Saturday, June 18, 2011



It seems a muted congratulations are in order. The Marlins have joined the ranks of many of the storied fabled MLB franchises of history like the Cubs and Red Sox, as they now apparently have their own curse.

Some commentators have been seeing the Marlins' dive in fortunes as metaphysical payback for Scott Cousins slamming into Buster Posey, as if the results of that collision were somehow nefariously planned out in advance.

They point out the Fish are now 3-20 since that Giants series, while SanFran is still in first in the NL West without Posey or Freddy Sanchez - true enough.

Personally, though, I think it was those In-N-Out burgers - it takes a great while to get the effects of those babies out of the system.

The curse idea may have some merit, though. Practicioners of the many esoteric religions that we have here in South Florida should be retained to help rid the ballclub of whatever boogeyman is hovering over them, be it Buster or burger.

The Fish, 6 games under .500, continue to soldier on. Tonight Ricky Nolasco and Alex Cobb do battle.

Before that, though, the Rays' wives play the Marlins' wives in a 5-inning softball game. Let's hope the Fish can pick up a few pointers, or players.


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