Friday, March 31, 2006


MLB Taking Over the Marlins?

"There has even been speculation that Major League Baseball could take over the team as it did the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals." (Times-Leader)

OOPS: In this article Paul Hagan quotes Loria as saying:

"We do need a place to play in 2010....I've said that a million times, but we do have to find a solution to this. A domed facility."

A Domed Facility? And no mention of it moving?? Oh, boy! - here comes The Trop Part Deux!


We're Number One! We're Number One!

It takes a former Marlin to beat the Fish, who finish with the best Spring record in baseball. (SLAMSports)

Now, let the misery begin! (MiamiHerald)


More New Scoreboard News

Last night at around 7:40 I drove by the stadium and looked at what was happening with the new hi-def scoreboards. Turns out they were showing an episode of "The Big Valley". (Pass the popcorn.)

Thursday, March 30, 2006


S. A. Trying to Prove That They're Viable

"Bexar County paid an economist $50,000 to predict the area's financial future and to see if residents here can support another team." Guess what he concluded? (


Joel Sherman Says "Don't Be Surprised If...

"The Marlins complete a total renovation by trading Miguel Cabrera (the Mets, A's, Angels, Red Sox) and Dontrelle Willis (Dodgers, Giants, Blue Jays, Rangers)." (NYPost)


Pierre Still Having Trouble

This spring he "is hitting .222 with a .246 on-base percentage and one stolen base in four attempts." (

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Carpenter Pitches Great, but Marlins Still Beat Cards 6-5



Bye Bye All-Time Pinch Hit Leader

ALSO: An 'adios' to Kerry, a 'see ya later' to Scott, and 'maybes' to Matt and Mike. (

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A Couple of Fun Quotes From This Year's Previews

"When Jeffrey Loria was owner of the erstwhile Montreal Expos, he willfully ran the team into the ground. Now, baseball's favorite saboteur is pressing the pillow over the face of the Florida Marlins."- Dayn Perry (FOXSports)

"After dealing away practically an All-Star team this offseason, Florida owner Jeffrey Loria wiped his hands clean of more talent Ashlee Simpson could only dream of having." - Shawn Clarke (


When Will These Marlins Start Playing Down to Their Potential?

"'It just gets worse every day,' manager Joe Girardi said Tuesday, when the Marlins beat the New York Mets 12-7." (SLAMSports)


Jorg Jettisoned to Cincy,...

...Marlins get Piste. ALSO: Fish acquire Wellemeyer's experienced 6.19 ERA for Holdskom and McCormack. (MLB)


Hilarious Barry Jackson Quote

"(A) ballpark in Hialeah appears unlikely, partly because Robaina has decided not to ask residents to vote on a tax to help finance it (unlike San Antonio's approach). Miami-Dade County also seems unwilling to take the referendum route." (MiamiHerald)

BWAHAHAHAHA! 'Unwilling'? How about 'Not out of their minds'?

Yes, I know Capefish said it could be done, as the vote for the AAA showed. Great! - so all the Marlins need is Pat Riley, and they got it made. "Painted themselves in a corner" I think describes the Marlins' chances in this regard.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Still Getting Our Hopes Up?

Fish beat O's 5-4. (

Sunday, March 26, 2006


"Wedded to the Roof"

In this previous post I spewed my "stating-the-obvious" revelation that the Marlins had the funding on at least one occasion to build a open-air or possibly even a solid-dome stadium in South Florida, but the team's non-negotiable demand for a 'retractable roof' put the kibosh on the deal (or deals), and puts the team's future here in jeopardy.

It's "stating-the-obvious" because it's been said before, not just in suggestion-form by Huizenga, but by others higher up the bling-bling chain than I, as for instance in this Miami Herald article from last September:

"'The last five stadiums built don't have roofs,' (Miami Mayor Manny) Diaz said. 'Eleven of the last 15 don't have roofs. If a husband and wife can't afford a Mercedes, then they buy a Lexus or a Chevy.'

