Saturday, June 30, 2007


Prayer Request

The Marlins have sucked on Sundays this year, losing their last 5 (and 8 of their last 9) Sunday games. Those of you attending houses of worship this morning, I hope you would spend just a second of your time in reflecting upon this situation. Thank you.


Cracked Fact

For the last seven Saturdays the Marlins have alternated wins-and-losses. If that pattern continues, and since the Marlins lost last Saturday, then we should be due for a win (jinx jinx). Hudson and Kim do the fling thing tonight. Foam Fish heads and Joan Jett spice up the evening's entertainment.


JINXED: The Marlins fought back valiently, but the overwhelming power of those lousy umpiring calls were just too much. Fish lose to the Braves 6-5, Mets win, Phillies and Nats lose.


Fredi Not Replacing Johnson for Jason Anytime Soon

"We have to be patient with him. It would be a disservice to him to think that after not pitching for nine months, he would be back to his form." (MiamiHerald)

Friday, June 29, 2007


Back to the NL East

The Marlins haven't played against a division rival since their game against the Braves on June 6. So here it is the 29th and it's the Braves again. James against Johnson tonight.


BLECH: Fish lose 12-3. Just seeing the final score may make you think, "Johnson blew it again". But Josh only gave up 2 of those runs in the 4 innings he struggled through. Obermueller and Tankersley gave up the bulk of the Atlanta scoring. (After the game Taylor was sent back to AAA and Lee Gardner brought back up.) Fredi's greatest move as manager so far was having Jason Wood pitch the ninth. Reynal Pinto pitched okay (hooray). For more fun, the Mets win two games, the Phillies lose two, and the Nats lose only one.


The Josh Report

Willingham has been playing with a hurt right knee since mid-May. ALSO: Johnson works to get his timing back. (Miami Herald)



Scott Olsen gets the most consecutive strikeouts at the start of a game in Marlins history, and Matt Treanor probably hit the shortest possible out-of-the-park home run ever at Joe-Pro-Phin. (SunSentinel)


Marketing Idea

The Marlins should take a cue from what's happening at their minor-league club the Greensboro Grasshoppers and install a stripper pole for between-innings entertainment. To quote their GM, it's "a quality-of-life enhancer."

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Pirates Sweep in the Swamp?

Duke verses Olsen in today's early afternoon attempt at a game. There's an 80% chance of rain today. 21,000 kids are expected to show up and experience dampness.


DAMP-PANTS: Marlins almost gave up a 6-run lead, hold on to win 9-7. Philly wins, Mets need a dome.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Game 2 in the Tropics

D-Rain sprinkled on D-Train last night. More rain's in the forecast for today. (Really, MLB and the Marlins should design with a ballpark/water flume ride combination instead of that retractable dungeon model that they're in love with.) Van Benschoten against Mitre is scheduled for tonight.


TROPICAL-DEPRESSION: Marlins lose. Mets and Braves win, Phillies and Nats did the other thing.


The H. Wayne Landscaping Challenge

Since a new ballpark by 2011 is becoming a little less likely every day, Huizenga announces that, sure, if the Marlins want they can extend their stay at his stadium, but only if they can find some way to magically make the infield dirt disappear during football games. (SunSentinel)


Errin' on Aaron

Boone's little knee tweak ("Our people looked at it. I think it's not as bad as we first thought", said Fredi) develops into a stint on the DL. (PalmBeachPost)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Computer-Crash Edition

Pirates come to play tonight.


CRASH!: Computer's up, Marlins down. The game lasts just 2-and-a-quarter hours. Willis tosses 114 pitches, gives up 3 runs, still loses. Mets and Nats lose. Phillies and Braves won.


Even More Reason to Heckle David Samson

Because, as even he admits, it would be 'poetic justice'. Can't stand in the way of poetry, now should we? (SunSentinel)

Monday, June 25, 2007


More Former Fish News

John Cangelosi is to be inducted into the Appleton (WI) Baseball Hall of Fame. (

FORMER-FISH-TRIVIA: Which former Marlins exec now runs the world's largest music festival? (Here's the Answer)


Day of Rest

The Marlins (and Philly) get the day off. The Mets host the Cardinals tonight, while the Nats invade Atlanta.


QUIK-CAP: Nats lose, Mets win.


