Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Where Are We Now?

We got 18 more series and 56 games to go. Fish are 10.5 games in back of the Mets and have 10 games with the Mets left to play. But that's the future - for tonight, the NL East plays NL Central teams, except for the Marlins, who are hosting the Rockies. Aaron Cook against Scott Olsen tonight. Three baseball milestones could be reached tonight.


ANOTHER-M.O.: A missed opportunity as the Mets lose but so do the Marlins (6-3 against the Rockies). Philly loses, Braves and Nats win.


Luis Castillo Traded to Mets, Luis' Eyes Water

"Castillo, 31, was pulled off the field during batting practice, and the lineup card was taken down at 5:19 p.m., when he was informed of the trade. Several players were visibly upset and Castillo's eyes watered up as he talked about not wanting to be traded." (StarTribune)

MORE: Braves get Teixeira, Phillies get Lohse. (pjstar.com)


More Blog

FishStripes' Craig found what looks like a new (or more accurately return of an old) blog - Fish@Bat, from the guys who brought you 'The Florida Marlins Ticket' (and are still bringing it to you; here's some posts from Sept. 1998)

Monday, July 30, 2007


Gameless Monday

The only NL action will be Philly at Wrigley.


PHOOEY: Philly wins. In fact Philly has won 9 of their last 10 games.


Sad Note

Former Marlins hitting coach Bill Robinson passes on. (MLB)


Many News Notes

Hermida learns from Bonds...Larry on trades? "We'll have a few ideas."...Visquel's advice to Hanley:"(S)tay focused to what you have to do on the field."...Jacobs' a dad...and Barry won't sign his balls. (MLB)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Mitre Against Matt Morris Today

Marlins trying to avoid being swept on the entire road trip. Bonds trying to avoid breaking the record away from SF.


HOORAY: Fish win 8-5, and Barry has to relocate his carnival to Los Angeles. Everyone in the NL East besides Washington wins.


Next Big Stadium-Decision Date - Aug. 21?

I can't find a link to it on the web, but the Herald's Barry Jackson reports in the early Sunday edition of the paper that "U(niversity of )M(iami) officials are hopeful their stadium issue will be resolved by an Aug. 21 Board of Trustees meeting." (Remember, the powers that be are waiting for UM to decide before dealing with the Marlins.)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Willis Vs. Cain Tonight

He'll be pitching to his friend Barry.


RESULTS?: No homer for Mr. Potato Head. Dontrelle pitched fine; Gregg pitched lousy - Marlins lose in the 9th 4-3. Mets and Nats both win and lose, Braves lose, Phillies win.


Jeffrey Likes Fredi, Still Hates Joe

'Loria believes (Josh) Johnson - who will be examined Thursday by orthopedic surgeon James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. - will need surgery and will be out until late next summer.

'Loria suggested Johnson's arm problems started Sept. 12 when then-manager Joe Girardi brought Johnson back into a game following an 82-minute rain delay. Shortly after, Johnson was shut down for the season.

'"He wasn't right the day he was put back in the ballgame after a rain delay. And enough said about that," said Loria, who fired Girardi after the season.'

Loria also supporting Scott, promoting Volstad, and won't say whether there'll be any trades...ALSO: Allison back on restricted list. (PalmBeachPost)

Friday, July 27, 2007


D-Train's Mechanics Examined

No, not the mechanics for his Bentley, but his Pitching mechanics. Carlos Gomez compares Dontrelle's pitching motion over the last 3 seasons and shows just how old and decrepit he has become. (HardballTimes)


Vanden Hurk Against Zito Tonight


LIVING-UPDATE: The Hurk gives up Barry's non-historical 754th homer on Bonds' first at-bat in the series.

11:17 EDT: Bonds walks in his 2nd at-bat. No damage, though - Marlins lead Giants 5-2.

11:23 EDT: Make that 6-2.

12:03 EDT: Barry walks in the 5th with two out. Hurk also walks Klesko, Feliz homers them both in, and then Molina homers to tie the game 6-6. Lewis then grounds out.

12:04 EDT: Hanley homers to put Marlins up 7-6.

12:23 EDT: Visquel singles in Winn from 2nd to tie the game.

