Sunday, August 31, 2008


Possible Game Today

The weather may get better as Gustav heads farther away, but there's much early Sunday morning rain near the stadium.

The Marlins begin today an unusual-for-this-era stretch of four days when they will be playing three afternoon games.

The last time Pedro pitched against the Marlins he was sidelined for two months. Scott, who is "pitching to a 2.98 ERA in 15 home starts this year", will start for the Fish. (SportsNetwork)

"In his last four starts, the Mets have scored a total of 22 runs for Martinez although they have only won two of those games...(I)n four afternoon starts this season he is 1-0 with an ERA of 2.57....

"Since the All-Star break, the 24-year-old (Olsen) has had eight starts, with Florida winning the first of those on July 19, and then laying a goose egg so far since then." (SBRforum)

The Mets and Marlins are both 4-6 in their last ten August 31st games, but the distributions are different - the Marlins are on a 3-game losing streak, while the Mets won last year after a 5-game losing streak. The Marlins lost their last 2 Sunday home games but are 7-4 for the entire year, while the Mets have won 4 of their last 5 Sunday road games and are 6-5 for the year.


UGH!: Pedro went 6 innings; Scott went 6.1. Both gave up 7 hits, 1 walk and both had 4 strikeouts. The main difference? Scott gave up 3 homers to Pedro's 0 - and the Fish lose 6-2. "The defeat meant that for only the second time in Marlins history, they went an entire month without back-to-back victories. They were 11-17 in August." Fish return to 7 games off the lead with 25 games left. (FOX)


Gregg Shut Down

Kevin owns up to the knee problem that was revealed the day before his last debacle. (MLB)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Stormy Night

Mike Pelfrey, coming off two complete-game-victories, demands to pitch tonight against the team that he is 0-3 with a 10.66 ERA against. Ricky Nolasco, who's won 3 of his last 4 decisions, and is 1-1 with a 4.08 ERA against the Mets this year, takes the mound for the Fish.

(But maybe not; today South Florida is on the outer fringes of powerful hurricane Gustav, and at best we'll be getting periodic rain squalls throughout the evening. Expect at least delays. Natural fireworks may replace tonight's man-made ones.)

This year the Marlins are 7-2 in Saturday home games while the Mets are 5-6 in Saturday road games. Since 1993 the Fish are 8-5 and the Mets are 8-6 in August 30th games.


AARON!: After shutting down the Fish all year, Heilman in a giving mood walks Hammer with the bases loaded in the 9th - Mets lose 4-3. Fish back to 6 games from the top.



Wild night last night. When my guts started telling me, as mine did when I saw Gregg warming up in the bottom of the 8th, that this wasn't going to end well, it's almost surprising to see it fall into place exactly as I feared. The end was so tantalizingly close - Gregg had them two out, nobody on, and an 0-2 count on Castillo. Eight pitches later came the grand slam. And one pitch later came the pop-up that I wish came eight pitches before.

And yet the Fish almost pulled out the win in the bottom of the ninth, which made the atmosphere at the ballpark so fascinatingly exciting that it made the Gregg-tastrophy almost, but not really, worth it. To see Mets fans reveling in their happiness and then about ready to take a dump in their pants a few minutes later was enjoyable. The Cantu at-bat against Ayala particularly was one where it seemed inevitable that Jorge was going eventually to find a pitch to drive, and Mets and Marlins fans alike were just waiting to see where he was going to hit it (unfortunetly not over the fence like that foul ball a few pitches before, but he got the Fish to within a run).

And then poor Wes Helms. Helms made some great plays last night to prevent Mets runs (catching the pop foul while falling into the Mets bullpen was the most spectacular) but he stunk at the plate, going 0-5, leaving Hanley at third in the 1st inning and hitting into a double play in the 8th. When he came up after Cantu with two out in the ninth I was hoping some of that Cantu mojo would still be floating like a cloud over the plate so that Wes could snort it in; but no, it was a weak grounder to short and that was the game.

STADIUM-NOTE: Finally the Marlins are selling scorecards seperately, and not just bundled up with the expensive program. It took them 15 years to come up with this little innovation that probably every other team in the universe already does.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Home Stand

The Mets return to their southern home tonight for three against the Fish. I know there will be at least 2 Mets fans in attendance as I will be going to the game with them trying to shout them down.

The Mets are 4-6 and the Marlins are 5-5 in their last ten August 29th games. This year though the Mets are 5-5 in Friday road games, while the Marlins are 3-7 in Friday home games.

