Sunday, February 26, 2012


In And Out

Here is a probably incomplete list of who joined and who left the Marlins club during the off-season...

Not with the Org. Now with the Org.
Ozzie Martinez Ozzie Guillen
Jhan Marinez Ricardo Andres
Brian Sanches Joey Cora
Vinny Rottino Gary Thurman
Perry Hill Wade Le Blanc
Joe Thurston Heath Bell
Brandon Hyde Robert Ray
Darin Downs Donnie Webb
John Baker Jake Jeffries
Burke Badenhop Aaron Rowand
Manatees Jose Reyes
Mermaids Mark Buehrle
Jose Lopez Nick Green
Corey Hart Bobby Ramos
Chris Volstad Brendon Sagara
Elih Villanueva Carlos Zambrano
Clay Hensley Chad Gaudin
Brad Davis Donovan Solano
Terry Tiffee
Gil Velasquez
Rob Delany
Austin Kearns
Gary Glover
J D Nartin
Beau Jones
Alberto Bastardo

Monday, February 20, 2012


In Other News...

We drove by the new stadium last week. On the outside there is still much construction equipment and scaffolding surrounding the project, with its first public event coming in two weeks. It was a weekday around 2:30PM - and traffic was a crowded, stop-and-go, lane-changing mess along 7th Street and 17th Avenue, two main arteries that lead into the park. Turning onto a side-road near the west side of the stadium we faced one of the guarded construction gates; turning left from there we immediately faced a chicken crossing the road.

Scott Cousins continues the team's numerological experiments.

Michael Jong "celebrates" ten years of Jeffrey.

A Met fan's perspective on Gary Carter.

And spring training gets going this week.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Stuff That Happened

More rumor talk goes for naught, as Cespedes takes one look at the new ballpark's home run celebration 'feature' and signs with an AL team that's 2500 miles from Miami.

Boni may still be smiling.

Carl Barger's family isn't smiling.

Josh says he's healthy.

Infante arrives at camp pre-injured.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


More Notices

The auction for Reyes' hair ends today. (nbcmiami)

Jeffrey's probably looking for something to auction off for extra cash now that Anibal won in arbitration. (gmanetwork)

And the Marlins may need to have Oviedo pitch through Skype. (foxsportsflorida)

Sunday, February 05, 2012


This Week's Stuff

The Marlins enforce their "strict grooming policy" on Jose Reyes...

...just as the newly-installed grass will be allowed to grow long and shaggy...

...which may allow LoMo to do some smooth LoMoing;....

...meanwhile Anibal finds out on Monday how much green he will be rolling around in.

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