Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's 'Free' Agents, Not 'Three' Agents

MLB's Joe Frisaro seems stuck on the Marlins having just three free agents. In Thursday's article about Lo Duca filing for free agency, Frisaro wrote...

"The Marlins have three free agents: Lo Duca, lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes and outfielder Luis Gonzalez."

Craig from Fishstripes correctly pointed out that Mark Hendrickson is a free agent also, which upps the Marlins' total to four.

This morning in his story about Hendrickson filing for free agency Frisaro wrote...

"Hendrickson declared one day after catcher Paul Lo Duca filed for free
agency. Outfielder Luis Gonzalez is the lone remaining free agent from
the 2008 squad who has yet to file. None of the three are likely to be
with Florida in 2009."

Seems this 'three' business has gone beyond the 'mistake' category.

UPDATE: Frisaro finally finds the fourth Fish as he reports on Arthur's free-agency filing.

OH-BOY: Tracy Ringolsby says the Marlins have 15 free agents. (RockyMountainNews)

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