More Sportswriter 'Grumblings' About Fredi's Game 'Management'

This time from Ethan J. Skolnick. (SunSentinel)


Interleague Results

Atlanta was the big loser of the NL East in interleague contests this year, ending up with a record of 4-11. After all the whining of the Mets faithful over their unfair interleague schedule, they end up with an winning 8-7 record. Philly also went 8-7. The Marlins and Nationals both ended up with a 9-9 interleague record.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sunday's Games


FOOEY: Marlins lose 7-4. Atlanta loses. Mets, Nats, and Phillies win.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Twins Game No. 2

Carlos Silva will be out there for the Twins. Josh Johnson will be out there for the Marlins. Jo Dee Messina will be out there after the game. And the fireworks will be out there in the air.


GOSH-JOSH: Johnson gets hammered again as the Fish lose 11-1. All NL East teams except the Mets lose.


Player's Union Thinks Anibal May Have Been Screwed

They're checking "whether the Marlins knew the right-hander was injured before it sent him to Class AAA Albuquerque on May 4." Fredi says, "I had no idea," and Kranny says, "It took a lot of us by surprise." (PalmBeachPost)

BUT: The fact that FishStripes' Craig figured out that something was wrong with Anibal back on May 5 and that something was fishy about Fredi and Kranny's explanations about Sanchez's demotion, suggests either that his injury wasn't as unobvious as it was being portrayed, or that the Marlins staff are oblivious to what's right in front of them.


"My Arm Is On My Shoulder; That's All That Matters."

Mr. Willis puts to rest all of our concerns, as his next start has been pushed back to Tuesday. (MiamiHerald)


I've Been Wondering Also...

...about what happened to the New Stadium talks. Earlier this year there were suggestions that some announcement needed to be made around May, for the Marlins to have enough time to construct a ballpark before their self-imposed deadline. It's near the end of June and still nothing. Capefish guesses the principal players may just be on vacation. The supposed 'point man', MLB Prez Bob DuPuy, has recently returned from a trip to China and brought back some players. (oh oh, hope we won't be hearing 'the Beijing Marlins' anytime soon.)

Friday, June 22, 2007


The Twins Arrive

It's the first time ever that the Twins have played in SoFla - Luis Castillo and Mike Redmond return to their old stomping grounds. The Twins have almost half the amount of errors this year than the Marlins do. Mr. Boof Bonser will fling the spheroid against the Marlins, whilst Mr. Scott Olsen will attempt the same against the Twins.


OOF!: Morneau should be okay after a hard collision with Olivo at the plate. Marlins pull out a win on Hanley's homer. All NL East teams won except Atlanta.


See Ya Next Year, Anibal

The exploratory surgery turned into a repair job; hopefully Sanchez will be ready for spring training....ALSO: Vanden Hurk and Coghlan are chosen for the Futures Game. (SunSentinel)


Why Tonight's Game Won't Be On FSN Florida/SunSports

Tom Jicha explains the thought process, such as it is, behind the decisions made on which games will not be telecast. (SunSentinel)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


NL East Takes a Breather Today

You can check to see if Sammy hits that elusive No. 601, or if Roger fares well in Colorado.



In the News...

Doctors will be taking an excursion into Anibal's shoulder today. Meanwhile, Dontrelle's arm hasn't fallen off yet, so he still expects to make his next start. (And Kranitz and the pitchers expound on the value of bad bullpen sessions.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Afternoon Rubber Game

Fish are again over .500 on the road. Florida "has scored 26 runs in its last four games." But don't get too excited, though.


OKAY-NOW-YOU-CAN-GET-EXCITED: Marlins beat the White Sox 5-4,...And Every Other NL East Team Lost! Florida's now 4.5 games out of first.


Dontrelle's Next Start Iffy



Buyers or Sellers?

'"It's a little early," Beinfest said when asked if the Marlins will be buyers or sellers. "Generally, decisions are made for you. I'm not sure this team has played its best baseball. Hopefully it hasn't. I don't really know exactly what's going to happen 51/2 weeks from now. We'll see."' (PalmBeachPost)

'"When you're talking about buyers and sellers, I think you're always a buyer. You're always trading for something and buying something.

'"We're trying to win. We're not hoping to get [to a certain] mark. We're hoping to get to October."' (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Game 2 in the South Side

D-Train against Danks tonight.


OW!-YAY!: Willis pulled after one inning, but the bullpen contains the Sox - Marlins win 7-5. Mets, Braves and Nats lose. Phillies win


Ozzie Does the Tough Love Thing on El Gordo

'Guillen -- one of baseball's most outspoken figures -- pulled no punches. He told Cabrera he needed to lose weight.

'"I'm a little upset with him," Guillen said. "You're still young. He knows he has a problem with that. When you are young and good, you can get away with it. But when you're older and you're not hitting home runs, then they will call you a fat boy from Venezuela.

