Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm Finally Being Fed

Seems that Blogger, besides its Atom feeds, has just recently started providing RSS feeds (RSS 2.0, no less). So now you can aim your fishy aggregator here.


Today's Games


DRAT-CAP: Fish lose 6-1 - Miguel goes 3 for 4 (.354!) but Jason Schmidt strikes out 10 in 5,2 innings.

MORE: Nats beat Phillies. Atlanta loses, Mets win.


Still Another Dontrelle Trade Rumor Denied

'One Marlins official labeled the chatter "totally erroneous," and the Marlins are becoming increasingly frustrated with reports that they plan to deal Willis.' (NYDailyNews)


Intentionally Walk Miguel? Sure, Go Ahead!



Marlins Going For Club Homer Record

"When Mike Jacobs homered Monday, it marked the seventh straight game a Marlin has gone deep. (Make that 8 with Miguel's homer on Tuesday.) The Marlins last belted home runs in eight straight games from June 8-18, 2004. The club record is 11 straight, from June 15-27, 1995." (MLB)

NO HOMERS WEDNESDAY: Streak ends at 8.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Keep Checking the 'Marlins Ballpark News'

Just the last 3 articles tell of Selig saying someting definitive about contraction, a city not giving up on the Marlins relocating there, and a certain baseball club owner sneaking around a certain city hall. (Click here)


Better See Barry Today If You Want...

...because word is he ain't playing Wednesday.

Here are today's scoreboards...


WHAT_NO-BONDS?-CAP: Barry's too beat up to play today too, so Fish beat up on the Giants 5-3. Moehler gets the win and singles in the first run.

MORE: Mets and Nats and Braves lose, Phillies win.


Olsen Stays in the Majors For Now

"That's pretty much all the motivation you need. I thought if things went bad today I could have gone back to the minor leagues." (SunSentinel)


Hermida, German, and Martinez

One is back in the groove, one is back in the clubhouse, and one is soon to be back. (Renyel's sent back.) (MiamiHerald)

Monday, May 29, 2006


Memorial Day Games


HAPPY-CAP: Fish beat Giants 5-1

MORE: Phillies and Mets win, Braves and Nats lose.


FLASH: Girardi Has Happy Team Meeting

"Even though we didn't win six games this week, which I would loved to have done, I thought we played the game the right way. There was never any 'Here we go again.'"(PalmBeachPost)


Some Free-Form Thots

---Maybe it's me, but I haven't seen anyone mention the disparity between the $535 million pledged towards a new non-roofed stadium for the Twins, and the $430 million or so that they keep saying is needed in Hialeah for a retractable-roof stadium for the Fish. So there, I mentioned it.

---Saw an article somewhere which proposes that since the All-Star game's results has serious meaning in relation to the World Series, and that the fans predictably end up voting for washed-up has-beens to play in the All-Star game, then it would be better if the fans' votes didn't determine who are going to be All-Stars. There may be a point there, but this is the World of Selig we're living in. In this world, not only will the fans keep voting for the All-Star game, but that could be just the beginning. Who knows? With the Minor League Umpires' strike affecting umpiring all across the board, it wouldn't surprise me that he may some day be handing fans in the stands electric gizmos to vote on balls and strikes.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


El Duque Verses No Lasco Today

...and even more...


RECRAP: Nolasco no show up today, as Mets slap 10 hits and score 5 earned runs off of him in 4 innings - Mets win 7-3 (Neither sides' relief pitching allowed any runs today.)

MORE: Washington wins...

EVEN MORE: So does Philly and Atlanta.


Mike Jacobs Ain't Jewish

In fact, according to Martin Abramowitz of Jewish Major Leaguers Inc., there's been only one Jewish player in the entire history of the Marlins. (To find out who, click the link.) (PalmBeachPost)

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Glavine and Willis Today

...along with the rest of the day's action...


RECRAP: Fish lose 7-4, 4-game win streak snapped.