Even worse stats: the Marlins "are 4-11 in their last 15 Fri. games", while the Mets "7-2 in their last 9 road games" and are "13-4 in the last 17 meetings in Florida". (USAToday)

Speaking of home, the ballfield was freshly trampled last night by the first ever regular season home game by the Hurricanes in their new home stadium (They won.)

Chris Volstad, who Fredi has no intentions of shutting down, goes up against Oliver Perez ("the Mets have won all four times Perez has pitched against the Marlins.")


SODA-IN-THE-STANDINGS: Mets are 7-up on the Marlins. Fish are just one game over .500 for the year.

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Judge Cohen gets reelected before making a decision on the ballpark, but the decision she's waiting for the Florida Supreme Court to make before she makes her decision may have to wait before the Governor decides on a couple new Justices. (


Going For the Elusive Two-Wins-In-A-Row

The Marlins haven't won 2-in-a-row since July 31st. The Fish will be going for the series win and a winning road trip tonight.

In their last ten games on August 28th the Marlins are 6-4 and the Braves are 4-6 (The Fish beat the Braves last year on this date

However, in 2008 the Marlins are 3-6 in Thursday away games and the Braves are 5-3 in Thursday home games. The Fish haven't beaten the Braves on a Thursday anywhere so far this year. The last Thursday that the Marlins won over the Braves was July 27, 2006.

Anibal Sanchez vs. Charlie Morton tonight. (Yahoo)


MOR-A-DA-SAME: Fish lose 4-2. Marlins back to six games back.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


30 Games to Go

The Marlins are 5-5 in their last ten August 27th games, while the Braves on August 27 are on a six-game win streak (Atlanta beat the Fish on this date last year 13-2.)

However the Braves are on a 4-game losing streak in Wednesday home games. They are 4-6 at home on Wednesday this year, while this year's Marlins are 5-4 in Wednesday road games.

Josh Johnson vs. Mike Hampton tonight. (MLB)


J-J_C-G: Josh throws a complete game as the Fish win 4-1. (Yahoo!)

Mets beat Phillies, take NL East lead; Marlins now 5.5 games back.


Okay, It Wasn't All Gregg's Fault

"The ninth inning was especially tough because Gregg executed a number of pitches, and the Braves benefited by a couple of broken-bat and well-placed hits.

"Even the decisive run came on what might have otherwise been a play at second base that Dan Uggla would have handled. But with Escobar at the plate, Blanco took off from first. Uggla shifted toward second, and Escobar slapped the game-winning single to around the neighborhood in which Uggla initially was playing." (MLB)

OKAY-IT-WAS-GREGG'S-FAULT: (HookLineDrive&Sinker)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Waechter Returns

"Uh, Renyel, will you come in here please?"

"Yes, sir,.. what do you...why are you grabbing my leg?....OWWWWW!" (MLB)



Coulda Been a Contender

The Braves are "Coming off a 1-5 road trip that included one of the two wins they've gained in their past 14 games..." (the Marlins have "won just nine of their past 22 games".)

Atlanta has "won just seven of their past 25 home games and just one of their past eight series played in Atlanta." (MLB)

Although, the Braves have a 4-4 record in Tuesday home games this year. The Marlins won their last 2 Tuesday away games, but they lost all six others this year.

In the last five years the Braves and Marlins both have 2-3 records on August 26th. Atlanta is 7-5 against the Marlins so far this year.

It's Jair Jurrjens (sounds like a hair conditioner) verses Scott Olsen tonight.


COULDA-BEEN-A-WIN: Gregg gets at least one team out of their slump, as the Braves score 4 in the ninth to win 10-9 in a result that truly (FOX!)

UPDATE: Phils beat Mets. Fish now 6 back of the NL East lead.


Who Has the Best Schedule?

"Based on the winning percentages of their opponents, the Marlins have a slightly easier remaining schedule than the Mets or Phillies. Collectively, the Marlins' remaining opponents have a .480 winning percentage, compared to .490 for the Mets and .493 for the Phillies....

"The Mets and Phillies each must face the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers, the teams with the two best records in the NL. The Marlins have games remaining against the St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros (third and fourth, respectively, in the Central) and one makeup with the Cincinnati Reds (sixth).

"All three teams play about the same number of home and away games.