'"I saw him in the spring and he was [skinny], and then I saw him again later and said, "You've been eating a lot of arepas," he joked. "When your mother is Venezuelan and your wife is Venezuelan, you are going to get fat. If he keeps getting bigger, his future is in the Mexican League."' (MiamiHerald)

MORE: Ozzie on the state of the Marlins...

'"When I was there the first playoff (series) in San Francisco (in 2003), you see McCovey Cove and everything orange and black. Then you go to Chicago and it's Ron Santo and the Ivy. Then we went to New York and they got all those (plaques honoring Yankees) players," he said.

'"Then we go to our place and it's Don Shula and the 1972 team. That's depressing. I mean, that's bad. ... I'd like to know what the Dolphins have done better than the Marlins over the years?"

'Guillen was reminded about the mystique of the '72 Dolphins and their perfect season.

'"That's a hundred years ago," he said. "The Marlins win in 2003. That's five years ago and nobody talks about it. That's (wrong). The Dolphins haven't had a winning season in years and everything's 'Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins.' The Marlins put a good product out there and they don't think about that."

'Guillen said the market and government should do more to help build a ballpark for a Marlins team that has won two titles - in 1997 and 2003.

'"All of a sudden the Heat are better than the Marlins? What did they do? They won one (championship)," he said.

'He did say that the South Florida media might treat him better than what he's received in Chicago during the 4-17 skid the White Sox took into Monday's game.

'"I wish I could be with the Marlins today because nobody would talk about me like they do here," he said.

'"But the thing is, why don't they put more attention on the team? They should appreciate what they did in the past. Don't keep blaming the owners. They're going to regret it."

'Asked whether he would try to move the Marlins out of Florida if he owned the team, Guillen replied: "Of course, I'd leave. You don't support me?"

'Then he praised owner Jeffrey Loria for building competitive teams despite low payroll and small attendance.

'"Believe me, because I watch those games: It's fun to watch those kids," he said.

'"I tip my hat to the Marlins' organization every day. They don't have the support from the fans They don't have the support from investors. They play in the wrong park. ...People criticize the owners, but meanwhile they don't support the ballclub."

'Part of the problem, he said, is that the Marlins began play in just 1993, so they're fan base is young compared with other markets.

'"The Marlins fans are still babies, still young kids,'' he said. "They're doing a tremendous job putting all those kids together. I think it's going to be not too far away they'll see a winning ballclub, a good ballclub."'(PalmBeachPost)


Fredi Embraces the Errors

"It annoys everybody, but errors are part of the game...You have to keep working at them. We're doing that. It's just one of those things. I think it will get better. It's got to get better." (Yahoo)


Our Yearly Alex Arias Report

The former Marlin starts his new career as manager of the Blufield (W.V.) Orioles. (

Monday, June 18, 2007


Needing Shelter

The Marlins return to their former emergency home stadium today. (They'll probably need an umbrella, though it may get blown away.) Tonight Josh Johnson makes his 2007 MLB debut against Jose Contreras.


CAVE-IN: Marlins lose 10-6. Nats and Phillies lose - Mets and Braves win.


Couple of Notes

Why is Miguel so fat?.....Dontrelle's candy store!

Buster Olney speculates on Girardi becoming the next Orioles' manager.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Who'll be Receding?

Two starters who pitched great in their most recent games face off against each other today.


PHEW!: Royals squeak by the Marlins 5-4 (both of the Miguels went 0-for-8). Nats win. Braves and Phillies lose. Mets lose, destroying the symmetry.


A Survivor in Our Strange Baseball World

Andy Call finds possibly the one Marlins employee that has been with the team since 1993, a person who "is obviously nervous about being interviewed." (

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Who'll Be Rebounding?

Two starters who pitched crappy in their most recent games face off against each other tonight.


WHEW!: Marlins squeak by the Royals 9-8 (both of the Miguels had a good game). Mets and Nats lose. Braves and Phillies win.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Back to Kansas City

It's been 5 years since the Marlins have played in KC. The Royals have been on a tear recently. Mitre to go up against Meche tonight.


TORN: Fish lose 6-2. The Nl East race re-widens as the Mets and Braves win while the Phillies and Nats lose.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dontrelle Vs. Who?

'Left-hander Jason Stanford was scheduled to arrive Wednesday night in Miami and start tonight against the Marlins. "It was his day to pitch," Manager Eric Wedge explained. "He's done a pretty good job down there (at Triple-A Buffalo) for the most part."' (


THE-EMPIRE-STRIKES-BACK: Cleveland extracts its revenge, winning 2-of-3 games against the Marlins, and in last night's game trampling over Dontrelle's hand in the process. Turncoat Borowski closes the door and the Fish lose 3-2 - another losing home series in Miami. The NL East race continues to compress, as Altanta loses and Washington wins.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Lee Vs. Kim Tonight


SUSPICIONS: 'A minor-league umpire filling in as a substitute' throws out Tankersley on an 0-2 pitch with the game on the line. Thus screwed, the Marlins lose 7-3, and so far no reports have surfaced that the Naples Daily News had their hand in any of this.

