Saturday, April 19, 2008


Third-Basemen Bulletins

"According to the St. Petersburg Times, (Jorge) Cantu has a Wednesday court date in Pinellas County stemming from a temporary protection order filed against him earlier this week. St. Petersburg resident Nanci Michelle Ikerd alleged she sustained bruises to her left biceps and was verbally threatened Feb. 8.

"After Friday's 6-4 loss to the Nationals, Cantu said he didn't anticipate missing any time to resolve the matter. The Marlins begin a seven-game road trip Monday at Pittsburgh that takes them through Atlanta for a two-game set Wednesday and Thursday.

""After their investigation we'll see what comes out," Cantu said.

"Added Steve Canter, Cantu's agent: "The charges are false. We're going to respect the legal process here and let it work itself through. He's not going to miss any time. This won't interfere with baseball in any way."" (SunSentinel)

MEANWHILE: Let's look at how Jose Castillo's been doing with the Giants...

"As the Giants start a seven-game road trip in St. Louis..., Castillo is batting .241 with eight doubles. He has played every inning at third base this season except for the ninth inning Wednesday, when he moved to shortstop...

"While Castillo gives the Giants doubles, the coaching staff is giving him a lot of love. He arrived with a reputation as a player who needs attention and encouragement. More troubling was his rap in Pittsburgh for not wanting to work hard or stay in peak physical shape...

"The Marlins signed Castillo for 2008 and he performed well in spring training, but he lost the third-base competition to Jorge Cantu and was waived in part, a source said, because they feared he would be disruptive in the clubhouse if he did not start.

"Castillo has been anything but disruptive during his short stay in San Francisco. He largely has kept to himself....

"In Castillo's short time here, the Giants have seen both his potential at the plate and the personality traits that might have rubbed the Pirates the wrong way. On a few occasions he exhibited poor body language on the field when something did not go his way. Once, he clearly stewed about an official scorer's ruling as he was on base during a rally.

"On the other hand, he is anything but lazy. When asked about playing every inning thus far, he said, "I'm not tired. I like to play every day. When I don't play every day, I'm tired."" (

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