"Of the seven different opponents left on their schedule, the Marlins have winning records against just two, the Washington Nationals and Phillies, this season." (MiamiHerald)

Monday, August 25, 2008



More possibilities abound. Tonight the Dodgers fight the Phillies, and Big Moe starts against the Mets.


NO-MO! Both New York and Philadelphia win, and are now ahead of the Marlins by 5.5 and 5 games, disrespectively.


Misty's Loyalities

She wears a Diamondbacks jersey in front of her husband and abandons the lame duck for McCain.


Sick Cubs Fans Direct Ugliness at Uggla

'"People have been all over him," Luis Gonzalez said. "Sometimes, you sit next to him on the bench and say, 'Sheesh, take it easy on him.' Especially the Cubs fans. They think they're going to the World Series and he cost them the home-field advantage.Cubs fans are famous for misplaced blame. Steve Bartman can't show his face in Chicago, while Alex S. Gonzalez ... who made a huge error right after that Bartman play during the '03 NLCS, gets off relatively unscathed. Now, fans of a team that hasn't been to a World Series in 100 years has already placed blame for them losing this year's Series on three errors in an All-Star game which had absolutely zero to do with the outcome of that game. Yeah, that's why the Cubs will lose the Series. Must be.' (Fanhouse)

MEANWHILE: Uggla talks about his troubles. (PalmBeachPost)

Sunday, August 24, 2008



This year, the Marlins are 5-5 in Sunday road games, while the Snakes are 4-5 in Sunday home games (although they are 2 out of their last 4). Since 1998 the Marlins are 4-4, and Arizona are 2-6, in games played on August 24. The Diamondbacks are on a six-game losing streak on August 24th. The last game Arizona has won on an August 24th was against the Marlins in 1999.

Ricky 'complete-game-shut-out' Nolasco goes up against Doug 'won-first-game-since-July-29' Davis. (Yahoo)


ANOTHER-POSSIBILITY: Houston beats the Mets 6-4.

CERTAINTY: Fish win 5-2. Now the Marlins are 5 games from the NL east lead.

UPDATE: Philly wins and are now a half-game behind the Mets.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


6 Behind; 3.5 Behind; 33 to Go

The Marlins are 5-5 in 2008 Saturday road games. In Chase Field this year the Snakes are 5-4 on Saturdays, although there they have lost 3 of their last 4 Saturday games. Arizona is also 5-4 in their history on August 23, but they've lost their last two August 23rd games. By contrast Florida has won their last two August 23rd games, but that's coming off a 6-game losing streak on this date.

Former Marlin Yusmeiro Petit flings against the Fish, Chris Volstad against the Snakes. (Yahoo)


SMEARED: Volstad pitches well and Hanley hits a homer, but Petit pounds the strikezone, Uggla does his comedy routine, and Pinto gives up his customary three runs or so, as the Marlins lose 7-1. (FOX!)

Mets lose - but Philly wins, putting them 4.5 games ahead of the Fish.


Jacobs's Lost, Misty's Found

Jacobs is going thru his now-traditional August slump, as Misty takes time from her whirlwind schedule to see Matt in Phoenix. Also, Andino and Langley hit for the cycle, Andrew pitched well in Carolina, and Justin's in Albuquerque. (SunSentinel)


More Backups Please

Juan C. Rodriguez is glad to see Lo Duca in the lineup and Amezaga at shortstop. (SunSentinelBlog)

Friday, August 22, 2008



The Marlins are 5-1 against Arizona so far this year. But the Diamondbacks have won their last 3 series, and swept the Padres last night. Since 1998 Arizona is 4-6 and Florida is 5-4 in August 22nd games. This year the Marlins are 5-5 in Friday road games - the Snakes are 4-5 overall this year in Friday home games, but they have been on a 3-game losing streak, having not won a home game on Friday since June 13.

Anibal faces Arizona for the first time since his no-hitter. Some old guy named Randy Johnson will be pitching for the Snakes. (MLB)


YESSS!: Marlins win 5-4. Mets and Phillies win - Fish still six back.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Return of the Blog

After a few starts and stops over the years the Let's Go Marlins blog has been posting with a vengeance this past month.


Bounce-Back Rubber Game

On August 21sts the Marlins and Giants both have 3-2 records in the last 5 years. As on August 19th, they have played each other twice on an August 21st, in 1993 and in 2000, and the Giants won both games.

The Fish are 3-5 in Thursday road games in 2008. The Giants have played only 4 home games on Thursday so far this year, but they've won 3 of them.

