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Playoffs Start Today




The highs and lows and ups-and-downs of the '06 season.


Sign Petition for a Downtown Stadium



Anibal Named NL Rookie of the Month (Sept. Edition)


Monday, October 02, 2006


"Centers" Vs. Stadiums

'Miami's Carnival Center for the Performing Arts welcomes its first audiences this week, but a decade-long struggle with delays and budget woes isn't over yet. As the final touches were being applied, the project's cost rose to $518.1 million -- and is likely to go higher.

'It has become the largest single public-private project in South Florida history, according to Miami-Dade County Manager George M. Burgess.

'With hopes for a $460 million domed Florida Marlins stadium sputtering once again, the arts has trumped sports in South Florida with the most expensive cultural project south of the Lincoln Center in New York City.' (SunSentinel)

AND FARTHER NORTH...: 'Florida Atlantic University had the opportunity to compete to bring a major league baseball team spring training base to Boca Raton. Unfortunately, this was stymied by political weakness and the money pit known as the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

'Some background: As a baseball fanatic, last year I contacted FAU Athletic Director Craig Angelos and suggested that he combine the FAU need for a new baseball complex with an attempt to bring a major league team to Boca Raton for spring training. The complex also would be available to local high schools and youth groups during the remaining 320 days in the year. (Note: I have no financial interest in such venture.)

'A number of teams who train in Florida were considering moving (either within Florida or to Arizona) and they were open to discussion. Not surprisingly, the teams wanted to know that local politicians were in favor of having them. The state of Florida this spring enacted legislation that provides a portion of funding for a spring training complex and which requires match funding by local government.

'We turned to the local Palm Beach County commissioners and the mayor of Boca Raton for support for a project. To our surprise, we were met with responses ranging from indifference to hostility. Only Rep. Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach, stepped up as an advocate.

'A letter from the head of the Tourist Development Council explained why no hotel bed tax money would be available. Apparently, this money was needed to "cover other losses in the future" at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. This is in addition to the "over $80 million of bed tax funds in the Convention Center" already. Also, another $30 million "in other county funds" is being used to "offset the cost of building a $100 million Convention Center hotel."

'This led me to the Palm Beach County Convention Center Web site to see what we are getting for all this money. I was startled by, in my opinion, the pathetic list of forthcoming events, certainly when compared with the Broward County Convention Center: bridal expo, dive show, antique show -- hardly events that put heads in beds. Broward County need not worry about its Palm Beach County competitor.' (SunSentinel)


End-Of-Season Stuff

Many fans stayed till the end, even though the stadium was collapsing around them. Meanwhile, the veterans are thinking about where they'll be next year, just as Beinfest remained mum on Girardi's fate.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


ESPN: Girardi's Gone This Week

'According to the source, the chances are "99 out of 100" that Girardi's replacement will be Braves third-base coach Fredi Gonzalez.

'Girardi's firing could come at a Tuesday morning meeting with Marlins management, according to a report on MLB.com.

'One reason the Marlins want to act quickly on naming Girardi's successor? The Nationals. Former Atlanta executive Stan Kasten, now president of the Nats, is looking for a replacement for manager Frank Robinson and is expected to consider hiring Gonzalez.' (ESPN)


End Games


SUNNY-DAY: Fish win their finale on a walk-off hit by Jason Wood! in the 11th to beat the Phillies 3-2.


Samson Says Marlins Still in the Poorhouse


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