MORE: Atlanta wins. Nats and Phillies lose.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Delgado, Lo Duca Return to Miami...

And Josh Johnson faces Pedro tonight.

ALSO: Braves are at Wrigley, Milwaukee plays at Philadelphia, and the Dodgers are in Washington.


QUATRO-CAP: Josh J. hands Pedro M. his first loss of the season. (More later.) Braves and Nats win, Phillies lose.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Cool Dave Studeman Article...

... in which he overviews Hit Tracker, a website dedicated to accurately gauging the true distance of home runs. Along the way, some interesting facts pop out concerning Reggie Abercrombie, Mike Jacobs and our infamous home ballpark. (HardballTimes)


Houston at Washington, Phillies at New York Today


RECAP: Mets lose, Phillies and Nats win.


Extra Security When Barry Comes To Town

Marlins Vice President P.J. Loyello says, "I'm sure we'd be beefing it up." (Damn, does this guy have writers?) (PalmBeachPost)


Hialeah Stadium Still Definite 'Maybe'

"We don't have any San Antonio deadlines around here. We're going to study this hard over the summer." (PalmBeachPost)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Check Out the 'Shadez Nation"

Click here! (link found through the cornerstone that is FishStripes)


Moelher and Maddox Today


AWESOME: Not only did the Marlins get their 1st 3-game sweep of the year, and their longest win streak of the year, but they inspired Greg Maddox to beat up a defenseless water cooler. Here's his words about the Marlins - "I made pretty good pitches, but they got me....You don't like to lose, especially like that...I threw the ball where I wanted to and they still hit it."

RECAP: Nats, Mets, Braves win; Phillies lose.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today, Olsen vs. Wood

...and the rest of the matchups/scores...


WOW-CAP: Fish come from behind in the 9th, beating the Cubs 5-4! Mike Jacobs gets the winning hit that scored Hanley and Miguel, but give some credit to former Marlin Ryan Dempster who pitched himself into that particular pickle. Juan Pierre helped out too, by getting the 3rd out in the Cubs half of the 2nd inning when they scored 2 runs and had 2 on, and going 0 for 4 for the night. How about this? - Marlins pitchers walked only one batter, while Cubs pitching walked nine (Hanley himself walked 3 times, Dan Uggla twice). Congrats all around.

RECAPS: Nats win, Braves lose, Mets beat Phillies in the 16th inning.


Weekend Fights

Olsen "crossed the line", Messenger pops him. Girardi calls it "an in-house issue that we'll take care of", as if whatever's the problem is still going on.

ALSO: Marlins steadily recovering from injuries, and Nolasco already's hitting better than Pierre. (PalmBeachPost)(MiamiHerald)


Check Out Marlins' Upcoming Opposing Pitchers

Today Kerry Wood, tomorrow Greg Maddox, Friday Pedro Martinez, Saturday Tom Glavine.

ALSO: Perry Hill is back, and Pierre scopes out D-Train's crib. (SunSentinel)

Monday, May 22, 2006


Juan Pierre Returns...

...and the rest of today's games...


HUH?: I keep getting information that the Marlins won tonight. I wouldn't be too hasty. Are they sure there isn't any possible way that the other team couldn't score maybe a few dozen runs on the way back to the hotel? Well, if it wasn't a dream, then it really was a great Cub-embarrassing drubbing. Congrats to Ricky and Miggy and Hanley and Uggley and Aguiley and whoever'll be replacing Dusty tomorrow. Meanwhile, Washington lost and the Braves can keep till the morning.

BOO: Braves won.

EXTRA: Not only did the Marlins break their 7-game losing streak, they also won their first game on Monday this year (vs. 5 losses).


Black Clouds Turn Real Today possible thunderstorms are predicted for Marlins' return to 'home'.(NOAA)


Marlins Bucking the Odds

(MiamiHerald)...and also the record books. And UH OH: Hanley still has 'sore shoulder'.(SunSentinel)

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Can Willis Stop the St. Pete Sweep?