Rookie Matt Palmer goes up against Josh Johnson this afternoon. (MLB)


UPDATE: Fixed the links.

RUBBED-OUT: Kevin does that wild pitch thing and loses the game 4-3. Mets win and now the Fish are 6 games back.



Fish@Bat went to Tuesday's game. (Fish@Bat)


Hanley Hurt

"Hanley Ramirez sustained a bruised right thumb sliding head first into second on a stolen base attempt in the third. Ramirez remained in the game until the bottom of the fourth, when Alfredo Amezaga took over at short. X-rays were negative and he is day to day." (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



The Fish are 2-4, and the Giants are 4-2, in their last six August 20th games. But the Marlins are 5-3 in Wednesday away games this year, while the Giants have been 4-5 at home on Wednesdays.

Scott Olsen, who would like to stay with the Marlins one more year, goees up on the mound against Matt Cain tonight. (MLB)


UGH: John Baker's 3-run homer tied it in the 9th, but Lindstrom couldn't hold them down as the Giants win 6-5. Fish now 5 out of the NL East lead.


Misty and Matt Play Across the Pacific Tonight

Misty and Kerri go for the gold as the Fish play in San Fran, and John Gall makes his mark in Beijing. (MLB)

YAY: They win the Gold! (NBCOlympics)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Get the Mojo Working

The Marlins have played the Giants twice before on this date, last year and in 2002, and lost both times. (In fact, the Marlins were swept by the Giants this time last year in Miami.) The Fish have won only one of their past seven games played on this date, while the Giants have won five of their past seven August 19th games. The Marlins in 2008 are also one-out-of-seven in Tuesday away games, while the Giants are 4-5 in Tuesday home games.

It's Nolasco verses Correia late tonight. (USAToday)


MOJO-NOLASCO: The streak stops at 301 as Rick throws a complete-game 2-hit shutout against the Giants - Marlins win 6-0. (SunSentinel)


Grounds Crew News

Here's a cool article about what the JRS-PPS-DS-DS crew has to go through to turn the gridiron into a ball field. (MLB)

ONE-SMALL-NOTE: The article states that there hasn't been a rainout since 2004. But there was one this May 24 (remember, no Lisa Lisa?)


Stadium Design Moving Ahead

Renderings are complete but will not be released before Judge Cohen's decision. But the schematics are being drawn, and Samson keeps in contact with city and county officials. (MLB)

BY-THE-WAY: The decision probably won't be today as the courts are closed because of Fay.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Day Off, And Out

The Marlins get out of Florida just in time for Tropical Storm Fay to come in. Those of you getting a day off because of Fay, and have the MLB Ticket or a sports bar nearby, are in luck. After tracking Fay, you can keep track of the Mets and Braves as they play this afternoon.


ALRIGHT: Mets lose. Fish are back to being 4 games behind.

MORE-UPDATE: Braves lose too. I'm beginning to like these days off. Doing a quick check-back, it looks to me that during the Marlins' days off (and I'm including the rainouts) the rest of the NL East has a record of 13-20 so far this year. And the Fish have 4 more days off this season. What a strategy.


R.A. Dickey and Kevin Gregg - Men of Distinction

MLB's only knuckleballer at the moment joins Gregg, Ryan Madson, and Hall of Famers Phil Niekro and Walter Johnson in an exclusive club. (AP)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


No Day of Rest

The Fish have won 3 of their last 6 August 17th games. The Cubs have won their last 2 games on August 17 after losing 5 in a row on this date. In 2008 the Marlins are 7-3 in Sunday home games and the Cubs are 5-4 in Sunday road games.

It's Volstad verses Dempster today. (FishStripes)


WEARY: Marlins go 2-5 on the home stand after losing 9-2 to the Cubs today. Mets win to put the Fish 4.5 games back in the NL East.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Loads of Stats

"{The Marlins, who had won six consecutive home games over the Cubs and 12 of the past 16 meetings overall, are now just three games over .500 for the first time since July 9 (47-44). Friday marked their third loss in 51 games when leading after eight innings.

"Now 26 for 33 in save chances, Gregg (6-5) had not blown one since July 4 at Colorado. The only other home run he has allowed was May 28 at Shea Stadium ( Endy Chavez)...

"The Marlins had not scored four runs in an inning since July 31, when they put up six in the second against the Rockies...

