Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Handling Hanley

LoMo reportedly gets into Hanley's face for missing a meeting that everyone else attended. Jack says that's not why Hanley was benched yesterday.

McKeon, who is just three degress of seperation from the beginnings of the National League, has been attracting news reports pointing out how 'experienced' he actually is. After surprisingly setting Hanley down last night, Jack surprisingly has Hanley hitting cleanup tonight for the first time in his career. Mike Stanton returns and is hitting sixth.

Fish had another one-run loss last night. That's two one-run losses in a row, which the way things are going is almost encouraging. The Marlins are headed for a club record in losses-in-a-row if a turnaround doesn't happen tonight. Javier Vazquez and Ervin Santana pitch.


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