12:25 EDT: Durham homers to make it 9-7 Giants. Bonds up to bat.

12:27 EDT: Bonds walks on 4 straight pitches from Pinto.

12:40 EDT: Lindstrom replaces Pinto, and when the inning's finally over it's 12-7.

12:49 EDT: Hanley drives in Hermida from third to make it 12-8. (That's all they get in the 7th inning.)

1:15 EDT: Tankersley faces Bonds to lead off the 8th, and walks him.

1:20 EDT: Giants don't score.

1:26 EDT: Hermida hits a double off of Messenger to bring in Olivo and make it 12-9 in the 9th.

1:29 EDT: Hanley knocks in another run to make it 12-10.

1:30 EDT: That's the final score. Mets and Braves lose, Nats and Phils win.


Marlins Pitchers Itching to Be in History Books

'Not one Marlins pitcher said they would regret giving up the historic home run, even if it overshadowed anything else they accomplished in their careers, good or bad.' (MiamiHerald)

Pitching to Bonds is just like pitching to anybody, except for the numbered balls and flashbulbs. (SunSentinel)

But then, Barry's feeling the pressure to break the record in these 3 games in SF, and not on the road in LA. (PalmBeachPost)


Johnson Has Setback - Heading For Birmingham Chopping Block


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Time For De-Sweeping Mode

Hanley misses 3 games, Marlins lose 3 games. Mr. Kim attempts to break the pattern against Micah Owings.


ANOTHER-M.O.: Armando remains disturbingly consistent - Marlins lose in the 9th 7-4 and missed a chance to gain on the Mets, who lost earlier. Braves, Phillies lose; Nats win.


Brand New Blog

Aimee (with her dad's approval) starts up the 'Marlins Love' blog because, as she says, "the Marlins deserve some love...and respect!"


Conine Thinking of Retiring


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Scott Against Brandon Webb Tonight

If Olsen can beat up on the Snakes the way he beats up on his teammates then we may have a good time tonight. His opponent has been no great shakes historically against the Marlins. Then again, Arizona is 14-5 against the NL East this year.


TRIPLE-UGH!: It's was Olsen who got slapped around as the Fish lose 7-0 - Marlins are now 10 games behind the Mets but are still only 7 back in the Wild Card. Philly beat Washington, Atlanta loses.


Linden Performs Rare Feat (Unfortunately)

'According to Elias Sports Bureau, outfielder Todd Linden on Monday became the first position player in six years to strike out looking four times in one game.

'The last: second baseman Luis Castillo, who was called out on strikes four times in a 2001 game with the Marlins. Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Carlos Villanueva, in 2006, was also the victim of an event that is rarer statistically than a no-hitter, at least in recent years.

'Since 1999, Elias found only four occurrences. There have been 13 no-hitters over the same period, and 36 instances of a player hitting for the cycle.' (MiamiHerald)


Our Real "Bartman' Moment

As opposed to last Friday, this one seems to fit the bill much closer...ALSO: Seattle scouts the D-Train. (PalmBeachPost)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Mitre Against Livan Tonight


DOUBLE-UGH!: Fish lose again. Mets and Braves win. Philly beat the Nats.


Best Headline Today


Monday, July 23, 2007


From the Steamer to the Oven

Fish fly from sweltering South Florida to Arid-zona. Dontrelle does duty against Doug Davis. Hanley's probably out of the lineup tonight.


UGH!: Florida loses 4-3. Atlanta wins.


Getting Closer to *History

Will Barry be breaking Aaron's home-run record off a Marlins pitcher this week? Dontrelle seems to be relishing the idea...

'"I told him before that I will pitch to him," Willis said. "If he hits [the record-breaker] off me, I won't be the only person he has ever hit a home run off of. There were some others."

'Willis said he would rather Bonds break the record before the Marlins face him, "but if we win the game and he hits it, then I'll definitely have a good seat for it."' (MiamiHerald)


The 'some others' Dontrelle refers to of course includes Marlins pitchers past and present. Which brings us to Trivia Time...