"Marlins starters have completed at least six innings in five of six games. The rotation ERA is at 4.93, the lowest it has been since May 26 (4.91)." (SunSentinel)

"Going into Friday, the Marlins were 13-14 since the All-Star break. But they have remained on the heels of the Phillies (12-13) and first-place Mets (14-12).

"The Marlins haven't been hitting (.239 since the break), but the Phillies (.240) haven't done much better. The Mets (.283) have been the most productive of the three.

"The Marlins, however, have a post-All Star ERA of 3.74, fifth-best in the majors. The Phillies (4.26) and Mets (4.53) are 12th and 14th, respectively." (MiamiHerald)

In games played on August 16th the Cubs are in a 3-game win streak, while the Marlins have won 4 of their last 6. The Fish are 6-2 in 2008 Saturday home games. The Cubbies are on a 9-road-game win streak, but have been 4-5 in Saturday away games this year.

The Marlins last were 3.5 games off the lead on July 5th. So far this year they have never been more than 4 games out of first place.

Anibal Sanchez and Sean Marshall are the starters. (MLB)


SNAP: The Cubs' road win streak is stopped by a 2-1 Marlins win. (Yahoo!)


Happy Matt

Treanor says he feels "really good" as he prepares for tonight's game while keeping up with his wife's doings in Beijing - he even laughs off the Leader of the Free World's interest in her booty.


Quick Preview of New Stadium Design

Geoff Cheong, newly hired by HOK, the architectural firm designing the new Marlins' ballpark, reveals a few of its planned features....

"It's bound to be controversial, which is not a bad thing because it
gets people talking," Cheong says. "Some people may think it looks like
a spaceship, while others will see it as a piece of art. The Marlins'
owner is an art collector and he's made it known he wants the stadium
to be a ball park as well as piece of sculpture."

Part of the expected controversy is the stadium's location--amid a
number of single-storey homes.

The building is also being designed to be environmentally friendly by
adhering to the silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design) standard. Achieving that will rest--in part--to the building's
retractable roof which will allow it to be air conditioned during the
hot and humid Florida weather.

One unique feature will be the movable outfield wall which when removed
will provide good views of the city's skyline, and permit a natural
flow of air across the grass field.

That's important for the natural grass to adequately dry out, says
Cheong, adding great consideration was also given to the building's
orientation so the grass could receive a daily minimum of four hours of
exposure to sunlight to keep it healthy.

"It was important to have a real grass field," Cheong says. "The
players prefer it. You even get some players using that as a way
deciding which team they want to play for."



Fewer Tattoos Today

Justin Miller has been DFA'ed to make room for Mr. Lo Duca. (Fish@Bat)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Baby Bears Arrive

The Cubs are 13-3 in their last 16 games, " of seven of its last eight and eight straight road games. Florida, on the other hand, is 13-14 since July 18, with 18 of those games being decided by three runs or fewer.

"The Marlins do have one thing on their side, however: They've won 12 of their last 14 games against the Cubs."

Back to history; in their last 10 August 15 games the Marlins are 5-5 and the Cubs are 4-6. This year the Fish have a reasonably lousy 3-6 record in Friday home games, and the Cubs have an even lousier 2-7 record in Friday away games.

Josh Johnson and Carlos Zambrano on the mound tonight. (MLB)


OOF!: Marlins had led 5-1, and when Gregg came in it was still 5-3. But the Cubs win 6-5. Fish now 3.5 games behind the NL East lead.


The Big Boys Pay a Little Visit, Trash Office

'After the Marlins' loss on Thursday, Gonzalez's office door was closed for several minutes after the game with the media waiting in the clubhouse. Afterwards, owner Jeffrey Loria, president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Michael Hill emerged from the office. Gonzalez said they were "just kicking stuff around."'

MEANWHILE: 'Andrew Miller, who is recovering from right patella tendinitis, was lights-out in his second rehab start for Class A Jupiter on Thursday. The 23-year-old lefty pitched six shutout innings, giving up three hits, walking none and striking out three on an 80-85 pitch limit.' (MLB)


Time for Reality Smackdown

"Since reaching a season-best 10 games over .500 on May 26, the Marlins have been 33-39. That is an awfully long time to be mediocre at best...

"Florida is 13-14 since the All-Star break, and the path gets no easier, with three games on deck here against the best team in the league, the Cubs, followed by a nine-game road trip....

