Saturday, April 10, 2010


'Pivotal' Game Tonight?

The official organs haven't owned up to it yet, but some of us out there know how important tonight's game is. The Marlins apparently do too, as Fredi decided to go with No. 1 Josh Johnson on the mound instead of Anibal. Padilla starts for LA.

The Dodgers have won 11 of their last 14 in Miami Gardens, no matter what they have called the stadium. But the AccuScore Simulation Supercomputer played this game 10,000 times already, and gives the Fish a better-than-55% chance of winning tonight (unless Matt Kemp has a big game of course).

And it's Super Saturday. So go support the highest profit MLB team by buying the sixth cheapest seat, the second most expensive beer, and the most expensive hot dog in the majors.


SEASON-SALVAGED: Cantu hits the walk-off sac fly that caps off a 3-run rally in the 9th, beating the Dodgers 7-6.

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