Better yet, can the Marlins actually close out a win? Or could we get a special dispensation from MLB and only play 8-inning games? Scott Kazmir (another name that makes Mets fans groan) will be flinging for the Rays.


KAZ-CRAP: And now Marlins fans are groaning too. Scott gives up no runs on 4 hits, with 11 strikeouts. Dontrelle goes another complete game, again getting the loss while giving up only 2 earned runs. Even the roof of the Trop can't shield the Fish from that hovering dark cloud.

BLECH: Everyone else in the NL East wins.


The Joe Borchard Pink Bat Story

It's about halfway down the page. (SunTimes)

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Saturday's Games


RE-RE-RE-RE-CRAP: Fish take lead into the end of the 9th, but Rays end up winning. All NL East except the Nationals lose.

Friday, May 19, 2006


So Get Happy! Time for The St. Pete Follies


BARTENDER, MAKE THAT A DOUBLE: Better yet, a triple - in honor of the 3 times in the last 4 games that the Fish give up the lead in the 9th and then lose in extra innings. (You sure this isn't Groundhog Day?) Whoopee! Phillies and Nats lose! Mets win? Ha ha ha ha!

HUNGOVER: But at least the Braves lost (oooh....).


Want Another Reason to Perk Up?

Seems like You-Know-Who ain't doing the broadcast tonight. (GoogleSunSentinel)


Miserable? Hey, Reggie Hitting .360 on the Road Trip

And Mike stopped swinging 'long'. (MLB)


Downtrodden? The Devil Rays Ain't No More

"It used to be," Tampa Bay fan Provost said, "if you were yelling and cheering for the Rays or even the other team, an usher would come and stand right next to you. They assumed you were drunk.

"Now," he said, "the ushers are right there yelling and cheering with you." (Gee, they're drunk too?) (PalmBeachPost)


Depressed? The Marlins Aren't

"As the summer goes on, if we keep losing games like this, you wonder how you'll handle it," said Joe Girardi, Florida's rookie manager. "But I haven't seen it so far. You just watch them. Just the way they carry themselves. I haven't sensed that, at any time, they've been down. I haven't seen it. They just wake up every day like it's a new day." (

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Okay, NOW It's Sweep-Avoidance Day


UGH: Atlanta sweeps, beating Fish 9-1. Philly and the Mets lose, Nats win.


2 Years Since MLB's Last No-Hitter (and Perfect Game)

...and it was against the Braves (Hmmmmm...)(PalmBeachPost)


Lowell Inducted in Hall of Fame



Some Cycle Facts

Including this one - "(T)he San Diego Padres, Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Devil Rays...have never had a player hit for the cycle" (LATimes)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Andino's Recalled, Reed's Sent Back



Another Sweep-Avoidance Wednesday


DEJA-VU-CAP: Didn't they play this game last night? Fish take the lead in the top of the 11th, lose to Braves in the bottom of the 11th. Phillies, Nats and Mets lose.


Happy 100th Birthday... the Knuckleball!! (GoogleIndianapolisStar)


Ricky, Jeremy and Matt

Today's news talks about former Braves fans Nolasco's first MLB start vs. Smoltz, Hermida's homer and possible return, and Herges' desire to be with his ailing newborn.(MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Tuesday's Contests


DAMN: D-Train gives up just 2 runs in 9 innings pitched, but Braves win in 11th, 4-3 (and Hanley's day-to-day after straining his shoulder). Phillies and Nats lose, Mets game delayed.

MORE: Mets win


Dontrelle Psychoanalyzing Himself

"His head buried in a copy of sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman's The Mental ABC's of Pitching, Dontrelle Willis sat in front of his Turner Field locker before Monday's game. He'll try to apply some of those principles tonight as he tries to break a four-start losing streak."

He also "has commiserated by phone with pal Juan Pierre, who is in a severe dry spell with the Chicago Cubs."