RACE-TIGHTENING-CONTINUES: Mets and Braves lose - Phillies and Nats win.


More Historical Moments Ahead For The Marlins?

Joe Capozzi discusses the possibility that the Marlins will be playing the Giants at about the same time that Bud Selig and Hank Aaron won't be in the stands. (PalmBeachPost)


Aaron Loves the Indians

'"There's not a classier organization in sports," the veteran Florida Marlins first baseman said Tuesday. "I met people there I'll have lifelong relationships with. I talk to somebody from Cleveland almost every week."' (

ANOTHER: Joe Borowski also enjoys playing for the dark side. (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Evil Indians Come To Town

The scumbag organization that broke the hearts of the good people of the town of Homestead by going back on their word to relocate their spring training home there (even after the folks of that city devestated by Hurricane Andrew abandoned the repairs to their own homes to help get the stadium ready for the Indians' arrival) returns to South Florida to seek vengence against the Marlins for that team's righteous and honourable victory over Cleveland in the World Series of 1997. Fausto Carmona against Scott Olsen tonight.


YES!: Fish allow only 3 Cleveland hits and no walks. Olsen kept them down and Olivo brought them home - Marlins win 3-0.

RACE-COMPRESSION-RECAP: Phillies and Nats win, Braves and Mets lose. Florida now 5 games behind division-leading Mets.


So Many Things...

Clark Spencer discusses how underrated Willingham is, while Josh explains how he likes dealing with the media, except when he doesn't.

Oh No! Anibal's resurging arm troubles is forcing a trip to Birmingham and the laboratory of Dr. Andrews.

Danny's going for the doubles record.

Miguel gets an injury and still ends up as the NL Player of the Week.

The Sun-Sentinel's Mike Berardino presents his multi-layered look at the '97 Marlins, while his work partner Juan C. Rodriguez reports on Armando Benitez's regrets about his '97 playoff performance with the Orioles.

Monday, June 11, 2007


No Home Loss Today the local papers' all point out how the Fish are the only MLB team at the moment to have a losing home record and a winning road record.

Anyway, tonight the Mets will be playing the Dodgers and the White Sox will visit the Phillies.


RACE-TIGHTENING-RECAP: Mets lose. Phillies win.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Damn! My Car Broke Down!

And Damn! The Marlins lost! Thank goodness the Mets lost too! Here are the late scores...


DAMN: Braves won. Phillies and Nats lose, though.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


It Ain't Over Until WHO Sings?

Well, tonight it's probably Gloria Gaynor. Welcome to Super Saturday Disco Night at the stadium, followed by those world-famous neighborhood-annoying fireworks.

And, oh yeah, Dontrelle is slated to go up against James Shields (I just knew they were going to be playing a game in there somewhere).


BOO!: Marlins lose 7-2. Mets lose. Nats, Braves, Phillies win.


The Return of a Legend

The best part of the 1997 season (besides winning the championship, that is) was MUSCLE BOY! Emily J. Minor finally tracks him down...(PalmBeachPost)

Friday, June 08, 2007


Time to Own The Stadium

In contrast to when teams like the the Mets come to town, there are usually not a whole lot of Devil Rays fans in attendance when they come to play in South Florida, so it should be Marlins Fan Land at the ballpark tonight (I should bring my Devil Rays cap just to scare somebody). The Rays have won 4 out of their last 5, and have won their last two games up in Toronto (Thursday's game was against A.J. Burnett). Our man Kim is scheduled to be up against J.P. Howell, who whupped some Royals butt in his debut on Sunday. Akinori Iwamura should be back in leadoff tonight. Kind of a damp day expected here in dome-less Miami Gardens.


AINT-OVER-TILL-ITS-OVER: Gee, wasn't it radio's Roxy Bernstein who was saying around about the 4th inning that if the game he was watching was on his PlayStation he would have hit the restart button by now? Well, it seems the Marlins' restart button was hit instead. Fish went from behind 8-2 to winning the game 14-8. Atlanta and Philly loses. Mets and Nats win.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Draft Day, No Play Today

Marlins get the 12th pick, the 77th pick, and then the 107th pick. Watch the excitement on ESPN2. As Jim Fleming says, "We'll definitely have a lot of snacks in there." (MiamiHerald)(PalmBeachPost)

MEANWHILE: The team gets the day off. But the rest of the NL East will be out there swinging and tossing.