"The Marlins rank 12th of 16 NL teams in batting, 13th in ERA and 16th in fielding. The team has a starting center fielder, Cody Ross, batting .206 since the All-Star break, and a superstar, Hanley Ramirez, hitting barely better than that with runners in scoring position. No team's lineup strikes out more (or comes close), and there are entire towns in America populated with fewer people than the men Florida has left on base.

"These are not trends that suggest October." (MiamiHerald)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Thursday Thunder

It's Scott Olsen verses Todd Wellemeyer in the series finale tonight. (MLB)

The Marlins and Cardinals have both won 5 of their last 10 August 14th games. The Marlins are 3-4 in Thursday home games this year. The 2008 Cardinals, though, have stunk on Thursdays, going 1-7 in Thursday away games, and in both home and away games losing 8 of their last 9 Thursday contests.


THUMP: Cards ignore the calender and win 3-0. Marlins now 2.5 games behind the new NL East leader the Mets, who won tonight. Philly loses and is a game behind the Mets.


People in the Park

Herald says Ross hit by Springer pitch, was out of the lineup with Hermida last night; Waechter will test out his arm today; Lo Duca's tearing up AAA. (MiamiHerald)

Sun-Sentinel says Ross hit by Isringhausen pitch; Gregg has walked one and given up one run in his last 15 innings pitched; Luis in for the walks; Holder holds-out. (SunSentinel)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hump-Day Contest

Nolasco verses Looper tonight. (MLB)

Both Florida and St. Louis have won 3 of their last 5 games played on August 13. This year the Marlins are 6-4 in Wednesday home games while the Cardinals are 4-4 in Wednesday away games.


HUMNPH: Fish lose 6-4; Mets win. But LA was able to beat the Phillies.


News Notes

Josh Hamilton wants to help Jeff Allison. (BostonHerald)

Pujols thinks Hanley is headed to third base, and Doug's arm looks like it's just sore. (SunSentinel)

A Grasshopper hits for the cycle. (MLB)

Tony likes Fredi. (MLB)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good and Bad

Florida are 7-1 in their last 8 games following a loss, but St. Louis are 7-1 in the last 8 meetings in Florida. (USAToday)

The Fish in their history are 4-8 on August 12, while the Cards in that same time are 7-5. But the last time the Marlins won on a August 12th was in 2004 against the Cardinals.

The Marlins are 6-4 in Tuesday home games this year. But the 2008 Cardinals in Tuesday away games are now 7-2 (yike), and are in a 5-game win streak (eek).


EEK-OUT-A-VICTORY: Marlins win by one run; Phillies lose by one run; Marlins now back to 1.5 games off the lead; Mets win by one run and are .5 game ahead of Marlins. (Yahoo)

IN_OTHER-NEWS: It was a less than sucessful start for the newest knuckleballer in the Majors.


Things From Yesterday

Fredi exudes pissed-off-ness after last night's miscues on the basepaths. (SunSentinelBlog)

The Marlins have their problems with the Molina brothers. (FishBytes)

Waechter's on the DL, Kensing returns. (SportsNetwork)

Love story: how Matt landed Misty...(MarlinsNation)


'The Remains of the Season: Florida Marlins'

FishStripes' Craig explains how the Marlins got to where they are right now, and prognosticates on where they're headed. (HardBallTimes)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to the Clumps

The Marlins welcome the Cardinals to freshly-destroyed-by-pre-season-football Dolphin Stadium. This year adds the new tradition of the UM Hurricanes to assist the Dolphins in wrecking the outfield.

The Cards are 3 games in back of the Brewers in the NL Wild Card race, while the Fish are 5 back.

Anibal Sanchez and Joel Pineiro are scheduled to start the first game of the four-game series. (MLB)

The only previous time the Fish and Redbirds played on a August 11 was a 1-0 Marlins loss in 2004. In their last 6 August 11 games Florida is 2-4 while the Cards are 4-2. St. Louis is also 4-2 in Monday away games this year, while the Marlins in 2008 are 2-3 in Monday home contests. Get the chants going.


SPLAT: Fish lose 4-2. Mets also lose and Philly plays late.

UPDATE: Philly loses too.


Over-The-Weekend Stuff

Mike Berardino reports from Andrew Miller's second rehab appearance. (SunSentinel)

Olsen says his ankle will be fine, but if not Andrew may be called up Thursday. (SunSentinel)

The Marlins are on the verge of breaking records. (FishBytes)

The Gonzalezs and Treanor sing the praises of J.J. (Newsday)

Billy's up for Mascot Hall of Fame. (MLB)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sunday Showdown

The Fish have won in all 5 of Josh Johnson's starts this year. The usually-lights-out Mike Pelfrey has lost both of his starts against the Fish. (MLB)

Florida and New York have both gone 3-4 in their last 7 games played on August 10th. The Marlins have beaten the Mets twice on August 10, in 1996 and last year. The Mets are 7-2 in Sunday home games this year; the Marlins are 3-5 in Sunday away games.