PLUS: Jeremy may come back in Tampa Bay. (SunSentinel)(MiamiHerald)


Bump Back on the Mound


Monday, May 15, 2006


MLB Grabs the Reins, Tells S. A. Marlins Won't Meet Deadline

'MLB president Bob DuPuy wrote Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff _ the point man in the plan to woo the Marlins from Miami to Texas _ and, somewhat apologetically, said the deal could not be completed in the timeframe that he deemed necessary.

'"We are not in a position to affirmatively approve the relocation of the Marlins to San Antonio right now," DuPuy wrote.'

(...and now the president of MLB reveals the reason/official-update/rumor-conformation...)

'"We are working closely with the Marlins to secure a stadium in Florida and are hopeful that ... this process will be coming to a successful conclusion promptly."' (ESearchNet)


Marlins at Atlanta is the Only NL East Game Tonight

Can we dare dream...3 in a row?!?!?


AAAAUGHH!-CAP: The dream stayed alive for 5.5 innings, had a brief flare-up in the top of the 7th, and then PPFFITT. Atlanta wins 11-8.


Moe Don't Know his Own Stats

Cabrera didn't like his pink bat, went back to black one, hits homer. (SunSentinel)

Moe stopped throwing inside to right-handers; Hanley has league-leading .345 average (Miguel's 4th best). (MiamiHerald)


Quickie Analysis of Willis' Mind


Sunday, May 14, 2006


Is Tomorrow's Deadline Really Dead?

Time to find out. San Antonio thinks so. But in Hialeah, seems there's retractable-roof money still needed to be found, while Mr. Codina sounds wary about a wholesale handover of land. (GoogleMercuryNews)


Vargas Sent to Minors, Pinto Called Up

Also German's feeling no pain. (


The Utter Farce That is the Official 'Attendance' at Most Sporting Events...

...illustrated by the story of the Marlins's infamous final-game 'attendance' of 2002. (


Sunday's Showdowns


YEAH-CAP: Moehler does the shutdown, Fish win 8-2 and win the series. Philadelphia and Washington wins, Atlanta and New York loses.


Been a While

"It has been nearly two years since a Marlin hit a game-ending home run -- May 29, 2004, by Mike Lowell against the Mets, to be exact. Every other team in the majors has hit at least one game-winning tater since then." (

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Mitre Placed on DL, Petit Called Up,...

...Mets fans start gnashing their teeth. (MLB)


Okay, Let's Try It Again


WOO-HOO-CAP: A reasonably well-played game ends in a Fish Win (the way it always should). Phillies and Mets win. Francoeur grand-slams in bottom of the 9th - Braves beat the Nats 8-5.


Perry Hill Leaves Club Indefinitely To Be With Wife

Girardi: "It was hard for him to leave. ... He felt like he was letting the team down. But I told him by no means is he doing that. There are some things that take precedent...But Perry is, in a sense, irreplaceable." (MLB)


"The Stoppable Force Vs. The Movable Object"

Last night's game "certainly lived down to its billing." (MiamiHerald)

Friday, May 12, 2006


10-Game Road Trip Starts Today Against Pirates

During this same 10 days Atlanta will be home for 7 games and then goes out to the West Coast, Mets and Phillies and Nats will be away for 6 games and them home for 3.


CRAPTASTIC-CAP: Marlins score 9 runs, still lose to the Pirates (and Mitre's hurt, too). Phillies and Braves win, Nats and Mets lose.


Herald 2 Days Late With Hialeah, San Antonio Update

Here's the link for those who need the authority of official organs. (MiamiHerald)


What's With Dontrelle - Theories

Hitters have been making adjustments. (PalmBeachPost)

He can't pitch inside. (MLB)

Everyone who's pitched in the WBC has been pitching lousy this season. (BaseballProspectus, subscription needed)(link found through Dave Studeman in the Hardball Times.)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Not to Put a Jinx on It, But...

