Friday, June 24, 2011


Step Aside, Pretenders!

To prove once and for all that the Marlins are truly America's team,...after tonight no other ballclub will have played its home games from one end of the country (Puerto Rico), through its middle (US Celluar in Chicago in 2004), and all the way to the other end (well, maybe Hawaii and the Aleutians had other engagements, and besides, who knows what day it is in American Samoa - but at least they made it out to Seattle).

Late games means later posts. Craig wonders if Billy and the Mermaids made the trip. If they did they're flying back tonight to be at Metro Ford in Miami with Jeff Conine tomorrow afternoon. Unless their evil twins are somwhow in the mix (or maybe there will be a rare appearance by Billy's little-known second cousin Smelly the Salmon). Ricky Nolasco and Felix Hernandez fling tonight. Jose Lopez is back.


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