YES!: Marlins split the road trip and wallop the Mets 8-2.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Middle Game

The Marlins' next to last regular season Saturday game at Shea features Scott Olsen for the Fish and the 2008 debut of Brian Stokes for the Mets. (MLB)

Since 1993 the Marlins are 10-4 and the Mets are 5-8 in August 9th games (the Fish beat the Mets in 1996 in their only previous 8/9 game). Speaking of 8 and 9, the Mets are 8-9 in Saturday games this year, and have lost their last 3 Saturday games.


FOOEY: Marlins' bats finally show up, but the Mets had a couple more as the Fish lose 8-6. Philly wins, and are now 2.5 games ahead of the Fish.


Marlins Sign Lo Duca, Send Him to AAAlbuquerque

Lo Duca was hitting .230 for the Nats, which compares favorably to the averages of some of the post-break Marlins. Hanley's hitting .211 since the All-Star break. "Cody Ross (.194) and Dan Uggla (.171) also have struggled. The Marlins have the second-lowest average (.238) in the majors since the All-Star break." (MiamiHerald)

Friday, August 08, 2008


Back to Shea

It's Ricky verses Ollie again. (MLB)

The Marlins have won 4 of their last 7 on the road; the Mets have won only 2 of their last 7 games, but have won 13 of their last 16 at home. (MoreTrends)

The Mets have won 4 of their last 5 August 8 games, while the Marlins on this date have lost 4 of their last 5 games. The Marlins and Mets only played once before on an August 8, in 1996 where the Fish lost 3-0. Eeenie-meenie-chili-beaneee.


HALF-DRAT: Fish lose 3-0. But Philly loses too.


Player Notes

HENDRICKSON: "Since being relegated to relief duty he has allowed six runs on 13 hits in 17 innings for a 3.18 ERA." (SunSentinel)

HERMIDA: "One of the most humbling experiences of my life...When I saw the dad pick him up and carry him out, I wanted to almost run over there myself to help".(MiamiHerald)

RHODES: "Arthur's doing a terrific job." (MiamiHerald)

Thursday, August 07, 2008


1.5 or 3.5?

This afternoon's game has the Fish fighting to gain on the Phils for the series. It's Chris Volstad vx. Cole Hamels.

"Volstad, just 21 years old, has started four games this season. He has yet to throw more than 100 pitches in a game. Since allowing one run on five hits in 8 2/3 innings of his first start, Volstad is 0-2 with a 4.76 ERA.

"Phillies update: Hamels is 2-3 with a 4.34 ERA in seven career starts against the Marlins. He last faced them on July 20, when he allowed two runs on four hits in eight innings. The Phillies have lost all three games Hamels has pitched against Florida this season..." (

The Phillies have a 8-3 record on Thursdays this year, as opposed to the Marlins' 5-8 record. Since 1993 the Marlins are 5-8 and the Phillies are 5-9 on August 7. The Marlins played the Phillies twice before on this date - last year and in 1993 - and lost both games.


ONE-AND-A-HALF-GAMES-BACK: Marlins win 3-0 in front of the largest Philadephia crowd this year. Fish take two-of-three games from Philly despite hitting no homers. (Yahoo)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Game Two

Anibal Sanchez against Kyle Kendrick tonight. (MLB)

(EDITED)The Marlins are 11-6 on Wednesdays this year, while the Phillies are 7-10. In their last 5 games on August 6, the Marlins are 2-3 and the Phillies are 3-2. After this game it's either a half-game back or 2.5 games back for the Fish. Woooooo-oooooh.


2.5: Fish lose 5-0.


The Times

Judge Cohen "isn't likely to rule before next week -- at the earliest." (

Matt Treanor returns today; Paul Hoover gets sent down; Andrew Miller will pitch again on Sunday. (MiamiHerald)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


No Pressure

Just kidding...the local papers and the official site are talking about how important this six-game series (oops, make that Road Trip) is to the team.