DRAFT-THIS: Marlins pick possible-Cabrera-replacement Matt Dominguez in the 1st round. (The Fish didn't snag a pitcher until the 5th round.)

NOT-SO-BAD-DAY-OFF: Nats and Braves lose. The Phillies win in the 10th inning to complete a 3-game sweep of the Mets at Shea.


Former Marlin News

Trevor Hoffman gets his 500th save, while Chris Clapinski is writing columns (and taking a shot at Joe-Pro-Phin Stadium) for the 'Desert Sun'.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Another Day Game

It looks like Kyle Davies verses Scott Olsen today.

TODAY'S-TRIVIA: Which former Marlins player was the last batter to go up against Nolan Ryan in a MLB game? (the answer's in this page)


AFTERNOON-DELIGHT: Marlins beat Braves 7-4 - Scott Olsen stayed for only 4.1 innings, even though he has the highest batting average of any of the Marlins who played today. Fish get "only its second series win in Atlanta since 2002", and (according to the radio guys) have won 7 games on a road trip for only the 2nd time in their history.

MORE: Washington wins. Philly beats the Mets.


USA Today Profiles Miguel

Jorge L. Ortiz writes about the Cabrera family's successes and sacrifices, Miguel's past accomplishments, his future with the Marlins and with baseball, and his ring tones and Sunday barbecues. (USAToday)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Double The Fun

Barring the need for a "mystery pitcher", it seems it's Mitre vs. Smoltz at 2:35 ET this afternoon, and VandenHurk vs. Carlyle afterwards.


OOPS-AGGH-YAY-OUCH!: I got the Braves pitchers switched around, but anyway, the Braves win the first game on a rather generous strike call, then the Marlins win the second game with a pitching gem from Vanden Hurk, but then Cabrera pulls up lame. Washington loses, Philly beats the Mets in 11 innings.



Edgar and Fredi give advice for Hanley...MLB be coming down on Olsen...Mitre's still sore as of'll still be a while before Mike, Ricky and Anibal return. (SunSentinel)

Miguel is now #2 in All-Star Balloting for 3rd Base.

TODAY'S TRIVIA: How many players in Marlins history have returned to the Marlins a second time after playing elsewhere? (answer is in this story)

Monday, June 04, 2007


Back to Atlanta

The Braves pitch Tim Hudson tonight, while the Marlins send out Less-Rest-Wes


WIN!: Marlins defeat Braves 6-4. Philly loses.


"Honey, I Shrunk the Ballpark"

Mike Berardino suggests the Marlins front office follow the A's example. (SunSentinel)


Yin Yang

Uggla's hitting .385 on the road trip, and leads the team in homers and is one behind the NL lead in doubles. While Hanley has 7 hits in his last 40 at-bats "and his average with runners in scoring position now stands at .212."


Recovery Roundup

Josh Johnson is looking good, and so does Carlos Martinez

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Game 4


SHUT-THE-DOOR: Marlins lose 3-0. Philly was the only NL East winner.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Game 3

Kim and Capuano battle it out.


VICTORY-CAP: Capuano gets his 500th strikeout and hits a homer, but that homer's all the Brewers got off of Kim for 6 innings. Fish win 5 to 2 - Pinto gets a blown save, Lindstrom gets the win, Benitez gets a hold (and strikeout no. 900), and Gregg gets the save. The Nats lose, and the rest of the NL East wins.


Jopeful Signs

To see if a team's problem veteran closer can have success someplace else, I checked on how Jorge Julio's doing with Colorado. So far, not too bad - in 5 innings pitched in 6 games he's given up 3 hits, 3 walks, made 3 strikeouts, and has a 1.80 ERA.

Friday, June 01, 2007


New Blog Alert

Putting out a strong 9.723473067483115 on the Sarcaz-O-Meter is the brand new Marlins entry in the MLBlogs domain, Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker.

Enjoy the report on Randy M. for Giants fans, the top ten Super Saturday suggestions, the new monument for the visitor's clubhouse, and the tender hearts of the Phillies. (Who'da thought counting Mets fans could be entertaining?)


Olsen Against Suppan Tonight

Florida will attempt to keep its road record above .500 tonight.

Besides Old Double-B, the Marlins activated Henry Owens, but Fredi says Kevin Gregg is still the closer.


THE-500-CLUB: Fish lose in drippy Miller Park 8-5. Armando pitches a scoreless inning after getting his old number back from Byung-Hyun. Atlanta wins, Philadelphia loses. Washington wins, New York loses.

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