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The agreements have been released to the public and commissioners. Here are the concessions the Marlins have made as listed by the Herald.

"o If Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria sells the team in the seven years
after the agreement has been reached, the county would almost double
its share of any profits."

Since Jeffrey is pushing 70 this may be a wise move.

"o The ball club's $2.3 million a year in rent will go up by 2 percent
each year."

If a deflationary cycle hits the economy this could be a money-maker. But if we collapse into hyper-inflation this won't seem like much.

"o Extra costs due to scheduling or problems between the contractor and
subcontractors will now be paid by the Marlins."

Conversely, extra costs Not due to scheduling or problems between the contractor and subcontractors will, I guess, be in the government's hands.

The government will pay for infrastructure and groundskeeping. And any of the parties can pull out of the agreement up until the middle of 2009.

The Sun-Sentinel gets more specific on the county's profit share:

"If the team is sold within seven years, the county and city will
benefit, receiving in the first year 18 percent of the profit, up from
10 percent in an earlier agreement.
The team, which has the lowest payroll in Major League Baseball, has
also doubled to 10,000 the number of tickets available each season free
to youth and community groups."

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STILL-MORE: Risa Polansky of Miami Today spells out more of the fine print of the agreements. (MiamiToday)

EVEN-MORE: Fish@Bat give some Features and Dimensions and More Details of the ballpark.

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