"But (Miami-Dade County Manager George) Burgess said the Marlins remain wedded to the roof, which Major League Baseball has said is a necessity for play in rain-prone South Florida. But Burgess all but scolded the team's inflexibility on the issue, noting that it has consistently rejected a proposal to build a roof-ready park and add a roof at a later date."

The operative statement here is "Major League Baseball has said (Ol' Roofie) is a necessity for play in rain-prone South Florida." That points to the ultimate major player in this drama as Bud Selig, someone known to throw money around like a man without arms.

As today's Barry Jackson article in the Herald (quoted here in the Marlins Ballpark News) alledges, "Marlins management -- knowing baseball values the South Florida market -- asked MLB to contribute toward stadium financing, but baseball balked, citing lack of precedent. MLB will pay $20 million for the Washington Nationals' new stadium (though that will be passed on to the team's eventual owner)."

So even when MLB breaks their own precedent they desperately find a way to unbreak it again. Could've some spare change from been found to toss towards D. C., a metro area not really recognized as having solved all of their own urban problems?

By the way, the D.C. City Council capped "the city's expenditures on the project at $611 million" (boy, that $20 million will sure help). And, even though they're also basically in a swamp, known to be reasonably hot, fetid and somewhat stormy in summertime, there doesn't seem to be a roof in their plans.

Of course in the middle of the summer misery here, a protective covering and air-conditioned breeze would be pleasurable.

But put it this way: If you had the choice between going to games in an open-air or maybe a solid-dome stadium during South Florida summers, or never going to MLB games in South Florida again, which would you prefer?

And what's the deal with the 'retractable' part, anyway? Solid-dome stadiums are supposed to be much cheaper than retractable ones, and they still keep the rain out. Even the city of Weston would have helped pay for one, just for shelter purposes.

You know what it is? Retractability is a Fashion Statement - just as much a fetish of these times (or even way back in the 90's!) as solid-dome stadiums like the Astrodome were in the 60's and 70's.

Loria and Samson have crowed and sung about how they are committed to finding a way to stay in South Florida. Okay, maybe they are. The question is, are they committed enough to this area that when their constantly-shifting deadline finally arrives, they would be willing to make, let's say, a slight modification to their inflexible demand for a sliding ceiling on their stadium, if not doing so would mean their departure from South Florida? Or is Selig really committed enough to this area to help pay for a roof (especially since he seemingly hasn't paid for anything since the Eisenhower administration)?


Is It Just Me, Or Is This Marlins Team Freaking You Out?

Sure, it's still spring training, but it's getting later and later in spring training, and the Fish keep on whupping the big boy's butts, as in today's game against Mark Mulder and the Cardinals. (SLAMSports)

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Marlins 6, Orioles 5

"Josh Willingham, who has been making progress defensively at catcher, made his first Grapefruit League start in left field...Miguel Olivo likely as the Opening Day catcher" (MLB)....but Matt Treanor wins today's game.(SLAMSports)


Willis Wins... the Marlins beat the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles in Vero, 9-2. (TheLedger)


The Red Sox - Now With More Marlins Veterans Than The Marlins!

Hee Seop Choi joins Beckett, Lowell in Beantown. (

Friday, March 24, 2006


Big SoFla Ratings For WBC Final

"In Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Monday's World Baseball Classic game generated a 6.6 rating (100,452 homes) -- along with San Diego, the highest among Nielsen's 55 metered markets."

MEANWHILE: Jayson Stark doesn't hate Cubans. (MiamiHerald)


Barry Jackson Says "Significant Progress Has Not Been Made" on Hialeah Stadium...

(MiamiHerald)...but "Descarga Deportiva" is saying otherwise. (MarlnsBallparkNews)

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Mets-Marlins Game Rained Out,...

...Samson demands Jupiter build invisible raindrop-vaporizing shield, threatens to move team to Gobi Desert. (MLB)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Taking 'Em For a Test Drive

"Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is inviting the entire (San Antonio) commissioner's court to the team's game against the Houston Astros in Houston in early April." (


Marlins Keep Winning

They beat the Dodgers (MiamiHerald), then the Orioles (SLAMSports).