...the Marlins have won every game they've played on a Thursday this year (yeah, it's only 2 games, but so what?)


JINXED-CAP: Marlins lose to Atlanta 9-1. Washington scores 3 in the 11th, but Cincinatti scores 4 and wins. Philadelphia beat the Mets in a rain-shrunken 5 innings.


McKeon Wins Over the Youngsters

'9-year-old Michael Davis stuck out his hand and McKeon greeted him with a high-five. The boy pulled the hand back and stared at it.

'"I'll never wash this hand again," he said.' (MiamiHerald)


Marlins Say 'No' to San Antonio

...according to Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson. Meanwhile Hialeah Mayor Robaina says it's 'important' for Marlins to get that state subsidy next year. (PalmBeachPost)


Firing on All Cylinders

Josh Johnson gave up 4 hits, Marlins get 17 hits; Cabrera, Jacobs, Borchard homered. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Plenty of Seats Still Available

Watch as the Fish try to avoid doing what no other Marlins team has done.


AVOIDANCE-CAP: See? You should have been there. (So should've I.) Fish fried the Braves 11-3. Nats and Phillies lose, Mets win.


You Could Have Been There

Worst record in baseball, ties their longest home losing streak, German gets injured, it starts to rain, the lights go out again, 11 Braves bat in the sixth, 4th straight game opponents have batted around, opposing starter had flu-like symptoms, Francoeur gets his first walk this year, Moehler lost his 10th consecutive decision since last season, and only 6,079 show up to stare at it all. (MiamiHerald)(Forbes)


Possible Announcement This Month?


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Marlins Vs. Braves Today...

...while Mets play at Philly and Washington at Cincy.


YUCK-CAP: Atlanta beats Marlins. Both Philly and Washy win. New Yorky loses.


Teammates, Manager Heap Praise on Josh


Monday, May 08, 2006


It's Not the Marlins Fans That Matter To the Franchise,...'s the fans of the Mets and Yankees and other big-market teams that are literally the money-stream keeping the Marlins and other small-market teams going, according to Mike S. of Mike's Mets blog.

In that link, he quotes several articles on the subject of revenue-sharing, including Jayson Stark quoting an unnamed "prominent baseball man" whose description of small-market-team economics sounds suspiciously like what the Marlins are trying to do (or avoid):

"Talk about welfare, there's zero incentive for these teams to take that (revenue-sharing) money and spend it. ... If they get better, they draw more people. If they draw more people, they get a better TV contract and they sell more hot dogs. And if you do that, you lose your $30 million a year [in revenue-sharing money only]. Then you actually have to run your franchise like a real business and make it work."


Washington Fans, Blog Commenters Shout Abuse at Josh



No NL East Games Today

But here are today's matchups/scores anyway...



NY Press Officially Starts Willis-To-The-Mets Campaign

This article's headline isn't "Dontrelle Is One Of A Few Possible Answers". (Newsday)


The Juan Pierre of 2005 Continues

"Pierre's average has tumbled to .240 and his on-base percentage is .287. He began Sunday leading the National League in percentage of ground-ball outs (81 percent)..."(ChicagoTribune)

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Scott's Best

"Today was probably the best I've felt all year," Olsen said. "I don't think I beat myself. I think they beat me. That's a little more comforting." (Yahoo)


Scott and Sidney Scheduled Today... the second straight week of "Trying-to-Avoid-the-Sweep" Sunday.


SUCK-CAP: That wasn't just a sweep - that was a vacuuming. Fish lose 9-1. Nats and Braves win, Mets lose. Phillies win, too.


Willis, Cabrera May Stay For A While?

"(O)ne general manager recently contacted the Marlins about their two young stars and was told, in no uncertain terms, that they wouldn't be traded."....AND AT LAST THE TRUTH COMES OUT: "The Marlins think they know why they've struggled at home. There is a black cat living behind the dugout at Dolphin Stadium and players have tried to lure it out without success." (AuburnCitizen)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Will Marlins Stop Taking Off These 3-Day Weekends?