1. Which current Marlins pitcher gave up Bonds' Ruth-passing career homer No. 715 last year? (Answer in here)

2. Which former Marlins pitcher gave up Bonds' 73rd homer of the year 2001? (Answer in here)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Questions Concerning the Issue of Scott Olsen

Since the Marlins usually play better after an Olsen clubhouse incident, does an Olsen arrest mean we won't be losing for the rest of the season? Was Dontrelle there at the arrest, as police say - or not, as he says? Was Olsen Tasered because of his kicking, or in fact because of that outstanding littering fine? How do you pass a roadside sobriety test with a Tasered leg anyway? Do you think Fredi's now considering getting a Taser for the clubhouse?


Trying For Something Historic Today

The Marlins "have never had double-digit run totals in three straight games in their 15-year history." Bronson Arroyo against Rick Vanden Hurk today.


JUST-MISSED: Marlins beat the Reds 9-3. Braves lose, rest of NL East wins.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Game 3

Livingston vs. Kim tonight.


WIN: Fish drown the Reds 11-1. The NL East moves up a game on the Mets.


News and Views

Matt Lindstrom's back is acting up.


The Marlins finally have their own 'Bartman' moment (they win the game, though).


From the MarlinsNation Blog: "The lack of direction and the unwillingness to embrace confrontation when needed is keeping Fredi from growing as a manager and retarding the growth of this young Marlins ballclub."


Adding to the usual Super Saturday, "Jeff Conine, now with the Reds, will be recognized in a pre-game ceremony tonight commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 1997 championship team."

Friday, July 20, 2007


Lohse Against Olsen Tonight


AT-A-BOY: Scott starts the next great Marlins winning run, beating Cincy 10-2. Philly and the Mets win; Nats and Braves lose.



For those of you (including you, Bud) who consistently insist that it's the imminent threat of rain that keeps the South Florida fans away from the ballpark, I give you, WAA-LAA! (pulls back curtain) - Last Night's Game! On a evening that was arguably about as nice as it gets during a SoFla summer, with a sky so clear that Jeremy loses a fly ball in the setting sun, the crowd that shows up at JRS-PPS-DS-DS was officially the smallest one so far this season.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


The Reds Invade

Cincinatti's road record looks pretty bad (20-29), until you look at the Marlins' home record (20-28). The Reds have just swept the Braves in Atlanta and want to make it 4-in-a-row tonight. Our best starter so far this year goes on the mound for the first time since the Olsen altercation. Cody should be reinstated today.


NUMBER-FOUR: Armando returns to the form that got him kicked out of New York and San Francisco. Marlins lose 7-5. Phillies lose, all other NL East teams win; Fish drop to 8.5 games behind the Mets and 9 back in the Wild Card.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wells vs. Willis In Rubber Game Tonight


BOUNCED: Dontrelle devalues himself some more as the Cardinals win 6-0. Mets, Braves, Phillies lose, Nats win.


Marlins News

Nolasco and Johnson are throwing; the Auction pulled in over $50,000; Hanley is amazing; and Dan is playing through his struggla's at the plate. (MLB)


Feeling a Marlins Poem Coming On?

Inflame your muse and scribble some doggerel - the world is waiting. (FishStripes)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Brad Thompson Against the Hurk Tonight


INCREDIBLE-HURK: Vanden Hurk keeps the Cards down for 5 innings, the bullpen does the same - Marlins win 4-0. Mets and Philly win, Atlanta and Washington loses.


Renyel Improves Justin Time

'It was another scoreless inning Sunday for left-handed reliever Renyel Pinto, who credits his improvement to a simple pregame ''flat ground'' throwing drill he performs with fellow reliever Justin Miller.

'When the two are throwing to each another, they lower their mitts to prompt lower throws.

'Leaving his pitches high in the strike zone often led to home runs and walks early on for the 25-year-old pitcher from Venezuela. But he has cut down on both as his workload has increased, and the Marlins have gained confidence in his ability to get outs.

'Pinto's ERA has dropped by nearly a full run since early June, when he gave up home runs in three consecutive relief outings. He has given up one since.' (MiamiHerald)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Olsen Displays $4,153 Worth of Temper

Scott scuffles with a sympathetic Sergio, starts serving suspension. (PalmBeachPost)


Blast From the Past

Braden Looper makes his first start against his old club tonight against Mr. Kim, who's looking for his first home win. Miggy's got his homer stroke back, but Pujols hit two last night.