H. Wayne - When You're Right, You're Right

Craig from FishStripes pointed to this Sun-Sentinel aritcle that quoted H. Wayne Huizenga's recent comments about the Marlins' situation. The quote Craig highlighted was...

"I'm not 100 percent sure baseball is going to work in South Florida."

This line is a pretty good example of the old saying, 'Nothing speaks like experience'. No matter what we know of the financials, it's pretty much a given that H. Wayne will find a way to extract the optimum amount of advantage from a situation. Just from his actions, Huizenga has shown that it's more advantageous to be a Former owner of the Marlins (and be in a position to drain payments from the franchise) than to be the underapprieciated owner.

But what about us die-hards, who hope beyond hope for the Marlins to remain with us? H. Wayne was reported dispensing 2 more pearls of wisdom for the Marlins brass.

"I think a new baseball park in the center of the population is what's needed."

Translation: Hey, Samson! - you'd better keep my number in your Blackberry, as putting your stadium next to mine is your only viable option!

And, of course, Huizenga then hits the crux of the whole problem:

"I'm not so sure you have to have a retractable roof."

And then, figuratively, the heavens opened...and the way becomes clear. The Marlins Have Always Had The Funding To Build A Stadium Here! They had it with the City of Miami, they probably had it at some point with Huizenga. Where the supposed 'shortfalls' have happened, it has always been an amount just enough or almost enough to cover the projected cost of the "retractable roof". Take away that "requirement" and the Marlins could be building their new park today.

More on this later....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Center Field Up in The Air... Joey Gathright fades back into the Tampa Bay haze. (PalmBeachPost)


Charlotte Officials 'Confident' About Staying in the Minor Leagues

All Jerry Reese needs to find to change their minds is a half-billion dollars. (CharlotteObserver)

Monday, March 20, 2006


Gary Sheffield Misses Marlins and their Fans

"I go to Miami, and people still remember you,...Those are the things I remember and appreciate.

"When you get that kind of love from somewhere, you kind of miss it." (SporTechMatter)


Nolan Ryan Puts No Money Where his Mouth Is

"Major League Hall Of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan met with County Judge Nelson Wolff and commissioners on Monday about the Marlins. Ryan says San Antonio is ready for a major league baseball team.

"Ryan already owns two Texas minor-league teams, and wouldn't say whether he would invest in the San Antonio Marlins." (

MEANWHILE: They best be planning for an underground stadium, 'cause you know Texas does get them tornadoes. (


Remember Last Year...

...when Willis was doing off-season sprinting with Pierre? Now, he's having trouble running with Roger Clemens. "I ran poles with him, and I'm trying to keep up with a 40-year-old man." Meanwhile, Krannitz is trying to get Dontrelle to remember last year, pitching-wise. (MiamiHerald)


Former Fish News

Leiter finally leaves, while A. J. has scar tissue issues. (

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Beinfest's Boys Blasted By Bronx Bombers,...

(SLAMSports)....then Fish feast on Flushing fellows 5-0. (MLB)

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Marlins "Might be Baseball's Most Irrelevant Team this Summer"

A view of the possiblities and downsides of Marlins fire sales past and present, with comments from Redmond, Gonzo, Girardi, and Eric Reed. (NaplesNews)


Girardi Faces His 'Tutor' Today


Friday, March 17, 2006



Saw them testing the new high-def scoreboard driving past the stadium last evening. What a picture! They were just aiming cameras at piles of junk, it seemed, but the screen is huge and the pictures sharp and clear even looking from 27th Avenue. This thing has the potential to be very impressive.


Teammates Praise Nolasco

"'He overpowered everybody on my team,' said Uggla, a member of the Diamondbacks' Southern League affiliate that Nolasco beat three times in four tries. 'To me, his fastball and his curveball look exactly the same coming out of his hand. I can't tell you how many times he'd bust me in with a fastball and come back with a curveball, and I'm bailing out. Nobody does that to me, nobody last year anyway'....