Fish haven't won on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday so far this season. Dontrelle set to work for a win today.


RE-CRAP: Fish almost come back from a bad start. Mets beat Atlanta. Phiilly wins. Nats lose in 11.


Little Boys Allowed in Marlins' Office (I mean other than you know who), But Not Little Girls?

Former 13-year employee sues the Marlins, claiming she was fired for bringing her daughter in during lunch hour on "Take Your Child to Work Day", though another employee was allowed to have his son at the office all day. (SunSentinel)

Friday, May 05, 2006


State Legislature Gives Marlins Something

The spring-training-helping-Orlando-Magic-subsidy bill that was passed tonight "also includes language that would allow a county or city to vote to use its local half-cent sales tax to help a Major League Baseball team, such as the Florida Marlins, build a stadium." (SunSentinel)

MORE: Sun-Sentinel at 10:10 PM reports the Marlins subsidy bill still could come up for a vote tonight. (SunSentinel)

THE BELL TOLLS: Marlins subsidy bill dies in, ironically, the state House (where it was always expected to pass) after the clock struck midnight, officially ending this year's legislative session. The bill had just been passed in the Senate(!) and was rushed to the House just before closing time. (MiamiHerald)


Can Marlins Break Their 7-Losses-In-A-Row Home Streak?

...and do it against the Cardinals? (and on Cinco de Mayo, too?)


NOPE: Marlins lose 7-2. Phillies, Nats win. Mets beat Atlanta in 14 innings.


Subsidy Slippage in State Senate



Slightly Odd Standings Situation Today...

As services like Yahoo has Florida ahead of Washington, while ESPN and Sportsline puts Washington ahead of Florida.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


FSN Slowing Down Games So Fewer Viewers Will Linger Longer

'FSN Florida will use a super slo-mo camera on Marlins games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. ... Marlins ratings for April were 2.6, down from 4.3 a year ago. FSN Florida said it is "happy" with them.' (SunSentinel)


Marlins Go for Sweep Today


DOUBLE-CAP: Marlins slap Livan and the Nats silly 11-3. It's been 20 days since the Marlins last won 2 in a row, so drink in the sensation. Philly beats Atlanta, and Mets win.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Marlins Boosters (All 3 of Them) Hold Surprise Coup in State Legislature

Not only will the Senate vote on a tax subsidy for the team, another vote wil be held to allow the county and Hialeah to use state sales-tax money to fund a ballpark.

(Some fun quotes from today's action...)

Sen. Michael Bennett, R-Bradenton says, "Anyone who can afford $90 million to have a guy throw a ball can build his own stadium." (What $90 million Marlin player is he talking about? We don't even have a $9 million player.)

Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey says, "I love the Marlins. I go down and watch them whenever my New York Mets come in to play." (Yeah, that really sounds like the definition of Marlins love to me.) "But if I live in Tampa Bay or the Panhandle, why should my dollars be used to build a stadium 300 miles away?" (Because, the last time I checked a map, South Florida is still a part of Florida, and state money usually goes to some part of the state. Until it's decided to chop Miami off the peninsula and let it float off towards Cuba, then Miami can get some state money, too.)

'"I don't know why people here are so anti-Marlins. The Marlins are a great group of guys. They won two world series. With a $72 billion (state) budget, help the home team out," said (senator and coup-plotter) Villalobos.' (SunSentinel)

MORE POLITICS: Sales-tax-break amendment is attached to a bill giving the same break to the Orlando Magic.

Check out our goverment inaction...

"The Senate was divided and paralyzed Wednesday morning in the fallout from the defeat of two education votes dear to Gov. Jeb Bush. (Senate Pres Tom) Lee had managed to resurrect one of the defeated items the previous night on a procedural move, so Democrats retaliated with a maneuver of their own Wednesday morning: requiring a few bills to be read in their mind-numbing entirety.