STILL-LOOKING: Cabrera gets a homer, but the Fish fall to the Cards 5-3. Washington is the only NL East winner last night.


Josh Johnson Felt Fine After Throwing on Sunday

Plan: to throw again on Tuesday, then on Thursday, then back into the rotation, then hopefully not back on the DL. (MLB)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Simontacchi Verses Scott Today


POW!: Marlins win 5-3 - Marlins hit 9 homers in the series with the Nats. Mets and Braves win, Phillies lose their 10,000th game.


Marlins Sign Top Venezuelan

No, not Hugo Chavez, but 16-year-old Jose Miguel Torres, "one of Venezuela's top two amateur shortstops."...ALSO: Olivo's the MLB leader in a stat that he hasn't been keeping track of recently. (SunSentinel)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Tonight - Mitre vs. Chico on the Field,...

...and baseball fans vs. Smash Mouth fans in the stands.


HOORAY!: Mitre gets his first home win as the Marlins beat the Nats 5-2. Washington was the only loser in the NL East on Saturday.



Joining the smattering of D-Train booers at last night's game is Dave George of the Palm Beach Post who's pushing for a D-Train trade.

BOO-NE: Aaron suffers a setback - the 'little tweak' continues.

Friday, July 13, 2007


The Nats Fly Into South Florida

Jason Bergmann should be up against Dontrelle tonight. Good luck to all today!


YUCK-LUCK: Marlins lose to Nats 14-10, but Mets lose. Atlanta and Philly wins.


Injury Update

Miguel, Scott, Hanley seem OK; Aaron and Cody are rehabbing; Josh is still a question mark. (MLB)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Only NL East Action Tonight? - Reds at Shea


BOO!: Mets win.


Comment on The Comment on The Comments

Selig may be disappointed with government's response to his handout request, but he can't be surprised. Remember Joe Robbie, in this at-that-time football-exclusive town, had to build what's now Dolphin Stadium entirely with private financing - no (at least 'official') handouts for him , either.

It goes without saying, but don't believe the estimates given on how much the ballpark's going to cost. Miamians should have enough experience with the ever-continuing airport expansion and the brand new failing Carnival Center to believe the numbers that are doled out to us.

It's good that Selig announced that the Marlins are staying put for now. South Floridians, whose desire to be Marlins fans get thrashed over and over again by whatever ownership group happens to hold the reins, already showed last year that they'll give a hearty 'oh, well, so what else is new?' to any attempt at extortion by moving van.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Comment on Bud and Bob's Comments

The words of Selig and DuPuy last night pretty much re-verifies what I said over a year ago, that it's never really been a lack of funding for a stadium that's holding up this project (the Marlins in most of the various deals made with various governments have received sufficient funding necessary to start building a stadium) but it's that extra splash of dough, usually represented by that $60 million figure constantly sought after from the state, that is 'required' by baseball and the Marlins to help pay for that retractable roof that they desire to have floating over their new stadium. Without that 'requirement' they could have started building on a number of occasions.

The lack of inspirational innovation in this respect is disheartening. Baseball has been played professionally without a roof in this town for many years before MLB arrived (overhangs, yes, but no overall roof). The Devil Rays have a roof in similar climate and still draw less than we do. 3 million people attended games at Joe Robbie Stadium during the 1993 (EDIT)season and probably a similar amount would have showed up in 1994 if the strike didn't destroy the first and greatest bit of momentum that the Marlins ever had - as far as I recall our climate was much the same (EDIT)then as it is now. Minnesota is building a roof-less heated ballpark to replace their roofed home - will the heaters stop possible snow-outs?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Selig, Du Puy 'Very Disappointed' That State Of Florida Won't Pay For Roof

'"There still seems to be optimism. We're hopeful that something can be put back together," Selig said Tuesday during a question-and-answer session before the All-Star game.

'Legislation that would have provided a $60 million subsidy was approved by the Florida House in April, but the Senate never voted on it before its annual session ended. In 2006, the Senate approved a bill that died in the House.