"'He spots up so nice,' Andino said. 'He just paints so good, in and out. He knows how to work it. He ain't scared.'" (SunSentinel)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Dodgers 5, Marlins 2

Dodgers hit 4 homers. (SLAMSports)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


SoFla Stadium Talks Stalled? Well, Maybe in English...

...but check out what's being reported on Hispanic radio...(MarlinsBallparkNews)


Mitre, Nolasco Looking Good... more players are sent down, Cabrera is expected back, and rumors of trades continue (oh, yeah, and the Fish and Cards tie.) (MLB)


Marlins to San Antonio: Give Us 'A Few More Weeks'

But will MLB allow a MOU? (MiamiHerald)

MORE: What could also possibly make or break a deal in this land of cheap concrete?...That's right - the cable deal! (

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Fish First Baseman

Erik Siegrist details the "Titanic Spring Roster Battle" between Jacobs and Stokes. (BaseballToaster)


Girardi Gets Thrown Out, Olsen Gets Lit Up, Hanley Hits, Reed RBI's

Washington beats Florida 10-3 (SI.Com), and Florida beats Washington 2-1 (SLAMSports)


Split Squads Today

Scott Olsen to start in Jupiter, Ricky Nolasco in Viera. (MiamiHerald)


Dontrelle in the WBC: 12.71 ERA in 5 2/3 Innings

"'I think I was very composed out there,' Willis said. 'I had a great game plan. I just didn't execute it. When I missed the zone, they squared up balls. I just had bad rhythm today.

"'I'm still excited to be here. The bottom line is, I'm just not playing good baseball. I'm a man and I can admit that.'" (ESPN)

Monday, March 13, 2006


McKeon Gets 1st Look at New Marlins; Marlins Lose to Orioles

"'This is Joe's team,' McKeon said. 'I'm from the old school. I don't like going in people's clubhouses, even when I was general manager. That's the manager's domain. ... If he wants anything, I'll be glad to help him.'" (SI.Com)

MORE: Jack also wondering where Jeffrey's few "good fans" went...

"'I feel sorry for the fans in this area, because eventually when they don't have baseball, they are going to go back and realize that maybe they should have gotten on the politicians a little bit and pushed them a little harder,' McKeon said....

"'I know sometimes Jeffrey gets criticized by some people, but I know deep inside since I've been with him that he has always wanted to keep this club in Florida,' McKeon said. "That was his intention, to build a tradition here in Florida. But I understand the situation, he needs a stadium.'

"After the Marlins won their second World Series championship in 2003, McKeon felt there was enough public interest stirred up to get a stadium deal done.

"'I thought for sure after we revitalized the area, and the enthusiasm,' McKeon said.

"Other markets have come through using a combination of public and private money to build stadiums. McKeon points out how Indianapolis is completing a $500 million project for a new football stadium after upgrading its Triple-A stadium.

"' You say, 'Hey, these people are on the ball. They realize the economic value of a professional franchise,' McKeon said." (MLB)


Fish Rumors: Wanting a Center Fielder

"OF Elijah Dukes' emergence this spring will make it easier for the Devil Rays to trade Joey Gathright. He isn't the only Marlins' only target to fille their center field opening, but he might be the most realistic. The Marlins also have inquired about the Tigers' Curtis Granderson, the Astros' Willy Taveras and the Mariners' Jeremy Reed. Their leading internal candidate, the 5-11, 170-pound Eric Reed, does not appear to be the answer. "He looks like a fungo," a rival scout says." (

MORE RUMORS: Or maybe imagining a possible trade with Cubs? (RealGMBaseball)


Stokes in Left...

...or Josh in left - either way they're using the same glove. (SunSentinel)

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Marlins 5, Nationals 2


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Mets (ss) 10, Marlins 6



Stokes Stroking

ALSO: Girardi puts his first heads on the chopping block. (SunSentinel)


Ryan Jorgensen's Journal Gets Noticed...