"Democrats dropped the tactic after they proved they could stop the Senate in its tracks.

"Villalobos, who sided with the Democrats in defeating the education initiatives, angered Miami-Dade leaders last year when he backed Lee's opposition to the stadium. Lee fired Villalobos Monday night as leader of the Republicans, freeing the Miami senator to stitch together the ballpark plan with the aid of Democrats....

"The Marlins' Samson said he knew nothing of the plan but was so ''excited'' by the news he could barely watch Wednesday's game against the Washington Nationals." (MiamiHerald)


Marlins Not Cepicky, Pick Up Borchard



Game in D.C. Today


HAPPEE-RECAP: Okay, you can build them a stadium now - the Marlins finally win a game. Philly beats Atlanta, Mets win in 12 innings.


Marlins Visiting SA, But With Hialeah in Their Heads

"We'll see how it plays out, what happens," (Judge) Wolff said Tuesday. "I had a long, long talk with David on Friday, and I think they really are struggling with what to do and exploring every opportunity there is so they can come to their decision. It's a tough deal for them. I don't envy them." (


More Stats

"The last-place Marlins completed an 0-5 homestand, their first winless homestand since Aug. 20-26, 1999, when they also went 0-5. They fell to 2-9 in Miami, and they've lost eight of their last nine overall." (

"They have been outscored nearly 3-1 from the seventh on this season and haven't won a game they trailed after six." (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Olsen vs. Lieber Tonight


MONOTONY-CAP: Marlins had the lead twice, but finally lose to Phillies 7-5. Nats beat Mets. Braves win.


Ups and Downs

"Marlins catchers have thrown out 11 runners trying to steal, tops in the majors. Through Sunday, their 35.5 percent success rate was second in the NL and sixth overall. The Marlins entered the week having committed at least one error in 16 of 22 games (23 total). Their .972 fielding percentage is the majors' worst." (SunSentinel)

"Major-leaguers have hit home runs at the fastest pace in the past five years, 1.124 per game, according to But Marlins pitchers allowed 21 in their first 22 games, the fewest in the National League...(T)he team would take more pride in that number if pitchers weren't issuing so many walks. Florida's 102 walks allowed going into Monday ranked third-worst in the NL." (ALSO: Vargas bumped, Martinez a month away.)(PalmBeachPost)

"Despite the team's well-documented struggles catching and hitting -- entering Monday's game, the Marlins had the lowest fielding percentage and the most strikeouts per game of any team in baseball -- Florida's pitchers have done well.

"The staff's 4.39 ERA was seventh in the National League..."

(ALSO: Hermida's still sore, and here's some happy stadium talk...

'Marlins president David Samson met with Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, Miami Dade County manager George Burgess and Miami Dade County commissioner Jose Diaz to continue discussing using property tax money from a yet-to-be-developed industrial park area in Hialeah to bridge the funding gap toward a new stadium.

'It was very positive. It looks great for the future," Diaz said.") (MiamiHerald)


Rollins Knows Dontrelle From Way Back...

'The Phillies' shortstop and the Florida Marlins' ace pitcher grew up in the same neighborhood in Oakland, Calif. Their mothers are close friends. In some ways, they're like brothers.

'So, Rollins knows Willis gets chatty with his fielders, particularly when things aren't going the Marlins' way...

'"Dontrelle likes to go over and talk to his guys," Rollins said. "I looked at Uggla, and once he and Dontrelle started talking, I took off."' (DelawareOnline)

Monday, May 01, 2006


Pair of Double-Shots Coming Up

First against the Phillies, then up in Washington.


DOUBLE-CRAP: Fish take 5-1 lead into the 7th, Phillies score 7 runs in the 7th and 8th. Nats also lose, Mets and Braves win.


Fish Interested in CF Joe Borchard

ALSO: Cabrera gets errors at 3rd...and Hermida's in Jupiter. (SunSentinel)

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