Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Stat's Silly

All-Star break is almost over, so it's time for the Cracked Stat Dept. to come up with something.

I threw the first half of the Marlins' season at them a while back, and this is what they came up with...

First, a Quiz!!! Without looking, try to guess the only day of the week where the Marlins have a losing record so far this year. The answer's at the bottom.

Remember a couple of years back when the Fish had a long string of wins in series finales? It's almost happening this year too, Since June 14 the Marlins have won 8 out of 9 series finales. Since May 24 (a sweep-avoiding win against the Rays), and after a streak of 7 straight series finale losses, the Fish have gone 12-3 in the last games of series.

What about the first games of series? In almost that same time period (since May 25) the Marlins have an even 7-7 record in first games of series. Their total win-loss record since May 25 is 26-19, so the in-between games are a bit of a drag.

Since the ground-breaking lunacy post in March, major news organizations the world over have been clamoring to discover how the Marlins are doing this year, moon-phase wise. Here's the 2009 chart so far...

|| new | | first | | full | | last | |
year || moon | <---> | qtr | <---> | moon | <---> | qtr | <---> |
2009 || 4- 3 | 5- 5 | 4- 5 | 9- 7 | 7- 4 | 8- 9 | 5- 2 | 4- 9 |

The Fish still like that full moon, and they still have their troubles between the last quarter and the new moon. And this chart has no relevance whatsoever.

Answer to quiz: It's Friday, and boy it's a stinker. The Fish have a 4-10 record in Friday games. Since the third week of the season they have only won two Friday games. Best days win-percentage-wise for them are the lightest days on the schedule, Monday and Thursday, with records of 6-3 and 6-4 respectively.

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