Saturday, January 31, 2009


Let's Get This Party Started

The Oil-Change Caravan gets on the road this coming week. The Marlins will be visiting Jiffy Lubes and radio stations, the Seaquarium and Habitat for Humanity, a Heat and a Panthers game, a Cuban joint in Little Havana and a sports bar in Jupiter. They'll play wiffle ball at the Orange Bowl site, and golf at their Celebrity Classic. They'll be public and private events leading up to the stadium on Saturday. (PalmBeachPost)

Fans will be waiting at the stadium in the brutal Miami sun two hours longer this year to buy tickets, as ticket sales and the FanFest starts at the are-they-trying-to-give-us-skin-cancer time of 12 noon. It may be interesting to see how the field will look after this weekend's Monster Truck Rally. (MLB)

One thing these notices told me that I didn't know before is that it seems the Marlins have a new Spanish-language radio home, WAQI instead of WQBA. Felo is still here, though.

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