'"It's, frankly, very discouraging at the moment. The commissioner is very upset about it. No one's very happy," said Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer. "We thought the stars were aligned. We thought that everything was in place to get that final piece. We were very disappointed when the legislature adjourned without passing (it)."...

'"I think south Florida, with right ballpark, could be an excellent major league franchise," Selig said. "There isn't a doubt in my mind."

'Baseball remains in contact with government officials in the Miami area.

'"We don't want to give up on the market," DuPuy said.

'Because of the constant threat of late-afternoon rain in Miami, Major League Baseball wants a new Marlins ballpark to have a retractable roof.' (USAToday)

EXPANDED-COVERAGE: 'Commissioner Bud Selig said he is not ready to tell the Marlins to look outside of South Florida. The club in recent years has looked into the possibility of moving to places like Las Vegas and San Antonio, Texas.

'"They still seem to be optimistic," Selig said of Marlins officials. "When you look at all the demographics, I really like South Florida. South Florida is a major league area but the ballpark is not conducive to baseball in any way, shape or form." Even if the Marlins secure funding, they still have no firm site. The club would like to be just outside of downtown Miami, but many political leaders in Miami-Dade County prefer an Orange Bowl site. The OB might be razed if the University of Miami decides to play its football games at Dolphin Stadium.

'DuPuy is frustrated that the Marlins have been put into a position of waiting for a decision from UM.

'"We had a great downtown site and all of a sudden the news developed that the Orange Bowl might be vacated and the commissioners got very concerned about a vacant Orange Bowl and a white elephant, so people turned their attention back to the Orange Bowl site," DuPuy said.

'One thing that MLB and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria agree on: To attract fans from around South Florida, a new stadium would have to have a retractable roof because of the frequent threat of showers.

'"You're asking people to come an hour and hour and a half and they want to know the game is going to start at 7 o'clock and they want to know the game is going to be over at 9:30, 10," DuPuy said.' (PalmBeachPost)


Take That, ASG Voters - Hanley Named NL Player of the Week



All-Star Game Tonight



Greg Cote Says Management Shouldn't Throw in the Towel

"Florida is somehow good enough (and healthy enough) to be the only one of 14 losing-record teams with a winning mark on the road; that's the positive spin. The ugly mirror of that is the worst home record (17-25) in the majors, bar none.

"The Marlins have had zero winning homestands this season. That's a plain embarrassment....

"Likewise, Florida somehow has managed a slightly better record against teams at .500 or better (.475) than against teams with losing records (.466). The Marlins are just 9-9 against the worst of the worst: division cellar-dwellers.

"That, like the home record, can't be pinned on injuries. That's indicative of a team that isn't taking care of business. A team wasting chances.

"The Marlins rank 17th (of 30 teams) in hitting, 21st in pitching and 29th in fielding. The fundamentals don't always seem so fundamental with these guys; nor has new manager Fredi Gonzalez been above second-guessing at times.

"The team isn't doing anything exceptionally well, except getting injured, and yet they are one strong month, maybe one decent winning streak, from being back in the playoff chase for real.

"If only by the benevolence of NL mediocrity the Marlins are close enough to contention that management should stick with the positive possibility when considering trades during the next month or so." (MiamiHerald)

Monday, July 09, 2007


Other Stadium News

My little trip this weekend was to Tampa. It was a surprise to see the newspaper hawkers at the roadway intersections holding up the Sunday editions of the Tampa Tribune imprinted with a big artist rendering of a new Rays stadium on the outside. Seems the paper has been drumming up support for a new stadium by seeking design ideas from readers.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Weekend Games

I'll be out of town this weekend so updates may be minimal. Here's Saturday's games...

...and here's Sunday's games.

MINIMAL-UPDATE: Marlins win by 5 on Saturday and lose by 6 on Sunday. At the break the Fish are 7 games behind the Mets, 5 games behind the Braves, 2.5 games behind the Phillies, and 5.5 games ahead of the Nats. They are also 7 games behind the wild-card-leading Dodgers. And they are 4 games ahead of themselves at this same time last year.