The streaks go beyond Moyer's 10-game streak against the Marlins. Besides the 'day off' streak in the previous post, the Phillies are on a 5-game Tuesday win streak, while the Fish have lost 7 of their last 9 Tuesday games. The Phillies are 7-1 in their last 8 games. On the other side of the coin the Marlins have won every game that Josh Johnson started this year. And on August 5 games the Marlins have won 6 of their last 7, and 10 of their last 12.

After the next game the Fish will be either 1.5 games back or 3.5 games back. Start summoning the friendly spirits.


1.5!: Marlins finally beat Moyer 8-2! (Yahoo)

Monday, August 04, 2008


Oh No, A Day Off

The Fish have lost their last four games after coming back from some time off, while the Phillies have won their last 4 in those same circmstances.

Just for interest's sake, the Fish in their history are 7-7 on August 4.

Washington and Atlanta are the only 2 NL East teams playing today.



An Ivory-Tower Opinion

Michael Putney (the George Stephanapolis of South Florida TV news) writing in the Herald "after listening to eight days of testimony, the back-and-forth exchanges between various attorneys and Judge Jeri Beth Cohen, and considering the evidence presented at trial in Norman Braman's lawsuit against the Miami Megaplan" thinks that "Miami-Dade County gave away the store when it negotiated the contract to build a stadium for the Marlins". He says Mayor Alverez "showed a willful disregard for the team's finances". He thinks Glenn Straub's offer should get at least some consideration. And Loria's a sleazeball (I'm paraphrasing here).

Sunday, August 03, 2008


For What It's Worth... are the Marlins' win/loss records for each day of the week so far this season.



Afternoon Finale

In August 3rd games the Marlins have lost 4 of their last 5, and the Rockies have won 4 of their last 5. Glendon Rusch has won his last 4 decisions for the Rockies, while Scott Olsen has lost his last 2 starts. Time for an extracurricular incantation or two. (Yahoo)


ALMOST-ENOUGH: Fuentes gets out of his bases-loaded-one-out jam. Fish lose 3-2, but Cantu's hit streak continues. Mets lose also, and Philly plays tonight.

DOUBLE-DAMN: Philly wins. Fish 2.5 games back.


Almost Newly-Found Blog

I should have put this one up earlier because of the coverage of the non-trade last week. It ultimately is not just about baseball, but if it's strong opinions you want, especially towards the Mets, and every now and then an interesting interview, check out Miami Sports- The City of Champions

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Your Car Smells Like a Fish

Go to the stadium tonight and get a free Marlins car air freshener. Stay after the fireworks and watch The Bangles perform. And in-between, at no additional cost, there is scheduled to be a ball game.

Although the Fish and Rockies have almost identical win/loss records in August 2 games (4-9 and 5-8), the Rockies have a 3-game win streak going on that date, while the Fish are in a 3-game losing streak.

Former Marlin Valerio De Los Santos will be up on the mound for the Rocks, as will current Marlin Ricky Nolasco for the Fish. (Yahoo)


RE-STREAKED: The Rocks put 3 former Marlins pitchers up there on the mound but it weren't enough. Marlins win 5-3, Baker has 3 RBI, Nolasco has a career-high 13 strikeouts, Cantu's hit streak is at 11, and Marlins' streak without a complete game is at 287. Mets lose, Phillies win.


11th-Hour Offer

Glenn Straub, owner and now demolisher of the old Miami Arena, which is located conveniently next to a Metrorail stop in world-famous Downtown Miami, is offering the Marlins/City/County the last-minute opportunity to swap his land for the Orange Bowl property, and says "he stands ready to finance a large part of the construction cost" for the ballpark if needed. (CBS4)

Friday, August 01, 2008


On to August

The Fish went 15-12 in July. They survived the trading deadline intact, which makes them happy.

On August 1 games, the Marlins have an historical win/loss record of 9-5, and have a 3-game win streak going, including beating the Rockies last year. Colorado has a franchise 6-8 win/loss record on August 1.

It's Chris Volstad and Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound tonight.


OW-GUST: Rockies win 5-2. Both the Mets and Phillies lose, also. TRIVIA: The only time this year the Marlins have won a game on the first day of a month was in April.



Manny goes to the Dodgers. (PalmBeachPost)

The games in Seattle got the Marlins thinking about Rhodes. (MLB)

Andino is sent down to make room for Rhodes. (MLB)

Taylor gripes about being sent down again. (SunSentinelBlog)

Miami Gardens will host Round 2 games in next year's World Baseball Classic. (MLB)

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