Sunday, February 17, 2013


Not on TV for 2-0-1-3

The FoxSportsFlorida Marlins 2013 broadcast schedule has been
released. They will be showing 150 games this year, broadcasting in
high definition and low expectations.

Of the games they won't be showing, 3 will be Fox Games of the Week
and 1 game may conflict with the exclusivity of another Fox Game of
the Week. Two games will be broadcast by the Rays on SunSports. Two
games could also be picked up on WGN America, but their schedule has
not been announced yet. So at this point here are the games that
probably won't be on basic cable in South Florida....

Sat. April 20 @ CIN
Sat. April 27 vs CHI
Fri. May 24 @ CWS
Thurs. Aug. 8 @ PIT
Sat. Sep. 7 vs WSN
Sat Sep. 21 @ WSN

OOPS! There's also Thurs. Sep. 12 vs. ATL

CHANGE: The Aug. 8 Pirate game will now be on FSFlorida; to keep it at
150 games they won't be showing the home game with the Braves on
Monday, April 8. Here's the TV schedule...

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