Let the Little Ones Come to Us

In a sad reflection on the rest of Major League Baseball, the Marlins and White Sox seem to be the only MLB teams that let kids join their fan clubs for free. (OrlandoSentinel)



I listened to the Dodgers radio broadcast of the game last night (always like to check out old Vin). I was able to stay up through the whole game, for beyond the excitement was the indigestion (I'll never eat pepperoni-pineapple pizza again). Some points were made by those guys that I haven't heard elsewhere to verify. Rick Munday mentioned that Bobby Cox told him that in watching Dontrelle pitch this year he has noticed that Willis has been releasing the ball from a different arm slot than in the past. Munday also said that Eric Reed was able to benchpress 450 pounds in high school competitions. And Charley Steiner said that it has been 3 years since the Dodgers lost a game in Dodger Stadium after leading in the 8th inning, and that last time they lost was also to the Marlins.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Can't Dodge the Dodgers

Okay, so the Marlins, and specifically Dontrelle, haven't had much luck against the Dodgers in the past. But as they say, the past is past. Chad Billingsley is to start for L. A.. Take a early nap, East Coasters - game time is 10:40 PM.


BYE BYE PAST: Hanley was the man as the Marlins squeak out a nailbiter win over the Dodgers 6-5 in the 10th inning. Gregg got Juan Pierre to pop up with the bases loaded and two outs to finish it. Mets and Nats and Phillies lose - Braves win.


Cabrera To Compete in Home Run Derby - Bonds, Griffey Flee in Fear


UPDATE: Ooops, Miggy's out too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Happy Anniversary

Today is the 16th anniversary of the day both the Marlins and Rockies gained final approval by MLB owners to become part of the NL. In that spirit let's also celebrate the Rockies' just-completed sweep of the Mets, which marks the 1st time since 1956 that a team has swept two New York clubs during the regular season.

Kim goes against Peavy today.


POP-THE-CORKS: Kim beats Peavy - Marlins win 3-2, splitting the series.

BOO!: Mets and Braves win, Nats lose.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Hot & Cold

Both of tonight's starters made the Covers.com list of tonight's hot and cold streaking pitchers. Time to turn the spigots in the other direction.


OUCH!: Fish lose 1-0 in the 9th, and may lose Johnson. (Amezaga impressed with his performance last night.) Mets lose, but all other NL East teams win.


Let's Limbo Some More

Words like "exasperating" and "increasingly worried" are used to describe baseball's response to the Marlins stadium situation. The city's waiting for the UM Hurricanes to decide to stay in the Orange Bowl or not, Huizenga may or may not extend the lease, and MLB's not exploring any out-of-town solutions as of yet. (MiamiHerald)


Marlins Kick Fans out of Stadium

Fans of the presidential candidate Ron Paul, that is. Upset bloggers post video of the outrage. (GoogleBlogSearch)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Game 2

Radio Roxy called last night's 6th inning 'terrible' defensively. The San Diego paper called the Marlins 'defensively inept'. Can the Fish shake off that label and wiggle towards a win? The Marlins are 9-5 on Tuesdays so far this year, 6-2 on Tuesday away games. Some old guy named Maddux goes up against Scott tonight.


GAME-UP!: Marlins beat the Padres 6-4, and all the other NL East teams lose.



Jeff Allison is back; Hanley is out and so is Armando; and Erasmo has arrived. (SunSentinel)


A Week in The Life Of Scott Olsen


Monday, July 02, 2007


Marlins at San Diego Tonight

I won't say how good the Padres are doing at Petco lately. Carroll was sent back to AAA to make room for a pitcher. Washington is the only NL East team playing at home tonight.


DAMN: Marlins and all other NL East teams lose.


Miguel in All-Star Game...

...but Hanley and Dan get snubbed. Seems fitting then, that our dramatic win on Sunday made the All-Star Game Selection Show almost two hours late.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Whole New Beginning

It's July 1st. Let's put that 11-16 month of June behind us, and start afresh. Carlyle aganist a revivified Dontrelle today.


GREAT-START: Fish beat the Braves in 10 innings; Hammer gets five hits including the game winner; Mets lose; Phillies and Nats win.

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