(oh, yeah, there it is.)(MiamiHerald)...Check it out on (PostingForMarch10)

Friday, March 10, 2006


Managing Editor of San Antonio Paper Against Marlins Coming to Town

"Surely the citys hierarchy of leadership realizes that this town isnt supporting minor league baseball so why would they even assume that there is enough sponsorship, err disposable income, to support the Marlins?...

"What San Antonio doesnt have in their whole equation are two things: land for a stadium and more importantly, a team. What is also very apparent is the fact that there are not many places to put a baseball stadium that meets MLB specifications in this city either...

"I dont think there is room in this one horse town for a thoroughbred and a mule; especially a $206 million mule that may cost as much as $700 million to stay on the farm. Questions need to be asked folks as to whether your pocketbook can handle another sports team here. From this vantage point, Major League Baseball in this town could be a giant size disaster." (


Hey, Maybe Anna Will Be In The Stands Today

Kris Benson vs. Yusmeiro Petit at Roger Dean Stadium, 1:05 PM today. (MLB)

UPDATE: Marlins beat Orioles, 7-2. (RochAroundtheClock)


Marlins Interested in Tomas Perez

"If (David) Bell gets healthy before spring training ends, expect the Marlins to be very interested in Perez, one baseball source said....Perez, a Phillie since 2000, recently told a Florida newspaper he would welcome a trade to the Marlins." (


Loria on Jeff Allison

"I liked him very much when I met him and spent some time with him...He has to go through the system like everybody else. Hopefully he'll put his life together. We're praying for him." (SunSentinel)

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Marlins 5, Nats 4


AND: Marlins (ss) 3, Cardinals 0 (


San Antonio Faxes a Proposal...

( what do San Antonians think about it?...

"Henry Flores, a political scientist and dean of the graduate school at St. Mary's University, believes voters would support Wolff's plan because it doesn't call for the imposition of a sales tax or ad valorem tax.

'"Without that, I think it will be an easy sell,' Flores said. 'There is a lot of sentiment in the community for a pro baseball or pro football team. If the proposal only calls for an extension of the hotel and rental-car taxes, voters will perceive the project as being paid for by visitors.'

"According to a WOAI/SurveyUSA Poll conducted this week, 72 percent of San Antonians would like to see a professional baseball team come to town. The poll revealed 41 percent would consider buying season tickets.

"Flores said voters are likely to trust Wolff, whose support as mayor was crucial in the allocation of money for the municipal baseball stadium that bears his name and in bringing a major boxing card to the Alamodome in 1993.

"'He is considered to have the most integrity of the politicians in this area and has garnered a lot of respect for his ability to build bridges between the public and private sector,' Flores said. 'If anyone is going to pull it off, Judge Wolff is going to be the one who does it.'"

MORE: Nolan Ryan's family may want to buy a chunk of the Marlins.(


Jeffrey Blames the Fans

"Let me say this about the stadium: There has been very little progress towards a new stadium...And, I was thinking the other day, reflecting back on the last four years, if any of the thousands of fans -- good fans -- who were on that World Series parade route were in touch with their elected officials and expressed their desire to keep the team in South Florida, and keep it going, it probably would have been done by now. I'm very surprised that it hasn't been done by now, especially with our contribution. That's really all I want to say about it. We have options, and we're looking at all our options right now." (MLB)

He's playing to an historically tough crowd. Remember what this supposedly football-crazy town forced Joe Robbie to do. "In the late 1970's and early 1980's after playing at the Orange Bowl for many years, Dolphins owner Joe Robbie began lobbying for a new stadium for his team. After voters continually rejected tax increases for a stadium to be built, Joe Robbie decided to have the stadium built himself." (

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Marlins 12, Boston 1

Hanley goes 3-for-3, scored 3 times. (SLAMSports)


Hard to Believe, But Someone Found A Billionaire in Texas...

