Sunday, March 31, 2013


Schedule Observation

The different thing in this year's MLB schedules is the reshuffling of
inter-league play, from specific times of the year to scattered
instances throughout the entire season.

In the NL East inter-league games this year are to be found as early
as April 5-7 (PHI vs. KC) and as late as the last series of the season
(MIA vs. DET).

But there's still one time of the year when all teams play
inter-league. And that's that mystic, probably numerologistic time of
the year, on the last week in May, which has for the last several
seasons played host to two straight two-game series, this year being
no exception.

Except that this year those four games are the difference in the
schedules. In the NL East for the rest of this year, all five teams
will be playing inter-league games against Minnesota, the White Sox,
Cleveland, Kansas City and Detroit. But on May 27-31, each team will
be playing two home and two away games against their supposed 'natural
rivals', AL teams that the rest of the NL East aren't scheduled to

These match-ups are MIA and TB, NYM and NYY, WAS and BAL, PHI and BOS
(uh, okay), and ATL and TOR (huh?).

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