Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Meet the New Plan - Not Same as the Old Plan

As noted on FishStripes, the County's thinking about asking the State for 'a sales tax rebate or similar benefit' to help with the new ballpark along with all the other things they're planning. Considering what's being revealed about what that 'plan' entailed, they may be needing the extra money.

Field of Schemes points out that last month's plan didn't include in its figures the value of the land the City would be donating for the ballpark, and would have penalized the County $10 million if they and the Marlins could not ultimately finalize an agreement.

It also capped the Marlins' responsibility for cost overruns at $20 million, which, considering Miami's and the county's history in estimating the cost of big projects, would be just a miniscule drop in an extremely humongous bucket.

According to Michael Lewis of Miami Today "In fact, the commission should demand an item-by-item comparison between this deal and the one (in 2005) that didn't get done. The Marlins have won better terms on almost every item."

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