...and he has a hankerin' to invest in the San Antonio Marlins. (SunSentinel)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Florida 22, Washington 12

Not many missed scoring opportunities today - Cepicky grand slams, Johnson pitches 3 shutout innings. (MLB)


Magrew Has a Chance

ALSO: Yesterday's missed scoring opportunities, why pitchers aren't batting, and possible traffic problems for Wednesday's game. (SunSentinel)

Monday, March 06, 2006


Marlins, Dodgers Skate to a Tie

Uh, slide to a tie? Strikeout to a tie? Oh, whatever...(Local10)


Samson to 'Encourage' San Antonians to Invest in the Team

"'For me to go to the voters for approval of a stadium, there has to be people attached to the Marlins from San Antonio and not just an owner who lives in New York and does not have a feel for San Antonio,' Wolff said. 'David knows that.'

"Asked if he has identified possible local investors, Wolff said: 'There is an interest, let's just put it that way.'

"A Marlins spokesman said Samson would 'encourage and expect to have' local ownership in the club should it move to San Antonio....

"'Local ownership is a key,' Wolff said. 'I'm not saying it all has to be local ownership, but a significant part has to be, so we believe we have some loyalty to the city.'" (

BUT: It seems potential investors from South Florida get a different story...

"Arriola alleged Samson contacted as many as 20 to 30 prospective investors. Samson denied that last week, saying the team invited influential community members to a meeting in 2002 to discuss possibly becoming minority shareholders, but Loria then decided he didn't want to sell any percentage and hasn't spoken to any potential investors since." (MiamiHerald)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Cardinals 6, Marlins 3

Petit got pounded. (


Bye Bye Pokey...

...wherever you are. (MLB)


Stadium Deal Could Have Been Finalized, But Arriola Didn't Fill a Room With His Presence sayeth the Samson: "Samson said the team was prepared in a September meeting to close the funding gap -- by then, $40 million to $50 million -- but the city didn't physically attend. (Arriola participated by speaker phone.)" This and other behind-the-scenes blather involving Diaz, Cisneros, Codina in today's Herald.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Marlins 9, Cardinals 0



Ben Jacobs Reviews Marlins Offseason Moves

If you're keeping score, it's his view that the Reds, Royals, Rockies, Tigers, Astros, Phillies, Pirates, Orioles, Cardinals, Angels, Nats, and Cubs did worse during the offseason than the Marlins. (HardballTimes)

Friday, March 03, 2006


Where's Pokey?

Somewhere safe, it seems. (


Marlins Victorious Once More



S. A.: Okay Samson, You Want a Stadium Plan - Here's Your Stadium Plan

"County Judge Nelson Wolff said the plan involves using public and private funding to raise the estimated $300 million it would take to build a Major League Baseball stadium." (DallasMorningNews)

WAIT A MINUTE: But they said it'll take $400+ million to build a stadium in South Florida....Oh, yeah, I almost forgot - down here, it's impossible not to have something always hanging over our heads....

"Unlike the climate of South Florida, where the Marlins maintain they need a retractable-roof stadium, Samson said the climate in San Antonio does not merit the need for a roof on the stadium." (MLB - this article from December 6 of last year has some pretty funny quotes in it , like "Samson said the relocation process will take three to five months.", and "Wayne is a businessman and a very good one at that. We've had very fruitful and enjoyable meetings and conversations with him. He understands that the team needs to be out of Dolphins Stadium very clearly. We're going to continue those talks.")

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Fish Win Again



San Antonio's Talking (Except About Money)

"Marlins president David Samson said the team and San Antonio officials are speaking three or four times a week.

"However, San Antonio hasn't presented a stadium financing plan to the Marlins.

"Mayor Phil Hardberger did not respond to a request for comment.

'''Talks are serious, but until financial plans are discussed, it's preliminary,' said Samson, who toured San Antonio on Dec. 6...

"The Marlins' discussions about building a stadium in Hialeah have not progressed, Samson said.

"Even with a contribution by the team and Miami-Dade County, the Marlins need free land and an additional $100 million or so toward construction costs." (MiamiHerald)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Matt Cepicky hits two-run triple in bottom of ninth - Marlins squeak by Hurricanes 9-8.

OOPS: Make that a double. (MLB)


Baseball Starts Today!

Only 194 more games to go. (SunSentinel)(HurricaneSports)

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